Directors Lounge, the cinematic moment, an exhibition at Tor218 Artlab during the Berlin Art Week 2021.

the cinematic moment at Tor218 Artlab

With “the cinematic moment” Directors Lounge brings together a selection of artists challenging the separation of film and art. Spanning a breadth of backgrounds and artistic styles, the art works are blurring the lines between cinema and visual while sharing the titular „cinematic moment“. … read more

Kerry Baldry, Punch, 2005, 1 min. screened at the second Berlin International Directors-Lounge 2006.

Visual Artist Fighting Cancer | Funding Kerry’s Cancer Treatment

PLEASE HELP FUND KERRY’S CANCER TREATMENT If you can, please support our longtime fellow and contributor Kerry Baldry. Kerry is a visual artist fighting cancer, here you can fund for the medical treatment she desperately needs to prolong her life. Sharing this campaign also helps. Thank you!   KERRY’S STORY Kerry was first diagnosed …

Birol Ünel

Goodbye Birol

Birol Ünel (18/08/1961 – 03/09/2020) at [DL9], Berlin, 2013. Greatly talented, sadly missed.   Foto: Kenton Turk/DL

Melissa Faivre, still from Memorabilia. Screened by Directors Lounge at Walden gallery as part of Infected Reality.

Melissa Faivre | Underneath it all & Memorabilia | 3. – 5.9. 2020

part of Infected Reality at  Walden Art Exhibitions.

“Underneath it all” and “Memorabilia” by Mélissa Faivre

Mélissa Faivre’s work is immersive, hallucinatory or even vertigo-inducing, depending on your reception, or possibly your viewing experience. They are rich in color, movement and associations. … read more

Still from Starfish by Nina Hartmann. Presented in world premiere by Directors Lounge at Walden art exhibitions, Berlin as part of Infected Reality.

Infected Reality | DL at Walden

A three-part cooperation with Walden Art Exhibitions.

Finally, we are sneaking back into the real world with some special presentations during Infected Reality, conceived  by WK+, the Walden Kunstaustellungen gallery.
Infected Reality shows 7 projects with media art from Berlin, Hong Kong, Istanbul, Kiel and Vienna at weekly intervals. … read more

Still from Kreuzberg Shedding by Erdal Inci. Presented by Directors Lounge at Walden art exhibitions, Berlin, as part of Infected Reality.

Kreuzberg Shedding by oddviz | 6.8. – 8.8. 2020

part of Infected Reality at  Walden Art Exhibitions “if I want to show a movement, that motion must be rich as far as I can do.” Erdal Inci (oddviz) oddviz is an art collective based in İstanbul focusing on scanning objects and locations using photogrammetry technique, producing 3D digital replicas. The collective presents digitized commodities …