Felina Schrödinger, Faksimile

Directors Lounge | contemporary art ruhr, March, 6 – 8, 2020

Meet us at the C.A.R. Photo/Media art fair at Zeche Zollverein!
6. – 8. of March.

Dedicated presentations include works from “The Department of Anarchy” curated by filmmakers Noel Lawrence and Burke Roberts and “Abstractions”, a program of experimental films by Berlin and international artists.
Furthermore, we will be screening experimental video works from the Medienwerkstatt Berlin (Rücklicht / Back Light), and exciting moving image work from the Directors Lounge archives.
On board at our booth: Berlin artist Visuman, Nina Hartmann), Julia Murakami, Andreas Sachsenmaier, Felina Schrödinger, Joachim Seinfeld (photography) and André Werner (photography). … read more

Directors Lounge presents “Flight | forward” by Medienwerkstatt Berlin | C.A.R. Video Lounge at the Contemporary Art Ruhr, October 28 – 30, 2016

Flight | forward

In a time where hate, violence and destruction shape our daily news we would mostly like just to run away. But the question is where to. Our flight forward leads us into the imaginary, into the utopia or into desperation. Against the everyday madness of diverse control authorities and interlinking providers we counterpose the radical transformation. (text: Sandra Becker)

Pictured: Ludo by Lioba von den Driesch

Flucht | nach vorne

In einer Zeit, wo Hass, Gewalt und Zerstörung unsere Nachrichten prägen, würden wir am liebsten weglaufen. Die Frage ist bloß wohin. Unsere Flucht nach vorne geht ins Imaginäre, ins Utopische oder auch in die Verzweiflung. Dem alltäglichen Wahnsinn unterschiedlichster Kontrollinstanzen und      Schaltströmungen setzen wir einen radikalen Wandel entgegen. Hass wird zu Liebe und Zerstörung zu Schöpfung. (Text: Sandra Becker)


pictured: Nichts by Juliane Ebner


     Jani Pietsch : Ausgesperrt (2014)
     Verena Kyselka : Shahbag (2013/16)
     Maria Köhne : Go (2016)
     Sandra Becker 01 : Füsse (2015)
     Poul Weile : BimJam (2016)
     Kim Dotty Hachmann & Ginny Sykes : healing grounds (2013/15)
     Maria Korporal : Third Eye Flying (2014)
     Sonia Armaniaco : Remain In Light | This Is Not a Pipe (2016)
     Lioba von den Driesch : Ludo (2015/16)
     Juliane Ebner : Nichts (2016)
     Gup-py : Hinter der Tür (2012)
     Petra Lottje : Variation (2016)


pictured: Füsse by Sandra Becker 01


Read more: Directors Lounge at the Contemporary Art Ruhr, Oct. 2016

Surveillance | Medienwerkstatt Berlin
“Schalten und Walten”: a selection of videos focussing on surveillance

With works by Gabriele Stellbaum, Juliane Ebner, Fried Rosenstock, Youjia Lu (pictured above:„Vortex Eye“), Barbara Steppe, Judith Groth / Frederike Vidal, Stephanie Hanna, Bettina Rave, Ariane Loze, Beate Maria Wörz, Sandra Becker, Petra Lottje, Yagama Jogmaya, Catherine Biocca, Maria Koehne, Gisela Weimann.

The Medienwerkstatt was installed in 2008 by the Kulturwerk of bbk berlin with public funds as a workshop of artists for artists to further their practice and gain valuable skills. Besides the many technical facilities available to users of the Medienwerkstatt, such as the Media Lab and Green Screen room, the media workshops themselves strengthen and interlink mutual support networks among artists.



Medienwerkstatt Berlin
| “Schalten und Walten” will be shown at the C.A.R. Video Lounge hosted by Directors Lounge at contemporary art ruhr, 
the innovative art fair, 30 October – 1 November 2015

find further info about DL at C.A.R. here

pictured: Youjia Lu „Vortex Eye“ (still) | Ariane Loze „Subordination“ (still) |
by sandrabecker01 © (photo)

Directors Lounge Screening:

Sandra Becker 01
Bon Fim
Thursday, 30 April 2015
Bergstraße 2
10115 Berlin-Mitte

The Berlin artist Sandra Becker 01 works mainly with video, in a diversity of ways. Even though she also created feature length films, her interest lies in the more open form of short and very short clips. Her videos, shot and edited by herself, therefore are rather material for installations, video programs or, more recently, digital applications. Movements and changes of place are the resources for her recordings, scenes from every day life, which also like to be seen as metaphorical, but which are rarely merged into solid narratives. The artist, who often collaborates with other artists and who is one of the supervisors of the video studio of the Berlin Artist Association, will present a number of shorts and very short works together with some extracts of long formats. One focus of the works presented will be new shorts from her recent stay at Porto Alegre, Brazil. And there will be space for discussion.

Artist Link:

Directors Lounge