Directors Lounge | contemporary art ruhr, March, 6 – 8, 2020

Meet us at the Photo/Media art fair at Zeche Zollverein!

Filtrate by Mishka Kornai

C.A.R. VIDEO LOUNGE (Hall 12 | 57)

Directors Lounge, founded and based in Berlin, presents selected positions of contemporary media art. Expect genre-straddling slices of cinematic art and cuts of media experimentation at the c.a.r. video lounge.

Dedicated presentations include works from “The Department of Anarchy” curated by filmmakers Noel Lawrence and Burke Roberts and “Abstractions”, a program of experimental films by Berlin and international artists.

Furthermore, we will be screening experimental video works from the Medienwerkstatt Berlin (Rücklicht / Back Light), and exciting moving image work from the Directors Lounge archives.

Download the complete DL Program!

(Directors Lounge: Hall 12/58
+ A&O Gallery: Hall 5/4):

Berlin artist Visuman (mixed media),  Nina Hartmann (photography/video works), Isabelle Meyrignac (photography), Julia Murakami (photography), Felina Schrödinger (photography), Andreas Sachsenmaier (paper works), André Werner (photography) and Joachim Seinfeld (photography).

PHOTO / MEDIA ART FAIR, March, 6-8, 2020

World Cultural Heritage Site Zollverein, Gelsenkirchener Straße 209, 45309 Essen

Public opening
Friday, March 6, 8 pm

Public fair hours
Saturday, March 7, 11 am – 7 pm
Sunday, March 8, 11 am – 7 pm


C.A.R. VIDEO LOUNGE (Hall 12 | 57)

Viscera by Lauren Morrison


Noel Lawrence, who first visited Directors Lounge back in 2009, makes, curates, distributes, and writes about film. He has founded and guided film ventures in home video, new media, and festival environments. His work has been featured in The New York Times,, The Wall Street Journal, as well as a book of collected essays on his filmography, J.X. Williams: Les Dossiers Interdits (Camion Noir, 2010). Noel currently programs the “Anarchy” film section at Slamdance. Lawrence’s forthcoming feature Sammy-Gate premiered at IFFR Rotterdam this year.

This program has been created in conjunction with our presentation of the Department of Anarchy (in attendance of Noel Lawrence) at the Lichtblick cinema.

1. Little Wonder 2:33 min. | 2017
Jojo Carlman (USA)

This refreshing tale of puppet sexuality follows Username: Stray_Cat as he trolls internet dating sites and vaguely meditates on the loneliness of death.

2. The Box 4:18 min | 2017
Jack Turpin/Davy Walker
An expressionistic journey through the gilt-pop-entrapment in which we find ourselves.

3. Cosmic Egg 3:27 | 2014
Matt Reed

A journey through other realities leads to a familiar place.

4. Viscera 4 mins. | 2014
Lauren Morrison (USA)

As house guests blissfully ignore the provenance of their food, the reality of their consumption takes on a monstrous form.

Information Superhighway by Mathew Nelson

5. Information Superhighway 11 min. | 2018
Mathew Nelson (USA)

A man participates in an experiment to test artificial intelligence in driverless cars.


Order of the Orchid by Alex Italics

6. Order of the Orchid 6:48 min. | 2017
Alex Italics (USA)

A lonely spinster’s failed attempt at arranging flowers summons an ominous shadowy figure that sends her into a psychedelic netherworld to confront her own mediocrity.

Out of Reach (Rain Night) by Pablo Diartinez and Erik Parys

7. Out of Reach (Rain Night) 7:55 min | 2014
Pablo Diartinez and Erik Parys

Out of Reach explores the interior life of a nameless poet wandering the streets of Brussels. Finding shelter from the rain, he reimagines a phonecall that never connected, a love that may always have been lost.

The Re-education of The Senses by Erinn Hagerty & Adam Savje

8. The Re-education of The Senses 11 min. | 2020
Erinn Hagerty & Adam Savje (USA)

“There’s nothing to see here; now, look directly at the screen.”
An experimental vision of Bauhausian hypnotherapy orchestrated by sentient technology.

Dog in The Woods by Christian Chapman, Paul Jason Hoffman

9. Dog in The Woods 5 min. | 2019
Christian Chapman, Paul Jason Hoffman

A downtrodden house dog escapes into the woods at night to follow the psychedelic temptations of the natural world.

Santa Ana by César Pesquera

10. Santa Ana 8:14 min. | 2017
César Pesquera (Spain)

Santa Ana aims to elucidate the link between evil and the famed Santa Ana winds, extremely dry down-slope winds in Southern California supposedly responsible for a tense, uneasy, wrathful mood among the people of Los Angeles.

Filtrate by Mishka Kornai

11. Filtrate
13 min. | 2019
Mishka Kornai (Canada)

In a surreal future, humanity has been transformed beyond any and all recognition by the echo chambers of social media.

curated by Noel Lawrence, Klaus W. Eisenlohr and André Werner


Artists at the C.A.R.

Oceans Rise – Lionlion ( A Bauhaus Inspired Music Video), Fabian Willi Simon
Galerie Minimal Berlin, 2019, 4:17 Min

New works by Nina Hartmann


Luminous by Matthew Pell

“Abstractions” presents a program of experimental film by Berlin and international artists. The films use abstractions of the “real”, which means they do not tell a fictive or documentary narration. Neither are they non-figurative film paintings. Film images on a screen, mostly created by digital or analogue means, are flat surfaces without depth, physically speaking. However, the photographic images do not just evoke symbolic interfaces, but an illusion of texture and tactility. This quality of the surface becomes even more evident, if there is no rigid plot establishing the structure of a storyline, but a fabric created by camera movements, associative montage, fast image sequences, or compositing and alteration. The image sequences generate realms of associations, and the viewer conceives the narration in their cognition of film as an audio-visual totality. As in the examples of the works “Back ande Vor” by Deborah Uhde and John D’Arcy, and “After Synchromy” by Mark Street, abstract or structural cinema may be a point of reference, but not neccesarily for the other works shown in the program. The films create their own fluid reality, connected with open references to reality, culture or politics.

Background World by Melissa Faivre


Jos Diegel
Unendlicher Spannteppich (Des VIP-Empfangsraums)
2018, 35mm Experimentalfilm DV 0:45sec

Clara Bausch
Msza swieta w Altonie
2013 4:30

Matthew Pell
2011 US, 5 min

Andreas Gogol Xarussell2017, DE, 7:02

Clemens Fürtler
Bildmaschine 07
AU, 2015 Clemens Fürtler, Christian Vogel 4min

Melissa Faivre
Background World
2018, DE 7:20

Deborah Uhde / John D´Arcy & Deborah Uhde
Back ande Vor
DE-UK 2014 5:32

Mark Street
After Synchromy
USA (2015)

Abstractions was first shown at Galerie Nord. Curated by Klaus W. Eisenlohr


Medienwerkstatt Berlin – Rücklicht / Back Light

Rad fahren / going by bike by Sandra Becker

Das Rücklicht leuchtet rot nach hinten. Es ist eine Aufforderung, doch bitte ausreichend Abstand zu halten. Der Abstand zu uns selbst ist ein Schutz, eine Grenze nach außen, ein Signal.”

Programmauswahl und Text von Sandra Becker

ping pong by Lioba von den Driesch

Maria Korporal: Zurückbleiben bitte! / Mind the Gap! 1:15 min
Marina Camargo: Stille Unterhaltung / Silent conversation 2:15 min
Manuela Johanna Covini: Wir – Die Distanz zwischen dir und mir /
We – The Distance between you and me 8:06 min
Fountainhead® Tanz Théâtre: Absteigend / Aufsteigend, II / Descending / Ascending, II (excerpt) 10 min
Ayca Nina Zuch: Abstraction Splatter (excerpt) 5:03 min
Andreas Gogol: XARUSSELL 7:10 min
Sandra Becker: Rad fahren / going by bike 3 min
Christa Biedermann: RÜCKlicht – BLINKlicht – GEGENlicht /
TAILlight – BLINKING light – BACKlight 6:37 min
Gaby Schulze: Zwei Tropfen im Ozean / Two Drops in the Ocean 9:09 min
Isabell Spengler: Syncpoint 3:75 min
Stephanie Hanna: Work your inner Trump: Zusammenbruch geht schneller als Aufbau / Breaking down is faster than building up 4:52 min
Silvia Amancei & Bogdan Armanu: REDHEADED (or The beheading of knowledge) 11:10 min
Fried Rosenstock: Fata Morgana transmedial 3:19 min
Una Quigley: Birds of my weakness 8:40 min
Lioba von den Driesch: ping pong 0:38 min
Roberto Duarte: Transferences 2 5:10 min


Artists Booth

Directors Lounge (Hall 12 | Booth 58)

with works by Nina Hartmann, Visuman (media art), André Werner (media art), Isabelle Meyrignac (photography)

Nina Hartmann

Isabelle Meyrignac

Isabelle Meyrignac, from the series “RELICTA, eine Reise durch verfallene Gelände”, 2019, 33 x 48 cm


71 x 40 cm, Mixed Media auf Leinwand, 2016

71 x 40 cm, Mixed Media auf Leinwand, 2016

A&O Gallery (Hall 5 | Booth 4)

with works by Felina Schrödinger, Julia Murakami (photography), Andreas Sachsenmaier (paper works), Joachim Seinfeld (photography), André Werner (photography).

Felina Schrödinger

Felina Schrödinger, Faksimile
Felina Schrödinger, Faksimile, 2020, 50 x 71 cm


Andreas Sachsenmaier

Andreas Sachsenmaier, untitled (Laura) and untitled (Pauline) , from the series Cover Versions. Both perforated pigment print, colour paper, 70 x 50 cm, 2015


André Werner | photography

André Werner, La bailarina del agua, Photography, 2020, 56 x 40 cm, Chromogenic silver halide print. Ed. of 5 1AP


art yes


Julia Murakami | photography

Once Upon A Time, retro photography series, 2011–2015

In these images, a series of collage selfportraits, I strive to evoke the familiar, with a simultaneous feeling of dream and irritation as a kind of subtextual glue.
Here, comfort both sacrifices itself to and blends itself with discomfort, creating a fairy-talesque harmony that bears the uncomfortable logic of the somnambulant landscape. I consciously use retro imagery to encourage reference to an anxiety-neutral zone, only to then immediately disturb it with elements that are nonetheless an integral part of the whole. The frontier between yesterdays we know and days imagined interweave with a subtle yet engaging force.

Limited editions available as

  • photo print under acrylic glass mounted on Alu-dibond, 50 x 70 cm, Edition of 3 (+ 1 AP), signed, dated and numbered on the back
  • pigment prints on Hahnemühle, 17 x 24.5 cm
    Edition of 10 (+ 2 AP), signed, dated and numbered on the front.