Find here all films, events and everything that will take place during the 11 days of the 10th Berlin International Directors Lounge 2014.  We emphasize the dialogue with the artists and the audience, thus making it impossible to always start screenings exactly on time.

Screening times in here are the earliest, short delays may appear.
Free admission till 8pm | Space is limited, the early bird catches a seat.

The 10th Berlin International Directors Lounge, the festival for contemporary media and film.
6th to 16th of February, Naherholung Sternchen, behind the Kino International (map)
U Schillingstrasse | Berolinastr. 7, Berlin Mitte

Daily from 6pm till dawn. Opening reception Thurs. 6th, 8pm

no admission till 8 pm

Accreditations only on location. Please ask at the counter.

DL is chaos in progress, everything is subject to change.

ongoing  | stage


Assorted loops will be presented on the stage screen in the Lounge area.
A special focus will be on the work of Erdal Inci, mesmerizing GIFs of cloned motion that glue you to the screen.

Erdal Inci TR DL X special presentation

Taksim Spiral 0,8s  2013
Pictogram 1,4s  2013
Hieropolis Amphitheatre 1,4s  2013
Flood of Light 1,4s 2013
Camondo Stairs 0,4s 2013

Maria Björklund FI TKihi-Kuhi 00:30 2011

Hye Young Kim KR Unfulfilled Desire II blindness 21:00 2013

Vladimir Bonacic HR Dynamic Objects, bcd cybernetic art team (excerpt)

Alan Smithee | Julia Murakami Lost Masterpieces #1 (red) 2010

pictured: Erdal Inci TR Taksim Spiral 0,8 s, 2013.

DL X program.

WP World premiere
EP European premiere
GP German premiere
IA in attendance

ongoing | between screenings | space B


Single channel works and loops that do not fit into the concept of screenings are on display in space B. In exchange between the screenings.

Ewelina Aleksandrowicz & Andrzej Wojtas PL From Before Now 09:40 2011 GP
Karl F. Stewart DE  K 20 03:30 2013
Yujin Lee and Emi Hariyama KR 108 Bows 09:02 2013 WP
Hye Young Kim KR Consuming My Parents 10:00 2012
Peter Freund US The End of an Error 10:00 2013 EP
Dean Kavanagh IE Revenants on Trial 05:08 2013 GP
Vappu Rossi FI Goodbye shadowy 01:58 2013 GP
Daniela Butsch DE Bucci In Anthony McCall – Five Minutes of Pure Sculpture – Anthony McCall – Five Minutes of Pure Sculpture in Bucci 01:55 2013 WP

Urban Research single channel loops:

Laura Soria MX Reality, about Yoko Ono’s Grapefruit in 20 Stations 29:57 2012
Russell Chartier/ Paul Botelho US 06:24:11 06:25 2012
Leila Nadir and Cary Peppermint US Wilderness Collider nonstop real-time app  2012
Margarita Novikova RU Processes’ Regulation 05:56 2010
Jonathan Rescigno FR Corengrato 10:00 2012
Yanovsky Yaroslav UA Dragonfly 2:42min 2013
Ada Kobusiewicz PL Azotara 10:35 2013
Roberta Orlando IT Bright Berlin Lights 02:58 2011

pictured: Peter Freund The End of an Error 10:00 2013

DL X program

WP World premiere
EP European premiere
GP German premiere
IA in attendance

Thurs 6 | 8pm | space A


Selected tidbits and delicious truffles from the forthcoming days of DL X


Andreas Goldfuss CA Independent Film Maker 00:20 2013

Thiago B. Mendonca BR Piove il Film di Pio 15:00 2012

Gerhard Schuhmacher DE Alle Macht 01:49 2010 (1980)

Engin Kilicatan TR Chastity 03:55 2012

Tokomburu / Ion Papaspyrou and Zisis Kokkinidis GR I Am Not Here Now 09:30 2013 GP

Zaoli Zhong CN A Dangerous Question 05:35 2012

Hussen Ibraheem LB Typo 07:00 2013

DL X program.

TRT 44 min

pictured: Comrade Bryan Konefsky from our favorite New Mexico Film Festival “Experiments in Cinema” (top).
Pio Zamuner in Piove il Film di Pio by Thiago B. Mendonca

WP World premiere
EP European premiere
GP German premiere
IA in attendance

Thurs 6 | 9pm | space A


Selected tidbits and delicious truffles from the forthcoming days of DL X part II


Víctor Ballesteros CA VVOOLLVVOO 00:30 2013 WP

Sam Bell GB Promises 05:00 2013

Michael Fleming NL Avalanche 11:00 2013

Naren Wilks GB Fear & Delight 03:20 2013 (music video | The Correspondents)

David Turpin and Franz Nurmi ES ¡BINGO! 03:00 2013 EP

Neil Needleman US Freedom 04:32 2013

Marc Adamson GB Appleholics 03:47 2013 WP

Luca Zuberbuehler CH Lothar 13:00 2013

Daniel van Westen DE Recently in the Woods 01:00 2013

Oliver Smith GB Bob by Oliver Smith 02:31 2013

DL X program.

TRT 53 min

pictured:Michael Fleming Avalanche (top)  David Turpin ¡BINGO!

WP World premiere
EP European premiere
GP German premiere
IA in attendance

Thurs 6 | 10pm | stage


Anna Aliena, the classically trained mezzosoprano singer who merges her voice with synthpop sounds live on stage.

Anna Aliena officially started her career as a singer and songwriter in 2008: She first got noticed as the lead singer of the duo Shirayas Dream though she has actually loved making music since her early childhood. Her expressive mezzosoprano voice has been classically trained: Besides combining electronic pop music with operatic vocals, Anna Aliena also sings opera and lied. By mixing synthpop and classical voice elements, she wants to be remembered for the term “alien pop”.

 DL X program.

pictured: Anna Aliena.

Thurs 6 | 11pm


Dance all night with

Steve Morell at the turntables

DL X program.

Steve Morell remixer, DJ, producer, musician, founder of the record label “Pale Music Int.” and the German underground festival “Berlin Insane”. As the founding member of the DJ & remix duo “The Scandals’ he worked on Remixes & Collaborations for artists like: Miss Yetti, Bruder & Kronsädta feat. Nina Hagen, Eric D. Clark, Ascii Disko, Punx Soundcheck feat. Marc Almond, Pink Grease, Neonman, Beroshima, Lola Angst, Atomizer, Junesex, The Nihilists, Boy George, Trafalgar, Schwefelgelb, DJ Donna Summer und DJ Wool.

pictured: Video still taken from the Lady Pheres video by James Slater

Fri 7 | 6:30pm | space A


Wayner Tristao and Lucas Bonini BR Toy´s Island 07:00 2012

Krzysztof Jarzebinski DE/PL Laura 14:00 2013 WP

Ernesto Fundora MX Apócrifo (Apocryphal) 17:00 2012 GP

Edina Csüllög EE Hearts In Vain 21:27 2013 GP

DL X program

 pictured: Apócrifo by Ernesto Fundora

TRT 58 min

WP World premiere
EP European premiere
GP German premiere
IA in attendance