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Single channel works and loops that do not fit into the concept of screenings are on display in space B. In exchange between the screenings.

Ewelina Aleksandrowicz & Andrzej Wojtas PL From Before Now 09:40 2011 GP
Karl F. Stewart DE  K 20 03:30 2013
Yujin Lee and Emi Hariyama KR 108 Bows 09:02 2013 WP
Hye Young Kim KR Consuming My Parents 10:00 2012
Peter Freund US The End of an Error 10:00 2013 EP
Dean Kavanagh IE Revenants on Trial 05:08 2013 GP
Vappu Rossi FI Goodbye shadowy 01:58 2013 GP
Daniela Butsch DE Bucci In Anthony McCall – Five Minutes of Pure Sculpture – Anthony McCall – Five Minutes of Pure Sculpture in Bucci 01:55 2013 WP

Urban Research single channel loops:

Laura Soria MX Reality, about Yoko Ono’s Grapefruit in 20 Stations 29:57 2012
Russell Chartier/ Paul Botelho US 06:24:11 06:25 2012
Leila Nadir and Cary Peppermint US Wilderness Collider nonstop real-time app  2012
Margarita Novikova RU Processes’ Regulation 05:56 2010
Jonathan Rescigno FR Corengrato 10:00 2012
Yanovsky Yaroslav UA Dragonfly 2:42min 2013
Ada Kobusiewicz PL Azotara 10:35 2013
Roberta Orlando IT Bright Berlin Lights 02:58 2011

pictured: Peter Freund The End of an Error 10:00 2013

DL X program

WP World premiere
EP European premiere
GP German premiere
IA in attendance