Still aus Mushroom Hunting in the Woods Nick Jordan Part of “One Minute #11”

C.A.R. Photo/Media Art Fair 2024

Meet us at the C.A.R. contemporary art ruhr Photo/Media Art Fair at Zeche Zollverein, 15 – 17 March 2024 Directors Lounge presents selected positions of contemporary photo and media art. Contemporary Art Ruhr, The Photo/Media Art Fair World Cultural Heritage Site Zollverein Gelsenkirchener Strasse 181, 45309 Essen Official Opening Friday, March 15, 8 pm – …

Melissa Faivre, still from Memorabilia. Screened by Directors Lounge at Walden gallery as part of Infected Reality.

Melissa Faivre | Underneath it all & Memorabilia | 3. – 5.9. 2020

part of Infected Reality at  Walden Art Exhibitions.

“Underneath it all” and “Memorabilia” by Mélissa Faivre

Mélissa Faivre’s work is immersive, hallucinatory or even vertigo-inducing, depending on your reception, or possibly your viewing experience. They are rich in color, movement and associations. … read more

Still from Starfish by Nina Hartmann. Presented in world premiere by Directors Lounge at Walden art exhibitions, Berlin as part of Infected Reality.

Infected Reality | DL at Walden

A three-part cooperation with Walden Art Exhibitions.

Finally, we are sneaking back into the real world with some special presentations during Infected Reality, conceived  by WK+, the Walden Kunstaustellungen gallery.
Infected Reality shows 7 projects with media art from Berlin, Hong Kong, Istanbul, Kiel and Vienna at weekly intervals. … read more

Still from Kreuzberg Shedding by Erdal Inci. Presented by Directors Lounge at Walden art exhibitions, Berlin, as part of Infected Reality.

Kreuzberg Shedding by oddviz | 6.8. – 8.8. 2020

part of Infected Reality at  Walden Art Exhibitions “if I want to show a movement, that motion must be rich as far as I can do.” Erdal Inci (oddviz) oddviz is an art collective based in İstanbul focusing on scanning objects and locations using photogrammetry technique, producing 3D digital replicas. The collective presents digitized commodities …

Reinhold Gottwald: ohne Titel aus der Serie Quadratur des Kreises

Reinhold Gottwald: ohne Titel aus der Serie Quadratur des Kreises


We welcome orbiting Berliner Reinhold Gottwald to our flagship universe at C.A.R., in from exhibitions in New York, Hamburg, Den Haag and many stations between. Better it has not been put than by NYC’s “Art For Progress”:

“I was impressed with the overall quality and diversity of the work in the show. The work of Reinhold Gottwald caught my attention. His colorful, small, abstract pieces on wood are hung/arranged as if they are a group of planets sharing the same solar system.” – Frank Jackson – art for progress-NYC

Reinhold Gottwald, born in 1961, lives and works in Berlin. The artist studied at the HfbK Hamburg in the 1980s and implemented a series of exhibitions in the domestic and abroad since then. Mid-nineties he founded the Project Gallery Walden Art Exhibitions that was Prize-honored by the Berlin Senate in 2013.

The theme of the artist is the relation of the individual to the space. The space is defined not only as an architectural or a physical phenomenon it is synonymous with the relationship of the individual to the entire. Reinhold Gottwald combines graffiti with video and installations, whose materials are the result of everyday encounters. The final determination is always done on-site. At C.A.R., Reinhold Gottwald presents informal “Mixed Media” works on industrial wood, which are a result of an accompanying process for his installations. Gottwald´s desire, to keep a development as long as possible open is visible in almost all works of the artist.

The Contemporary Art Ruhr, the innovative art fair in Essen, 30 October – 1 November 2015 at the Zollverein world heritage site.

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Fri 18th 6pm

still from Hibernation, Hibertalk 

| Walden Kunstausstellungen shows Videos of Josephin Böttger (DE)

in attendance of Josephin Böttger 

Josephin Boettger, video artist, lives and works in Hamburg/Germany. Between 1995 and 2002 she produced various short films such as experimental and drawn animation films, shown on international shortfilmfestivals. Since her diploma at the HfbK (visual communication) in Hamburg 2002, she works on 3-6 channel videoinstallations and single-channel videos, shown at numerous international solo and collective exhibitions.
Screenings with the project “video graffitti/mobile projection in public space” 2007 in Manhattan (NY) and Basel (CH), 2008 and 2009 in Hamburg (DE).

In the program:

Introloop: “Trust and Try” 7min 50s 2005

“Hibernation, Hibertalk” 10min 50s 2006

Hibernation Hibertalk draws the viewer into the inner ear of our most intimate narratives, the sequences of fragmented imagery strung together and emitted while we sleep.Busy mental processes extracted as inconclusive writing on the wall, a palimpsestic hubbub of swirling graffiti and scribbles.
The protagonists are depicted as sleepwalkers meandering through collapsing gameboy architecture, cohabiting modernistic primeval forests with a brown bear which might or might not be a nocturnal alter ego, or are seen as urban campers waking up to oddly unperturbing helter-skelter nightmares of subconscious demolition. Scientists in white coats wander in and out of dreamt laboratories, dissecting brains to unleash cranioscopic graphic energy.
Overall, the varying rhythms and the bubbling, composite soundtrack of noises and voices creates a mesmeric kaleidoscope of sensory activity, a literally endless narrative of the same bits and pieces of subterranean junk we concoct every time we tumble into sleep, collectively or individually.

Matthew Partridge, September 2006 (extract of the text)

“Ninety Degrees” 7min 50s 2007

“Trapez II"  6min 22s 2009

still from Hibernation, Hibertalk

Trapez is the cinematic observation of a growing building site. The reality of construction and deconstruction is distorted by drawn elements and accelerated by a rhythmic luminosity.
Using time-laps photography, the documentary of work, demolition and construction becomes an homage to the urban absurdity.

(accompanied by corresponding short videos)