Directors Lounge is pleased to present a selection of silent single channel loops. Works include a restored version of the legendary “Kleine Lobhudelei auf den Monitor” (Little Flattering of the Monitor) 1990, by Cosima Reif (pictured above), next to moving images by Matl Findel and André Werner.


André Werner, Untitled (Bass, nude) 2005


Matl Findel, Stromgemälde, St. Alban

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DL X special: Erdal Inci

 Erdal Inci´s mesmerizing loops of cloned motion will be shown on the stage screen in the Lounge area.

You´ll be glued to the screen.

Erdal Inci TR DL X special presentation

Taksim Spiral 0,8s  2013 
Pictogram 1,4s  2013 
Hieropolis Amphitheatre 1,4s  2013
Flood of Light 1,4s 2013
Camondo Stairs 0,4s 2013

pictured: Erdal Inci TR Taksim Spiral 0,8 s, 2013.

DL X program.