Sun 19 | 6pm

in attendance of Yony Leyser

Featuring never-before-seen archival footage of Burroughs, as well as exclusive interviews with colleagues and confidants including John Waters, Patti Smith, Iggy Pop, Gus Van Sant, Genesis Breyer P-Orridge, Sonic Youth, Laurie Anderson, Amiri Baraka, Jello Biafra, and David Cronenberg, WILLIAM S. BURROUGHS: A MAN WITHIN is a probing, yet loving look at the man whose works at once savaged conservative ideals, spawned countercultural movements, and reconfigured 20th century culture. The film is narrated by Peter Weller, with a soundtrack by Patti Smith and Sonic Youth.

Burroughs was one of the first writers to break the boundaries of queer and drug culture in the 1950’s. His novel Naked Lunch is one of the most recognized and respected literary works of the 20th century and has influenced generations of artists.  The intimate documentary breaks the surface of the troubled and brilliant world of one of the greatest authors of all time.

about Yony Leyser:

Yony Leyser is a twenty-five-year-old filmmaker from Chicago, Illinois, and currently living in Berlin. He has directed several short films. After film school, he moved to Lawrence, Kansas, and began his first feature film, William S. Burroughs: A Man Within, about one of the most interesting icons of the 20th century. He also works as a curator, video artist and photographer, documenting people who are outside the mainstream of society. His photograph series have included Ida, a utopian transgender commune in Tennessee; Christiana, an anarchist village in Copenhagen; Kopi, Berlin’s largest squat, and naked bike rides in the US. His work has been shown in galleries and venues in Chicago, New York, London, Berlin, Paris, Vienna and Los Angeles.

90 min

Sun 19 | 9pm

pictured: Tom Thumb by Nick Zedd

in attendance of Nick Zedd

“Nick Zedd makes violent, perverted art films from Hell- he’s my kind of director!” John Waters

Nick Zedd is the filmmaker, writer, painter, actor and political satirist who coined the term Cinema of Transgression, a movement he spearheaded in New York 25 years ago and whose reverberations are still being felt . Mr. Zedd employs shock value through xenomorphosis, a term he coined to describe what happens when the “domain wall of an alternate universe smashes your reality tunnel and neurological re-engineering occurs.” He currently lives in Mexico.

Sat 18 | 8:00pm

pictured: Primordial Breath by Rosetta Messori

Rosetta Messori  IT Primordial Breath 5 min 18s 2011 | World Premiere in attendance

with music taken from the album: “Draw a line Egyptian contemporary music” by  Khaled Shokry

Primordial Breath is a visual journey based on 18 photographs from her book  Visioni Mediterranee  (Skira 2010). In a continuous state of flux, photographer and filmmaker Rosetta Messori captures the essence of a movement to tell an imaginary story.

Sat 18 | 8:30pm

Telemach Wiesinger presents his new films

As filmmaker his experimental films are shown on numerous festivals and solo programs: International Film Festival Rotterdam, European Media Art Festival, Centre de Cultura Contemporània de Barcelona, Black Maria Festival, Festival de Cine Experimental Quito, Tampere Film Festival Finland, Filmfestival Seoul Korea, Edinburgh International Film Festival, Media City Windsor, Festival de film court de Brest, Internationales Kurz Film Fest Hamburg, INVIDEO Milan, Spanische Botschaft Tokio, Lausanne Underground Film Festival, VideoEx Zürich, Wisconsin Film Festival, Image Festival Toronto, Directors Lounge Berlin, TIE The International of Experimental Exhibition Denver, Cortometraje San Roque, Milwaukee Underground Film Festival, Artist’ Television Access San Francisco, Noordelijk Film Festival, Media Art Festival Friesland, Stuttgarter Filmwinter and many others.
With Andreas Gogol he received the TEAM-WORK-AWARD 2007 for the film and music performance “LANDED TAKES & SOUND TIMES” at the Festival for Expanded Media Stuttgart.
Telemach Wiesinger, born 1968 in Bielefeld/Germany. Studied Visual Communication at HbK Kassel/Germany, Diplom 1994. (Master of Arts)

As photographer he is working for many art books and Solo-exhibitions: Contemporary Art Center Athens, Centre d’Art contemporain Nîmes, Kunstpalast Lemberg, Takashimaya Matsuyama, Smokebrush Gallery Colorado Springs, Museum für Moderne Kunst Rupertinum Salzburg or Eté Photographique de Lectoure.
Visiting Lecturer at University of Wisconsin, Akademie für Kommunikation Freiburg, ENSCI Les Ateliers Paris, Institut of Art & Design Milwaukee, Evangelische Hochschule Freiburg, Akademie Schloss Rotenfels, Escuela de Arte Granada, Hochschule für Gestaltung und Kunst Basel, University of Illinois at Chicago and others.

Fri 17 | 7pm

pictured:Yumiko by Andreas Müller-Pohle

Kuratiert von Klaus W. Eisenlohr

Andreas Müller-Pohle, der bekannte Künstler, Fotograf und Herausgeber Zeitschrift European Photography präsentiert zum ersten Mal eine Auswahl seiner Videoarbeiten in einem Screening.

Entropia, screening version SV  6 min  1996

Hiroshima, SV  29/3/01  3 min  2002

Dark Waves, SV  2 min  2011

Zigzag  8 min 19  2011

Coasting  9 min 40  2011

Yumiko  8 min, looped  2002

Diskussion mit dem Publikum, Moderation K. W. Eisenlohr 15 min 

Araki at Work, SV  12 min  1996/2011

*SV: gekürzte Screening-Version

Directors Lounge presents the first theater screening with Andreas Müller-Pohle, widely known as a photographer and editor of European Photography, featuring a whole range of his video work.

Water would seem to play an important role in Andreas Müller-Pohle’s recent work, both in film and photography. It may also be a key for interpreting his work as a whole…. (read more at:)

Sat 11 | 7:30pm

pictured: Soft by Simon Ellis

in attendance of Simon Ellis, presented by Kenton Turk

DL has a real treat this year in the person of Simon Ellis, who started making waves long before his short “Soft” won both the International Jury Prize at Sundance as well as the British Independent Film Award (not to mention some 35 more!). He has taken on offbeat terrain as a feature filmmaker and intrigued many with his own visual language and story-telling mode. Definitely one of the top young movers and shakers today in his preferred short film format. We will be showing two blocks spanning his broad range of experimentation and mastery, and he will be making the trip to Berlin to be on hand at [DL8] and illuminate the audience personally. Thirteen short films, selected by Simon himself –  with of course the unsettling “Soft” as part of the program.

pictured: Binaural Swimming (beach) by Simon Ellis

Telling Lies 4 min 20s
What About The Bodies 7 min
What The 7 min
Jam Today 15 min
Soft 15 min

48 min

Thousand  4 min 20s
Bass Invaders  5 min
A Storm And Some Snow 3 min
Dying Backwards 2 min
Subterranean Scene Filter 3 min
Where Is My Mind 4 min
Mining For Diamonds 4 min | World Premiere
Binaural Swimming (beach) 17 min | World Premiere

42 min

Fri 18th 6pm

still from Hibernation, Hibertalk 

| Walden Kunstausstellungen shows Videos of Josephin Böttger (DE)

in attendance of Josephin Böttger 

Josephin Boettger, video artist, lives and works in Hamburg/Germany. Between 1995 and 2002 she produced various short films such as experimental and drawn animation films, shown on international shortfilmfestivals. Since her diploma at the HfbK (visual communication) in Hamburg 2002, she works on 3-6 channel videoinstallations and single-channel videos, shown at numerous international solo and collective exhibitions.
Screenings with the project “video graffitti/mobile projection in public space” 2007 in Manhattan (NY) and Basel (CH), 2008 and 2009 in Hamburg (DE).

In the program:

Introloop: “Trust and Try” 7min 50s 2005

“Hibernation, Hibertalk” 10min 50s 2006

Hibernation Hibertalk draws the viewer into the inner ear of our most intimate narratives, the sequences of fragmented imagery strung together and emitted while we sleep.Busy mental processes extracted as inconclusive writing on the wall, a palimpsestic hubbub of swirling graffiti and scribbles.
The protagonists are depicted as sleepwalkers meandering through collapsing gameboy architecture, cohabiting modernistic primeval forests with a brown bear which might or might not be a nocturnal alter ego, or are seen as urban campers waking up to oddly unperturbing helter-skelter nightmares of subconscious demolition. Scientists in white coats wander in and out of dreamt laboratories, dissecting brains to unleash cranioscopic graphic energy.
Overall, the varying rhythms and the bubbling, composite soundtrack of noises and voices creates a mesmeric kaleidoscope of sensory activity, a literally endless narrative of the same bits and pieces of subterranean junk we concoct every time we tumble into sleep, collectively or individually.

Matthew Partridge, September 2006 (extract of the text)

“Ninety Degrees” 7min 50s 2007

“Trapez II"  6min 22s 2009

still from Hibernation, Hibertalk

Trapez is the cinematic observation of a growing building site. The reality of construction and deconstruction is distorted by drawn elements and accelerated by a rhythmic luminosity.
Using time-laps photography, the documentary of work, demolition and construction becomes an homage to the urban absurdity.

(accompanied by corresponding short videos)

FRI 18th 9pm

MUSE | Massimo Salvato GB  2010  | European Premiere

In attendance of Massimo Salvato (director), Julia Krynke (lead actress, Ludmilla), Adam Harvey (Co-producer and composer), Rich Swingle cinematographer), Alastair Scott (executive producer, TankSchool) and Robin Mitchell (photographer)

Ludmilla is a force of nature driven on a voyage of discovery by the ghost of her grandfather as she seduces and spell-bounds two writers to secrete the essence of their genius, which she taps and distills to create a voice that manifests in the novel, Muse.


Massimo Salvato GB Muse 19min 43s 2010

exact screening time might be subject to change

Thurs 17th 6pm

still from  L’eau, l’air et les songes by Cécile Ravel 

supporting film:

Bettina Boehm DE MO EL    11 min 27s    2010

The story involves a woman, an unidentified driver and a coyote who somehow meet somewhere in the desert and put up at an abandoned motel…   

Collectif Jeune Cinéma

in attendance of Daphné Hérétakis (Collectif Jeune  Cinéma) and Orlan Roy (filmmaker)

Clint Enns CA Back + Forth 3min 20s 2009  

Jacques Perconte FR Le Passage 6min 2009  

Robert Todd US Seeking Sunlight 5min 2010

Mark Street US Trailer Trash 5min 2009 

Cécile Ravel FR L’eau, l’air et les songes 10min 7s 2009  

Derek Woolfenden FR Black’s Back 12min 2009

Mauro Santini IT Notturno 7min 2009

Gérard Cairaschi FR Magia 6min 35s 2010

Orlan Roy FR Turquoise 21m 2009

In attendance of members of the Collectif Jeune Cinéma

total running time: 87 min

Wed 16th 9pm

Ramadan Mohamed EG Senses, 2010, 15 min 30s
Rob Brown
GB Echoes 11min 38s 2009
Ajitesh Sharma IN Visible Bra Straps 44min 2010 world premiere

Senses | Ramadan Mohamed EG 2010

Souad is a young nurse who falls in a one sided love relationship with Yosief whose in a deep coma. Will Yosief be able to respond?

 ECHOES | Rob Brown GB 2009 

in attendance of Rob Brown 

A short film about Anya, a female sex trafficker (Joanne Froggatt) who faces a moral dilemma when she discovers that the young girl (Cristina Catalina) that she is trafficking from Lithuania to London has a secret.

VISIBLE BRA STRAPS | Ajitesh Sharma IN 2010| World Premiere

This is a story of two women: A young Italian corporate professional ‘Sandra’ (Petra Khruz) and a young Indian college student ‘Sanjana’ (Reeth Mazumder). They wouldn’t have even know each other had their life continued as it is. Sandra has lost her job and Sanjana has lost her love…

total running time: 70 min