Sat 19th 6pm

still from Marked by Mercury | Alexa Gerrity US

LIMINAL LOOPHOLES: A selection of films shot in or around water

curated and presented by Kim Collmer


Water is the initial thread tying all of the work together. But underneath this apparent theme is, more importantly, the creation or presentation of what could be termed a liminal space, a space being on the “threshold” of or between two existential planes. In Serge Gregory’s Award Winning documentary (Black Maria) we enter the intimate realm of a heron as it experiences the fragility of the changing seasons. In John N. Campbell’s “Li: the Patterns of Nature”, also an Award Winner (Ann Arbour), we see microscopic universes of growth and decay. Some of the worlds created are imaginary such as the visually arresting “Marked by Mercury” and “Niland 2”. Many of the films such as “Voice” and “Notions of Ivo Dekovic” depict the human tension found in straddling two realms whereas other celebrate it like in Janet Galore’s or Andre Werner’s films. This screening was originally inspired by Kim Collmer’s work with the organization sub-art, which is an artist residency focusing on underwater art projects. Many of the works come from sub-art such as “Parkbankaktivitäten” and “Finiteness for a New Space”.

Andrea Helten DE Parkbankaktivtäten2min 8s 2005

Janet Galore US Brazda Na Vodi 1min 55s 2010

Serge Gregory US When Herons Dream 10min 34s 2009

Jelena Pehar HR Notions of Ivo Dekovic 2min 16s 2008

Jelena Pehar HR Notions of Ivo Dekovic

Klaus Busen and Christian Collmer DE Finiteness for a New Space 50s 2004

John N. Campbell US Li: The Patterns of Nature 9min 7s 2007

Ksenija Jurisic HR Voice 1min 41s 2010

Alexa Gerrity US Marked by Mercury 5min 2010

André Werner DE Nude Dance 4min 24s

Marius Leneweit and Rocio Rodriguez  DE/ES  Niland 29min 56s 2011 world premiere

Kim Collmer DE/US Juicy 40s 2011 world premiere             

total running time 45min

Fri 18th 8pm

Mark Maxwell Naturaleza Muerta – (Still – Life) 29 min 2011 world premiere

The story of a soldier of the International Brigades fighting in Spain against Fascism.

A common theme in Mark Maxwell’s work is the transformation of materials and their intrinsic physical qualities and characteristics, which are hidden to the human eye. His practice encompasses several mediums including mixed-media installations, videoworks and paintings.

Chiara Ambrosio The Crossing

Chiara Ambrosio is a visual artist working with video and animation.

Her work is an exploration into ideas of memory, loss and illusion through the use of animation, photography and video installation, deeply rooted in the surreal, absurdist world of Czech and Eastern European animation and literature.

Chiara Ambrosio The Crossing    3min 31s 
Chiara Ambrosio Whale 4 min 52s
Mark Maxwell   29 min 2011
Chiara Ambrosio    Charon 12 min 16s Musical score Michael Nyman

total running time: 50 min

in cooperation with Myriam Blundell__Projects

Wed 16th 9pm

Ramadan Mohamed EG Senses, 2010, 15 min 30s
Rob Brown
GB Echoes 11min 38s 2009
Ajitesh Sharma IN Visible Bra Straps 44min 2010 world premiere

Senses | Ramadan Mohamed EG 2010

Souad is a young nurse who falls in a one sided love relationship with Yosief whose in a deep coma. Will Yosief be able to respond?

 ECHOES | Rob Brown GB 2009 

in attendance of Rob Brown 

A short film about Anya, a female sex trafficker (Joanne Froggatt) who faces a moral dilemma when she discovers that the young girl (Cristina Catalina) that she is trafficking from Lithuania to London has a secret.

VISIBLE BRA STRAPS | Ajitesh Sharma IN 2010| World Premiere

This is a story of two women: A young Italian corporate professional ‘Sandra’ (Petra Khruz) and a young Indian college student ‘Sanjana’ (Reeth Mazumder). They wouldn’t have even know each other had their life continued as it is. Sandra has lost her job and Sanjana has lost her love…

total running time: 70 min

Mon 14th 10pm

four films featuring two people on their way

Anastasia Danilova RU Godo 2 min 18s 2009 silent
Alain Deymier ES Les Rideaux Rouges, 2011, 34 min world premiere
Zhou Quan CN Whereabouts, 2010, 30 min
Hendrick Dusollier FR Babel, 2010, 15 min 

Alain Deymier ES Les Rideaux Rouges, 2011

An Oedipus without a complex: Jose, a young man and an orphan, and Pablo, a boy of 13, flee the city, under threat and condemned to drift. Jose, who has to solve the mystery of his identity – Who am I? Who is my mother? is going to have to enter the adult world and set off to find his destiny through a long, solitary dialogue with nature and the rhythms of the world. A film that provides a contemporary vision of an ancestral myth.

Alain Deymier, born in France, lives and works in Spain. Reputed photographer, he has thrown many exhibition though out the World. Since a few years, he developed a deep interest for the cinema and firstly started directing and producing short films. Les Rideaux Rouges will be screened in world premiere.

Zhou Quan CN Whereabouts, 2010

Whereabouts is Zhou Quan’s debut Chinese film. The film is adapted from Li Ya’s original stage script “The Missing Condom”, taking place in China’s metropolis Shanghai, and focus on “Xiaozi” (Petite Bourgeoisie). The story depicts the situation of young generation’s urban life and their values of love and marriage. An intimate story of two people, set against the stunning Shanghai cityscapes.

Hendrick Dusollier FR Babel, 2010

From the celestian mountains to the peak of Shanghai’s towers, two young peasants leave their village to get to the metropolis.

Total running time: 82 min