Sat 19th 6pm

still from Marked by Mercury | Alexa Gerrity US

LIMINAL LOOPHOLES: A selection of films shot in or around water

curated and presented by Kim Collmer


Water is the initial thread tying all of the work together. But underneath this apparent theme is, more importantly, the creation or presentation of what could be termed a liminal space, a space being on the “threshold” of or between two existential planes. In Serge Gregory’s Award Winning documentary (Black Maria) we enter the intimate realm of a heron as it experiences the fragility of the changing seasons. In John N. Campbell’s “Li: the Patterns of Nature”, also an Award Winner (Ann Arbour), we see microscopic universes of growth and decay. Some of the worlds created are imaginary such as the visually arresting “Marked by Mercury” and “Niland 2”. Many of the films such as “Voice” and “Notions of Ivo Dekovic” depict the human tension found in straddling two realms whereas other celebrate it like in Janet Galore’s or Andre Werner’s films. This screening was originally inspired by Kim Collmer’s work with the organization sub-art, which is an artist residency focusing on underwater art projects. Many of the works come from sub-art such as “Parkbankaktivitäten” and “Finiteness for a New Space”.

Andrea Helten DE Parkbankaktivtäten2min 8s 2005

Janet Galore US Brazda Na Vodi 1min 55s 2010

Serge Gregory US When Herons Dream 10min 34s 2009

Jelena Pehar HR Notions of Ivo Dekovic 2min 16s 2008

Jelena Pehar HR Notions of Ivo Dekovic

Klaus Busen and Christian Collmer DE Finiteness for a New Space 50s 2004

John N. Campbell US Li: The Patterns of Nature 9min 7s 2007

Ksenija Jurisic HR Voice 1min 41s 2010

Alexa Gerrity US Marked by Mercury 5min 2010

André Werner DE Nude Dance 4min 24s

Marius Leneweit and Rocio Rodriguez  DE/ES  Niland 29min 56s 2011 world premiere

Kim Collmer DE/US Juicy 40s 2011 world premiere             

total running time 45min

Sat 19th  8pm

Film / Music Video Program curated and presented by Wiktoria Pelzer

Festivals, events, Film. That’s all it’s about. But what about music, performance, installation? It’s all about this too!

Irina Dakeva FR Baby I’m Yours  Music: Breakbot feat. Irfane 2min 31s 2010

Jul & Mat GB On The Motorway  Music: Metronomy  2min 30s 2010

Karø Goldt AT Ilox 3min 2001

Anthony Schepperd US The Music Scene   Music: Blockhead 5min 22s 2010

Anthony Seck CA 1234   Music: Feist 3min 14s 2007 

Andreas Hykade DE Love and Theft  6min 50s 2010

*FIELD* GB/DE Ariel   Music: Stateless 3min 31s 2010 

Michaela Schwentner AT Transistor  Music: Radian 6min 2000

Michel Gondry FR Declare Independence   Music: Björk 4min 30s 2009

Thorsten Fleisch DE Dromosphäre 10 min 2010

Kristofer Ström SE Animals   Music: Minilogue 5min 41s 2008

Roel Wouters NL zZz is playing: Grip   Music: zZz 4min 30s 2007

running time: 60 min

still from Love Theft by Andreas Hykade

Sat 19th 9:30pm

The Eyes Of Mankind
André Werner DE The Eyes Of Mankind

Clint Enns CA Back + Forth 3 min 20s 2009 

This film documents the happenings on one of the strangest streets in winnipeg.

D. Kimm and Brigitte Henry CA Mademoiselle Clara Rabbit-Tamer 6min 2010

dedicated to Guy Maddin

In this silent movie stemming from another time, we follow Clara’s animated route, been born in a bourgeois family and which, because of a magnetic storm, develops a sick sympathy for rabbits. Small scientific so called genius obsessed by the rabbit transformation, she grows up and goes bad and then gets a job with the Baklava Circus. But finally she reaches the glory, hits the headlines of Paris Match and Life, meets a rich Arabian prince and finds the financing for her highly scientific projects. How far will she go?

André Werner DE The Eyes Of Mankind 14min 39s 2007

Two brothers falling in love with the same woman: Rose, the most beautiful woman of the world. How shall she decide? An impossible competition begins.

Marie Losier & Guy Maddin FR/CA Manuelle Labor 10min 2007

“Marie Losier is the most effervescent and psychologically accurate portrait artist working in film today. Her films wriggle with the energy and sweetness of a broken barrel full o’ sugar worms!!!! No one makes pictures like Marie, Edith Sitwell’s inner Tinkerbell!!!!!!!” , Guy Maddin, 2008


Sat 19th 10:30pm


about Maddin 

It could be said that Guy Maddin’s films are rather like a fitful dreamer – tossing and turning in a restless search for “the truth uninhibited” as seen through melodrama. The man and his work(s) remain a gripping study of contradictions; gentle, yet bold, naked, yet stubbornly private, at once elusive, yet startlingly personal. When asked about what moved him to make Sissy Boy Slap Party, he cryptically and without a trace of sauciness replied “I was lonely.”
Best known for his homage to his birthplace My Winnipeg and for his uncompromising fidelity to the Hollywood studio system visuals of the 1920s & 30s, the master himself has carved out a place with the cinematic faithful as compelling as his beautifully crafted fables.
A “primitive” by his own description, Maddin doles out dollops of humour even as his works display a strain of melancholia. His heartfelt longing co-mingled with a naughty child’s joy in acting out makes him one of the very select few genuinely exciting filmmakers to have come along in recent memory. Watch and feel his night sweats stamped upon your being.

-Angela Turk.

about the program    

Guy Maddin, Canadian Filmmaker and juror at this year’s Berlinale, will be the subject of BEYOND THE ATELIER TOVAR. A screening with Maddin’s own personal selection of his short films. This program will be complemented by readings by Kenton Turk.   

 The musings, frustrations, visions and rants of the doyen of off-limits cinema Guy Maddin, with a film selection compiled by the filmmaker himself, delivered personally to Berlin for the Directors Lounge. Thank you, Guy!

Die Träumereien, Frustrationen, Visionen and Hetztiraden des Doyens des Tabu-Kinos Guy Maddin, mit einer Filmauswahl vom Filmemacher selbst zusammengestellt und zur Directors Lounge nach Berlin gebracht. Danke, Guy!