Sat 19th 9:30pm

The Eyes Of Mankind
André Werner DE The Eyes Of Mankind

Clint Enns CA Back + Forth 3 min 20s 2009 

This film documents the happenings on one of the strangest streets in winnipeg.

D. Kimm and Brigitte Henry CA Mademoiselle Clara Rabbit-Tamer 6min 2010

dedicated to Guy Maddin

In this silent movie stemming from another time, we follow Clara’s animated route, been born in a bourgeois family and which, because of a magnetic storm, develops a sick sympathy for rabbits. Small scientific so called genius obsessed by the rabbit transformation, she grows up and goes bad and then gets a job with the Baklava Circus. But finally she reaches the glory, hits the headlines of Paris Match and Life, meets a rich Arabian prince and finds the financing for her highly scientific projects. How far will she go?

André Werner DE The Eyes Of Mankind 14min 39s 2007

Two brothers falling in love with the same woman: Rose, the most beautiful woman of the world. How shall she decide? An impossible competition begins.

Marie Losier & Guy Maddin FR/CA Manuelle Labor 10min 2007

“Marie Losier is the most effervescent and psychologically accurate portrait artist working in film today. Her films wriggle with the energy and sweetness of a broken barrel full o’ sugar worms!!!! No one makes pictures like Marie, Edith Sitwell’s inner Tinkerbell!!!!!!!” , Guy Maddin, 2008