The Conversation by Kim Collmer

The Conversation is a silent interaction between two offline characters. Mundane, inane and without any real direction they “converse” about trying to locate something relatively abstract. Shuffling between various colored papers which reference computer visualization devices in their simplest state, the Conversation draws attention to the abstract substance many of our conversations now do or do not follow.

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Almost There: Kim Collmer in Berlin tonight

Kreuzberg Pavillon Saturday April 05th, 2014, 8pm

Something bigger than the space can contain brings together artists from diverse backgrounds in which shifting notions of house are played out from different perspectives: personal, political, economical and relational.

In Kim Collmer’s video, a playful miniature set house is submerged underwater and slowly descends into another realm within which text transmissions between two entities appear on the screen. Between the house’s descent and the textual inter-ference is a meditation on connection, connectivity and relation.

Artists: Kim Collmer
Jennifer Hope Davy
Timea Oravecz
Andrea Schneemeier

Kreuzberg Pavillon
Naunynstraße 53
10999 Berlin

FORMING MOTION presented by Kim Collmer

part of Directors Lounge at the Filmmuseum Duesseldorf, April 20th, 8:30pm

Kim Collmer delivers some of her absolute favorites for a special edition of animations and videos from her Directors Lounge screenings.
How to describe the work? It’s a real mix! Humorous yet uncomfortable, light but heavy, slick though messy. The main overriding theme – genuine artistic expression.
Some of the artists showing include: Tobias Anderson, Buckius & Manos, John N. Cambell, Jennifer Hope Davy, Janet Galore, Cecilia Lundquist, Johannes Nyholm, Ho Yoel Ryu, Meredith Root and more!

Buckius & Manos, 101 Ways to Humanize Technology, 2007, 03:11

Meredith Root, Anxiety Invention, 2006, 03:00 
Hei Cheng and Mike Chan, Board, 2005, 01:00
Janet Galore, Party Party Chisai-san, 2006, 01:30
Ho-Yeol Ryu, Ampel,2002, 01:30
Eric Dyer, Copenhagen Cycles, 2005, 06:35
Ho-Yeol Ryu, Autobahn, 2002, 01:30
Kim Collmer, Berlin Skin, 2007, 04:00
Cecilia Lundqvist, Making Pancakes, 2005, 04:58
Johannes Nyholm, The Tale of Little Puppetboy, 2005, 04:20
David Shrigley, Chris Sheperd, Who I Am And What I Want, 2006, 07:20
Ho-Yeol Ryu, Billards, 2002, 01:30 min
J Tobias Anderson, Whereto I Go, 2005, 04:46 
Bridget Walker, One Verse, No Chorus, 2007, 05:32
John N. Campbell, Li: The Patterns of Nature, 2007, 09:07 
Jennifer Hope Davy, It’s Your Timing, 2013, 01:00
location: Black Box, Filmmuseum Duesseldorf, Schulstraße 4, 40213 Duesseldorf
pictured: still from Who I Am And What I Want by David Shrigley, Chris Sheperd

Sat 19th 6pm

still from Marked by Mercury | Alexa Gerrity US

LIMINAL LOOPHOLES: A selection of films shot in or around water

curated and presented by Kim Collmer


Water is the initial thread tying all of the work together. But underneath this apparent theme is, more importantly, the creation or presentation of what could be termed a liminal space, a space being on the “threshold” of or between two existential planes. In Serge Gregory’s Award Winning documentary (Black Maria) we enter the intimate realm of a heron as it experiences the fragility of the changing seasons. In John N. Campbell’s “Li: the Patterns of Nature”, also an Award Winner (Ann Arbour), we see microscopic universes of growth and decay. Some of the worlds created are imaginary such as the visually arresting “Marked by Mercury” and “Niland 2”. Many of the films such as “Voice” and “Notions of Ivo Dekovic” depict the human tension found in straddling two realms whereas other celebrate it like in Janet Galore’s or Andre Werner’s films. This screening was originally inspired by Kim Collmer’s work with the organization sub-art, which is an artist residency focusing on underwater art projects. Many of the works come from sub-art such as “Parkbankaktivitäten” and “Finiteness for a New Space”.

Andrea Helten DE Parkbankaktivtäten2min 8s 2005

Janet Galore US Brazda Na Vodi 1min 55s 2010

Serge Gregory US When Herons Dream 10min 34s 2009

Jelena Pehar HR Notions of Ivo Dekovic 2min 16s 2008

Jelena Pehar HR Notions of Ivo Dekovic

Klaus Busen and Christian Collmer DE Finiteness for a New Space 50s 2004

John N. Campbell US Li: The Patterns of Nature 9min 7s 2007

Ksenija Jurisic HR Voice 1min 41s 2010

Alexa Gerrity US Marked by Mercury 5min 2010

André Werner DE Nude Dance 4min 24s

Marius Leneweit and Rocio Rodriguez  DE/ES  Niland 29min 56s 2011 world premiere

Kim Collmer DE/US Juicy 40s 2011 world premiere             

total running time 45min