Julia Murakami | André Werner | Fata Morgana Gallery Berlin


14. – 20. September | Torstr. 170, Berlin-Mitte

Photography, mixed media and installations.

Opening Friday, September 14, 7 pm


Ahead of the Berlin art week the Fata Morgana gallery opens an exhibition of works by Julia Murakami and André Werner that is as subliminal as it is immersive.

What both artists unites is an artistic approach that does not only reflects an existing reality but rather transcends into the imagery of new realities.

The multiverse of Julia Murakami is filled with layers of Greek mythology, Marvel heroes and Hollywood icons, a world unbound to gravity where dreams and Chimeras lure in the dark. Julia Murakami depicts this strange and surreal realm with a casual implicitness that, like old family photographs, triggers a moment of déjà vu. And, in fact, private photographs, self-portraits and memorabilia are often the starting point in the works of Julia Murakami. Images from unknown, yet familiar worlds.


André Werner is rather an observer than a producer of pictures. Like an ornithologist with a camera, he is a hunter and collector in the realm of the images. What get caught in his machinery of TV sets, cameras, printers and copiers, is often already an image of an image of an image. The pictures that are freely floating in the net, constantly multiplying themselves, are frozen in a single moment of their metamorphoses, not to capture them, but to celebrate their autopoietic beauty.


The alchemical process of creating such images is as important as the final output and the interactive video installation “circles” offers the spectator a chance to become part of such a play in a game with his own image. Louise Blissett Julia Murakami und André Werner 14.9. – 20.9. Fata Morgana Opening 14.9. 7 pm Finissage 20.9. 7 pm

Julia Murakami und André Werner

14.9. – 20.9. Fata Morgana

Opening 14.9. 7 pm

Finissage 20.9.  7 pm


Featuring an illustrated lecture by

Cosima Reif

: The Vienna Collection

New stamps by the Austrian Pure Chance Postal Service.

Fata Morgana Galerie Torstraße 170 | Berlin Mitte

Mo – Tues 4 pm – 7 pm
Sa – Sun 4 pm – 8 pm

and by appointment

The exhibition is kindly supported by Z-Bar, Directors Lounge and Bürkle IT

Images from above :

Julia Murakami and André Werner by Joachim Seinfeld

Julia Murakami, from the series Exercises in Levitation I–III, 2015.

André Werner Was vom Kino übrig bleibt | What Remains Of
Cinema. #2 Autopoiesis 2018.

André Werner, Circles | Interactive video installation for 13 monitors and a curious person, 2017 

Cosima Reif, 50 Jahre Aktionismus, 50 years of (Viennese) Actionism, stamp from the Austrian Pure Chance Postal Service, 2018

You are cordially invited to join us
“Zeig Dich!”, Zwingli-Church, Berlin, 25 – 27 May 2017

We are pleased to announce that works by Directors Lounge Lizards  André Werner and Joachim Seinfeld will be shown among selected media art, installations and performances by Thomas Bratzke, Stefan Demming & Michael Rieken, Roswitha von den Driesch & Jens-Uwe Dyffort, Jorn Ebner, Monika Jarecka, Karl Heinz Jeron and Ulrich Vogl.

Curator: Karin Scheel.

Vernissage: ZEIG DICH! 25 May 2017, 7 p.m.
Zwingli-Kirche, Rudolfstr. 14, 10245 Berlin
(4 min from S/U-Bhf Warschauer Straße)

event on facebook

photo: ​ Zeig Dich – Kultur zum Kirchentag




Our friends from Mobile Kino, Berlin’s Traveling Cinema, are bringing Pulp to town with a very special film about life death and supermarkets


Almost There: Kim Collmer in Berlin tonight

Kreuzberg Pavillon Saturday April 05th, 2014, 8pm

Something bigger than the space can contain brings together artists from diverse backgrounds in which shifting notions of house are played out from different perspectives: personal, political, economical and relational.

In Kim Collmer’s video, a playful miniature set house is submerged underwater and slowly descends into another realm within which text transmissions between two entities appear on the screen. Between the house’s descent and the textual inter-ference is a meditation on connection, connectivity and relation.

Artists: Kim Collmer
Jennifer Hope Davy
Timea Oravecz
Andrea Schneemeier

Kreuzberg Pavillon
Naunynstraße 53
10999 Berlin

“if you’ve got nothing to hide, you’ve nothing to worry” (if you worry …)
Kino Central 18. – 22.11.2013

This November, the Kino Central will once again present the videos of artists working with our good fellas, the Medienwerkstatt Berlin. The theme of our upcoming screening is “Supervision.” This theme was chosen in response to increased public sensitivity concerning issues of surveillance in our everyday environment, and the phenomena of the evaluations of these observations running out of control.

The Medienwerkstatt was installed in 2008 by the Kulturwerk of bbk berlin with public funds as a workshop of artists for artists to further their practice and gain valuable skills. Besides the many technical facilities available to users of the Medienwerkstatt, such as the Media Lab and Green Screen room, the media workshops themselves strengthen and interlink mutual support networks among artists.

For over 15 years the Kino Central has set up as one of the most interesting repertory cinemas in Berlin. During the last years The Central was distinguished regularly for its prominent annual program, including premieres, cinematic specific features, discoveries and innovations.

artists: Karla Albert | Nathalie Becher | Sandra Becker 01 | mobtik | Christa Biedermann | Jan Brand | Roberto Duarte | Lioba von den Driesch | Ilka & Volane Forst | Brigitte Geier | Ron Hagell | Heike Hamann | Constantin Hartenstein | Susanne Hoffmann | Katzengold (Nicole Messenlehner / Wolfgang Kriener) | Maria Koehne | Chat | Herbert Liffers | Marisa Maza | Astrid Menze | Ottjörg A.C. | Sharon Paz | Fried Rosenstock | Anja Ross | Gerhard Schuhmacher | Tobias Sjöberg | Wojtek Skowron | Anna Wignell | Kerstin Wittelmeyer | Barbara Wolters | Jo Zahn

from 18. – 22.11.2013, each day at 4.15 pm
Kino Central, Rosenthaler Str. 39, 2.HH 10178 Berlin
entry based on donation

pictured: Alle Macht dem Super 8, Gerhard Schuhmacher


07.02.13 / Wednesday / Day 1


Directors Lounge, Number Nine. Nine years of genre-straddling cinematic and media art. Nine years of non-festival festival atmosphere, more circus than film space. Filmmakers and film-goers, without velvet barriers. The festival that provides the backdrop and erases the lines.

Exactly the concept. First and foremost cutting edge cinematic visions, but with the surrounding atmosphere as a good part of our jag. Shorts and features of every cut and dimension. Plus Q&A’s. And beyond the screen, singers, musicians, poets, VJ’s, DJ’s doing their respective things. More than simply a festival, more than simply a lounge.

No red carpets, but premieres aplenty, German, European or World. Plus the Festiwelt Party, a heady powwow of many thematic filmfests, jamming film folk of every stripe into every corner.

And here is Nine following Eight, not just chronologically, but bringing more colour and breadth. A kaleidoscope of fluidity without chaos, diversity without confusion. Myriad offerings from the worldwide Open Call. Creators, performers and viewers rubbing shoulders. Not where projects end, but where they begin. A unique safari into the terrain of cinematic and media-art wildlife.

Thurs 07 | doors open at 8pm

the complete program

Film + Opera + Rave

present… ‘MEPHISTO’ (1981) + ‘FAUST’ Opera, Saturday 8th December 2012

The Berlin Film Society and Kiez Oper are excited to present a very unique Christmas event. Combining István Szabó’s 1981 Oscar-winning film, ‘MEPHISTO’, with live performances from Charles Gounod’s 1851 grand opera, ‘FAUST’, the Berlin Film Society and Kiez Oper will create a new cross-medium narrative inspired by Goethe’s original 1808 text, befittingly hosted in Kreuzberg’s very own Faust-inspired club, GRETCHEN.

Gounod’s opera will serve as a provocative prelude and postlude to Szabó’s critically-acclaimed film, offering an operatic extension to the central themes explored in the film  and boasting a cast from the International Studio at the Staatsoper!

To accompany the dark and sinister flavours of the evening, the new Berlin-based liquor, PIJÖKEL 55, will serve complimentary welcome drinks from 7pm. The after party (from 11:30pm) at Gretchen is equally as eclectic, featuring the finest drum’n’bass in the city!

Date: Saturday 8th December 2012
Time: 19:00 Drinks Reception|| 20:00 Opera Performance Part I || 20:30 Film || 22:45 Opera Performance Part II || 23:30 Gretchen After Party
Location: Gretchen, Obentrautstr. 19-21, 10963
Tickets (€12)

La Magique Noire: Movie Night at Platoon Kunsthalle 

Monday Nov. 19th 8pm

This will be the first of an ongoing row of collaborations with Platoon Kunsthalle. We will spice up the Movie Nights with assorted shorts from our archive.

This Movie Night combines  Bar25: Days out of Time by Britta Mischer, Nana Yuriko with La Magique Noire by Aloura M. Charles.

La Magique Noire
A tourist in 1930’s Paris wanders into La Magique Noire Café and finds himself in the company of a mysterious Mulatto woman. As they share absinthe, the tourist soon realizes things in this magical bar are not as they seem!
Starring Adam Johnson, Phyllis Johnson and Lia Johnson
Official Selection: Mill Valley Film Festival, Palm Springs Film Festival, Coney Island Film Festival

worlds away from society’s conventions and norms, Bar25 became the melting pot from which a truly Berlin culture emerged. fhe film follows the creators of Bar25, four young individuals whose freewheeling way of life, of music, individuality and never ending energy transforms a riverside wasteland into a fantasy land by the river Spree. but if the community’s life appears fulfilling from the outside, living it day after day isn’t easy. Bar 25 is a wonderland-night-and-day-club in Berlin, an enchanted adventure playground where adults become children again.

the film investigates the ambivalence of the community, of these so-called ‘business hippies’, questioning whether their form of living is valuable and authentic or if their hedonistic never-ending parties are a mere form of escapism.

Schoenhauser allee 9
10119 berlin . Germany

U2 to Senefelder Platz, walk south (2min)

U2, M8, Bus 142 to Rosa-Luxemburg-Platz, walk north (2min)

U8 to Rosenthaler Platz, walk east (6min)

Exclusive International Preview Screening!
Thursday 8th November @ Betahaus, Kreuzberg

Our friendly neighbors of the Berlin Film Society are extremely excited to present an exclusive, advanced screening of Ben Wheatley’s new comedy, ‘Sightseers’ – 3 weeks before it premieres in the UK and a whole season before the Spring 2013 German release! The film is a “very British blend of quirky character-comedy and homicidal violence [and] has all the makings of a midnight-movie cult classic” (The Hollywood Reporter). It was one of the most talked about films when it premiered at Cannes earlier this year and made waves at the Toronto International Film Festival last month. This Berlin screening celebrates the best of British black comedy. Be prepared to be both horrified and entertained throughout.

“Flesh-creepingly funny”

“The most consistently hilarious Brit-com for a good half-decade – probably since Edgar Wright’s Hot Fuzz”

Thursday 8th November 2012

7:00pm : Classic British G&Ts, Yorkshire Tea, Biscuits, and FEELING GLOOMY DJ Set
8:30pm : Film screening

Location: Betahaus, Prinzessinnenstrasse 19-20, 10969 Berlin

THE SMALLS FILM FESTIVAL – Exclusive Berlin Screening

Thursday 11th October 2012 at THE WYE

Our friends of the Berlin Film Society are proud to present an exclusive Berlin screening of one of the UK’s best short film festivals, THE SMALLS. The festival is now in its seventh year and takes place in London over five days (17-21 Sept). The Berlin Film Society has been invited to attend and curate its own special programme of short films chosen from the shortlisted entries.

The festival categories include Drama, Documentary, Music, and Comedy, and the Society will select the ‘best of’ from each category.

The Berlin screening will be a celebration of the most creative, ambitious and forward-thinking filmmaking in modern independent cinema and we are very excited to be showcasing a strong variety of short films from this international festival.

Kate Tancred, Managing Director of THE SMALLS, will be in conversation with founder and director of the Society, Jack Howard, after the screening, followed by an audience Q&A.

Join us from 7pm for drinks and complimentary delicious British canapés.


Over the last seven years the film festival has grown from a 2-day showcase of short films screened on video iPods, all the way back in 2006, to a 5-day extravaganza of film screenings, panel discussions and master classes, with the involvement of some of the leading innovators in independent filmmaking today. From a selection of incredible entries our esteemed judging panel, including: Elliot Grove (Founder of Raindance Film Festival), Scott Horscroft (VP of A&R Labels, EMI), Derek Thorne (Director of One World Media) and Steve North (General Manager, Dave & Gold at UKTV), has determined which films will be included in this year’s program.
More info and details of the shortlisted films here.


THE WYE is a creative institution in the heart of Kreuzberg supporting artistic individuals and startups. Studios, live residencies, a gallery, lounge, library and kantine host local and international talents across all disciplines. Programming includes exhibitions, events, public art and educational classes.


Established during the Berlin International Film Festival in 2012, the Berlin Film Society organises monthly cinematic experiences, as well as international ‘pop-up’ film events.

Each month a specific theme, motif, director, or idea will be explored within the films that are screened. From Director Q&As and retrospectives, to themed culinary experiences and live music events, the Society aims to create a whole new approach to experiencing film.

THE SMALLS FILM FESTIVAL – Exclusive Berlin Screening

Thursday 11th October 2012 at THE WYE Skalitzer Strasse 86, 10997 Berlin

Tickets: €10