31. May – 2. June at the Zollverein world heritage site

It is a fine tradition that we present the C.A.R. Video-Lounge together with the C.A.R. media art fair. Next to works from participating galleries, our friends of Kroatien Kreativ and invited artists we will screen selected works from The 9th Berlin International Directors Lounge.

contemporary art ruhr (C.A.R.) is an innovative and dynamic fair format. Since 2006 C.A.R. comes two times a year, as a media art fair in summer, emphasizing video and media art, installations, performances, environmental sculptures, multimedia projects and contemporary photograpy. In autumn with a more classical art fair for contemporary art – C.A.R. . covers the entire spectrum of fine arts and their most important current influences.

C.A.R. Videolounge 2013

Katharina Merten DE Speaking In Tongues 2:34 2012

Beata Obst DE Stroboskop B 2:48

Wei-Ming Ho TW Self-Destruction For Eternity 6:26 2011

Cornelia Eichhorn FR Ved´Ma 14:00 2012

Julia Charlotte Richter DE You Hear Something 7:47 2011

Lucie Mercadal DE Hafenpfütze 4:21 2012

Kroatien Kreativ 2013 curated by Ingeborg Fülepp

Nadija Mustapic  HR An Afternoon Without Gravity 14:41

Marijan Crtalic HR

Directors Lounge Selection

Irina Birger NL Irina Birger Thinks Drawing Is Important 15:13 2010

Stefan Larsson JP  9 states of ambivalence 01:30 2012

Andre Chi Sing Yuen DE Sword-Sharpness of Expression 02:26 2012

Alessandro Amaducci  IT Black Data 04:05 2012

Michael Higgins IE The Poorhouse Revisited 15:00 2011

Valentina Besegher Scotti IT Try Hard Johnny! 04:11 2007

Roger Deutsch US Prelude 07:15 2011

Eleonora Manca IT I Sing the Body Electric Borderskin 03:49 2012

Fabio Scacchioli and Vincenzo Core IT Spectrography of a battle 03:42 2012

Stephen Dirkes US The Offering 05:23 2012

Shaun Roberts US Dear Texas Highways 11:13 2009

Bernd Luetzeler DE The Voice of God 09:35 2011

Ana Rodríguez León ES Memorais 07:00 2012

Reed O’Beirne US Last of Our Kind 13:19 2012

Alessio Rutigliano IT Six triptychs 06:55 2012

Maximilian Schmoetzer and Fabian Heitzhausen DE The Conversation 03:24 2012

Artists presented at the DL Booth


Mihai Grecu and Thibault Gleize RO Glucose 07:18 2012
Takahiro Suzuki US Horizon 06:38 2012
Keren Zaltz IL Cradle 01:49 2011
Céline Trouillet FR SONG N°15/20  05:21/4:12 2012
Alan Smithee Are You Afraid 2012 loop
Pedro Ferreira
PT Dance Dance Fire Dance 06:00 2012


Robert Carrithers US
Marijan Crtalic HR
Carola Goellner DE
Julia Murakami DE/JP
André Werner DE

Impressions from the C.A.R.

pictured: ““I can’t go back to yesterday because I was a different person then” by Julia Murakami, 2013 from the series “Once Upon A Time”, C-Print, Edition of 10, 6.7 x 9.6 inch (print) | 11.8 x 15.8 inch (framed), signed and dated on the front
© Julia Murakami

Miron Zownir (“Absturz”) with cast and crew, photo: Klaus W. Eisenlohr

photo: KT/DL

Festiwelt, photo:Klaus W. Eisenlohr

photo: KT/DL

Actor Birol Uenel (“Absturz”, “Gegen die Wand”), photo: KT/DL

John Sampson (Swimming) presenting Tricolour Sun, photo: KT/DL

More impressions from The 9th Berlin International Directors Lounge [DL9] here

The Groovy Dada Lounge Revisted, photo exhibition by Robert Carrithers at DL9, photo: JM/DL

Dim Locator, photo: JM/DL

Dim Locator, photo: KT/DL

Photographer and filmmaker Robert Carrithers, photo: Klaus W. Eisenlohr

Prague DJane Ida Taušlová, photo: Robert Carrithers

The Groovy Dada Lounge Revisited, photo exhibition by Robert Carrithers at DL9, photo: JM/DL

DJ Steve Morell, photo: Klaus W. Eisenlohr

photo: KT/DL

More impressions from The 9th Berlin International Directors Lounge [DL9] here

Team Directors Lounge, photo: Nadya Cazan

Andre Werner, Directors Lounge, photo: KT/DL

Usaginingen (Emi and Shinichi) and Eberhard Kranemann, photo: Usaginingen

photo: KT/DL

Bryan Konefsky (Experiments in Cinema), photo: KT/DL

Canadian filmmaker Matthew Lancit, photo: Klaus W. Eisenlohr

The Rathaus Ramblers, photo: Klaus W. Eisenlohr

Kenton Turk (Directors Lounge) and filmmaker Cathy Lee Crane (US), photo: Klaus W. Eisenlohr

Julia Murakami (Directors Lounge) and Oded Arad (Israel), photo: KT/DL

Many thanks to all participants, guests, friends and new friends, helping hands, like-minded idealists, sympathizers, weirdos and fellow festivals!! Keep in mind: Happiness is a warm projector, to quote Bryan Konefsky.

Till the next one!

Team DL

More impressions from The 9th Berlin International Directors Lounge [DL9] here


07.02.13 / Wednesday / Day 1


Directors Lounge, Number Nine. Nine years of genre-straddling cinematic and media art. Nine years of non-festival festival atmosphere, more circus than film space. Filmmakers and film-goers, without velvet barriers. The festival that provides the backdrop and erases the lines.

Exactly the concept. First and foremost cutting edge cinematic visions, but with the surrounding atmosphere as a good part of our jag. Shorts and features of every cut and dimension. Plus Q&A’s. And beyond the screen, singers, musicians, poets, VJ’s, DJ’s doing their respective things. More than simply a festival, more than simply a lounge.

No red carpets, but premieres aplenty, German, European or World. Plus the Festiwelt Party, a heady powwow of many thematic filmfests, jamming film folk of every stripe into every corner.

And here is Nine following Eight, not just chronologically, but bringing more colour and breadth. A kaleidoscope of fluidity without chaos, diversity without confusion. Myriad offerings from the worldwide Open Call. Creators, performers and viewers rubbing shoulders. Not where projects end, but where they begin. A unique safari into the terrain of cinematic and media-art wildlife.

Thurs 07 | doors open at 8pm

the complete program

CALL FOR ENTRIES forThe 9th Berlin International Directors Lounge [DL9] 2013

We invite all video artists and filmmakers to submit their works for next year’s Berlin International Directors Lounge. The 9th Berlin International Directors Lounge, the annual festival for contemporary media and film alongside the 63nd Berlinale, will take place from 7 -17th of February, 2013 at the Naherholung Sternchen in Berlin.

Again we will be screening a broad selection of films from all parts of the world and of any genre (video art, experimental video, animation, short movie, etc.), covering a wide range of artistic positions in the new media. Details will be revealed over time on our website. Stay tuned for a fine collection of cinematic tidbits.

Now it´s your turn to submit your film for The 9th Berlin International Directors Lounge. We welcome single works, compilations, concepts, lectures, any kind of input.


Deadline: 25th of December 2012

Open Call for Urban Research!
Submit your films addressing urban concerns!

Feel free to spread the news! 🙂

Team Directors Lounge