La Magique Noire: Movie Night at Platoon Kunsthalle 

Monday Nov. 19th 8pm

This will be the first of an ongoing row of collaborations with Platoon Kunsthalle. We will spice up the Movie Nights with assorted shorts from our archive.

This Movie Night combines  Bar25: Days out of Time by Britta Mischer, Nana Yuriko with La Magique Noire by Aloura M. Charles.

La Magique Noire
A tourist in 1930’s Paris wanders into La Magique Noire Café and finds himself in the company of a mysterious Mulatto woman. As they share absinthe, the tourist soon realizes things in this magical bar are not as they seem!
Starring Adam Johnson, Phyllis Johnson and Lia Johnson
Official Selection: Mill Valley Film Festival, Palm Springs Film Festival, Coney Island Film Festival

worlds away from society’s conventions and norms, Bar25 became the melting pot from which a truly Berlin culture emerged. fhe film follows the creators of Bar25, four young individuals whose freewheeling way of life, of music, individuality and never ending energy transforms a riverside wasteland into a fantasy land by the river Spree. but if the community’s life appears fulfilling from the outside, living it day after day isn’t easy. Bar 25 is a wonderland-night-and-day-club in Berlin, an enchanted adventure playground where adults become children again.

the film investigates the ambivalence of the community, of these so-called ‘business hippies’, questioning whether their form of living is valuable and authentic or if their hedonistic never-ending parties are a mere form of escapism.

Schoenhauser allee 9
10119 berlin . Germany

U2 to Senefelder Platz, walk south (2min)

U2, M8, Bus 142 to Rosa-Luxemburg-Platz, walk north (2min)

U8 to Rosenthaler Platz, walk east (6min)