FULL FRONTAL: Short Attack

Short Attack, the monthly selection of fine shorts by our friends at interfilm, will be screened Wednesday, 12th September 2012 at Babylon Berlin.

As always, you can expect a delicate selection including favs from Directors Lounge like Max Hattler´s iconic collision and David Downes poetic Generation.

Oleg Serdyuk, Ukraine 2012, Animation / Kurzspielfilm,2 min

Juan Pablo Zaramella, Argentinen 2011, Animation,6 min

Marion Szymczak, Emilien Davaud, Jérémy Mougel, Frankreich 2010, Animation,6 min

Max Hattler, Deutschland/England 2005, Animation,2:30 min

David Downes, Neuseeland 2004, Experimental,13 min

Lolo Zazar, Frankreich 1998, Stop Motion,8 min

Andrew Ruhemann, Shaun Tan, Australien 2010, Animation,15 min

Tomasz Baginski, Polen 2002, Animation,6:30 min

Alessandro Bavari, Italien 2010, Animation, 8:30 min

Evan Viera, USA 2011, Animation,11:30 min

BABYLON, Wednesday 12th September, 8pm
Rosa-Luxemburg-Platz, Berlin



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Kenton Turk: The Great Read-Out #1

The Great Heisenberg begins its series of “Great Read-Outs” with Kenton Turk, whose stories prove at turns tantalizing, tortured, touching and twisted. Here, seemingly average folks reveal extraordinary features, brains are turned inside out to reveal the inner workings, and some get what they deserve while others don’t. Or maybe do, depending on your take on things.

Details and German text after the jump

A Greek holiday ends in a hopeless and bizarre quest, a Siberian babushka is revealed to have a sinister core, a lacklustre guesthouse maid between the Wars turns out to be a touch too curious, a man cannot curb a voracious appetite that goes beyond food, what seems to be a baby is the subject of furtive gossipy speculation, and more. These stories will take you out there – but possibly not bring you back.

A cool thing to do. Sit back, sip a cognac or a coffee, a brandy or a beer, and let yourself get seduced into left field.

The Great Heisenberg, Schillerpromenade 11, Neukölln (U-Boddinstr. or U-Leinestr., also Bus 104 +167, stop: Herrfuhrtstr.). Thursday, August 30 at 8:00 pm, in English.

“Enthralling, original and deeply moving.” – Michael Roes, author of Rub’ al-Khali – Leeres Viertel, Die fünf Farben Schwarz, Die Laute, and other works.


The Great Heisenberg beginnt seine Reihe der “Great Read-Outs” mit Kenton Turk, dessen Geschichten sich im Wechsel als verlockend, verabscheuend, verwunderlich und verdreht erweisen.
Hier offenbaren scheinbar durchschnittliche Menschen außergewöhnliche Eigenschaften, Gehirne werden umgedreht, um das Innenleben zu zeigen, und einige bekommen was sie verdienen, während andere nicht. Oder doch, abhängig davon, wie man die Dinge sieht.

Ein Urlaub in Griechenland endet in einer hoffnungslosen und bizarren Suche; eine sibirische Babuschka enthüllt einen finsteren Kern; ein glanzloses Gästehaus-Dienstmädchen zwischen den Weltkriegen zeigt sich etwa zu neugierig; ein Mann kann einen unersättlichen Appetit, der übers Essen hinausgeht nicht bändigen; was ein Baby zu sein scheint ist das Thema heimlicher, geschwätziger Spekulation, und mehr.

Diese Geschichten werden dich dahin bringen – aber möglicherweise nicht zurück.

Eine ziemlich coole Sache. Lehne dich zurück, genieße einen Cognac oder einen Kaffee, einen Brandy oder ein Bier und lass dich in den heiteren Himmel verführen.

The Great Heisenberg, Schillerpromenade 11, Neukölln (U-Boddinstr. oder U-Leinestr. sowie Bus 104 + 167, Haltestelle: Herrfuhrtstr.). Donnerstag, den 30. August um 20:00, in englischer Sprache.

„Spannend, originell und zutiefst anrührend.“ – Michael Roes, Author von Rub’ al-Khali – Leeres Viertel, Die fünf Farben Schwarz, Die Laute, u.a.

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Berlin Film Society presents…

The Summer Edition of the world’s biggest pop-up film festival in one of Berlin’s best open-air cinemas:

On Saturday 14th July, the Berlin Film Society will host the world’s biggest pop-up film festival in one of Berlin’s best open-air cinemas, Freiluftkino Insel im Cassiopeia. The Summer Season of the Future Shorts Film Festival is an exciting mix of new, award-winning short films from around the world.

The program includes gems like Tampere Film Festival winner WE’LL BECOME OIL by Mihai Grecu, one of the audience darlings of this years 8th Berlin International Directors Lounge.

see you there


Pripyat — the Uncanny of Modernity

Thursday, 22 March 2012, 9pm, Z-Bar

One year after the Fukushima disaster and 26 years after the explosion of the Chernobyl reactor, the discussion on civil nuclear energy has again reached the “normality” of planning for new power plants. Over the same time, Pripyat the destroyed young Sowjet city, now situated in Ukraine, has gained an eerie attraction. Firstly presented in Freiburg DE, the collected films allow a discussion of the human imagination triggered by nuclear energy and nuclear disasters beyond excited press news.

Presented by Klaus W. Eisenlohr. The film program comprises films representing visions of the abandoned city of Pripyat by artists and documentary filmmakers, and imaginations of futures under the influence of “peaceful nuclear energy”.

Artists list:
Hanne Adam + Thierry Buysse,
Klaus W. Eisenlohr,
Gair Dunlop,
Andrea Slavik,
Vanessa Renwick,
Anders Weberg,
Sarah Breen Lovett,
Nicky Larkin,
Julio Soto

More infos at: richfilm

Bergstr. 2
D-10115 Berlin-Mitte

U-Rosenthaler Platz

DL: short cuts to Japan, Thursday 24th Nov. Z-Bar, Berlin

Directors Lounge presents experimental films all around Japan

We participated in this year´s 日本デ , the 10th Japan-Day in Duesseldorf, celebrating the 150 anniversary of Japanese-German diplomatic relations. 

DL: Short Cuts to Japan,  first screened during the Japan-Day at the Black Box cinema is dedicated to Japan in experimental cinema and video art. Films included cover a wide range of “Japans”, from fictional to historical to personal…

films by Ciro Altabás, Marina Chernikova, André Werner, Yukihiro Taguchi, Jean-Gabriel Périot, Matthew Dotson & Bart Woodstrop, Anders Weberg & Robert Willim, GUP-py, Kazuhiko Kobayashi, Akinori Okada & Masataka Ohta

curated by Julia Murakami

Thursday, 24 Nov. 2011 
21:00 / 9 p.m.
Bergstraße 2 
10115 Berlin-Mitte

pictured (above): Made In Japan by Ciro Altabás ES                                          pictured: Platform N1/Tokyo by Marina Chernikova NL

Ladybugs do not Dream
Directors Lounge Screening
Maru Ituarte and Ute Ströer

Thursday, 28 October 2010
Bergstr. 2
D-10115 Berlin-Mitte
U-Rosenthaler Platz

Ladybugs do not Dream
– Marienkäfer träumen nicht –

Two female filmmakers present their work at Z-Bar, the upcoming Directors Lounge screening. Both show a clear female point-of-view onto their subject without calling themselves feminists. Maru Ituarte, born in Monterrey, Mexico, has recorded and collected images of her surrounding with a critical view onto the violent, destructive and male-oriented aspects of a society that separates the male and female spheres at large. A found box of Hi-8 tapes, meant to be recorded over, became the source for a work called „Mexican Goulash“, which has a stunning similarity to a compilations of those self-obsessed clips to be found on Youtube in our days. It becomes the portrait of a certain part of the middle class.

Ute Ströer’s interest in film is based on her love for fairy tales and horror movies. The filmmaker meticulously works on the look of her images, strives for perfection in color and composition, and with her film characters she tries to achieve the largest band-with of expression and possible interpretation. The narrator we might have believed to hear exists only in the viewer’s head, the story we read only exists in fragments of symbols, a “Glasperlenspiel” of meanings.

Thus, as much as the aesthetic of the two artists may differ, they have much in common. Both invite, even seduce the viewer to follow onto a subjective journey of female perspective, when half-way on seemingly secure roads the viewer realizes, it’s their own imagination that has been triggered, their own story they have lived through, and actually, there is no such simple interpretation.

The artists will be present and available for Q&A.
(Curated by Klaus W. Eisenlohr)

video program
curated by Klaus W. Eisenlohr


Artists Links:


Daumenlutscherin     Ute Ströer    12:17
Schlafende Füchsin    Ute Ströer     15:07
La Metafisica Del Yoyo    Maru Ituarte    2:30
Reproduktion    Maru Ituarte     9:13
Hotel Rex    Maru Ituarte    3:06
Mexican Goulash    Maru Ituarte    9:55
Noa Noa Narko Tour    Maru Ituarte    5:01
Fleisch    Maru Ituarte     6:30
Phreak Show    Maru Ituarte    10:23
Matrijoschka    Ute Ströer     7:33

Directors Lounge presents:

The Destructive Power of Happiness
Video and Film Works by
Thursday, 23 September 2010

Bergstraße 2
10115 Berlin-Mitte

Riccardo Iacono, London-based artist and filmmaker, presents a selection of films and video from three different bodies of work: abstract videos, hand-painted films and performance tapes (produced between 1993-2007).

“I like the destructive power of fire”, a friend stated to Riccardo. It became the source for the title of the show in Berlin. Riccardo’s fire might be his anarchistic disposition to destroy static concepts. However, he does not avoid the pains, the exhaustive efforts it takes to make art from “happiness”.

In his process of working with film, the painted film became the silent musical score for the making, the re-photographing of the film. By means of an optical printer, he developed a way to have light reflected from the 3-dimensional surface of the paint, while at the same time still illuminating it from the backside. Although such animation techniques usually are tedious work, Riccardo already tried to achieve some immediacy while printing film to film. This urge for directness, and a need for improvisation and contact with people have possibly let to his more recent body of work: “Shooqui”. The whole series of videos, which involves throwing peas or clothes, is the opposite of camera-less film. The artist holds the camera, aiming and tracking the prospective trajectory of the object being thrown by his other hand. The body connection between holding and throwing leads to a compulsive and circular movement of the camera when throwing larger objects. “It is almost like the recoil action of a gun upon firing.”
(Curated by Klaus W. Eisenlohr)

From Memory 1994-2003 16mm, colour silent 15.00
Open 1994/2003 16mm optical sound 2.30
Fuzzy Lover 2003 16mm B/W silent 2.10
Pea Video 2006 DV colour Stereo 2.00
More Light 2004 DV colour Stereo 4.55
Recess 2007 DV colour stereo 1:00
P-Sample 1 2006 DV colour Stereo 2:45
Play 2001 DV colour stereo 3:50
The Electric Garden 2004 DV colour Stereo 5.55
Radiator 1994 DV colour stereo 4:15
Roadside Mix 2006 DV Colour stereo 1:31
Cold Tape 2000 DV colour stereo 1.11
Kinky 2006 DV Colour stereo 1:45
Walk 2001 DV Colour stereo 3:30
A Lecture In Throwing A Pea 2006 DV colour Stereo 1.00
Universe Energies Sustain Us 2002 DV colour Stereo 14.00
Elephant 2007 DV colour Stereo 7:30


Detailed program info:


spectres of light
film works by
jari Haanperän

Friday, 13 August 2010

Galerie Meinblau
Christinenstr. 18/19
D-10119 Berlin-Prenzlauer Berg
U-Senefelder Platz

Jari Haanperän
Film Works

Jari Haanperän lives in Berlin and together with Mirka Flander, his producer, he is running the gallery Suomesta. With his installations, Jari Haanperän takes up and further develops the idea of the Light Space Modulator by Laszlo Moholy-Nagy. Although Jari’s film works on the other hand appear very different to the abstract spirituality of Moholy-Nagy’s light machine, the two constituting elements seem to be the constant source of inspiration for artist and filmmaker Haanperän: light and the spirited machine. However with Jari, these elements seem to evoke their opponents: darkness, which is needed for the effects of light, or lumen, and the darker forces.

Maybe, in order to deal with darkness and those darker forces, we also need storytelling, dark humour and irony. At least, this is what Jari Haaperän is doing in his film works: he tells short stories. In several of Jari’s films, the story goes back to the mechanical age: “The Turkish Chess Machine” refers to the famous “Schachtürke”, a mechanical Robot made in Austria in 1769. In “Kalavalo”, on the other hand, the artist gives a surrealist vision of the first deep-sea exploration undertaken in a spherical steel box by biologist Charles William Beebe in 1930. This saying, don’t we see the mechanical age as the succeeding period of enlightenment?

In his most recent film work, the documentary “World of Light”, however, there may be the hint for a turning point: Although the images all show images of dark spaces lit by multitudes of lights, in the narration a different idea emanates: what, if there will be too to many lights, too much light? Could it then be, that the future spectres will no more live in darkness but lie in light overflow, in over-lightenment? Like Jari, we still love the dark caves of cinema. (Curated by Klaus W. Eisenlohr)

• Indoor Light
• The Dark Side of the Car
• The Turkish Chess Machine/Die Turkische Schachmaschine
• Bang
• World of Light

Artist Link:
Link  http://www.jarihaanpera.com/
More Programme Details
Link  http://www.richfilm.de/filmUpload/1-framesJHaanperan.html
Gallery Meinblau
Link  http://www.meinblau.de

a programme of artists moving image curated by Kerry Baldry

This touring programme is the forth in the series, an eclectic range of moving image with formats such as 16mm film, Super 8, video, stopframe animation, superimposition, all constrained by a time limit of one minute.

One Minute Volume 4 includes work by:
Katharine Meynell, Jonathan Moss, Eva Rudlinger, Chris Meigh Andrews, Martin Pickles, Gordon Dawson, Sam Renseiw and Philip Sanderson, Tony Hill, Laure Prouvost, Stuart Moore and Kayla Parker, Kerry Baldry, Alex Pearl, Steven Ball, Anahita Razmi, Kate Jessop, Bob Levene, Erica Scourti, Elizabeth Hobbs, Liam Wells, Claire Morales, Michael Cousin, Tina Keane,Virginia Hilyard, Riccardo Iacono, Fil Ieropoulos, Marty St. James , James Snazell, Stuart Pound, Richard Tuohy, Simon Payne, Tansy Spinks, Louisa Minkin, Zhel Vukicevic, Leister/Harris, Nicki Rolls, Nick Herbert, Daniela Butsch, Michael Szpakowski, David Kefford, Cate Elwes.

Fri June 4th, Meinblau, Pfefferberg

doors open at 8pm, screening starts at 9pm

please be on time

pic using a still of Cloud Mime by Gordon Dawson

our May screening, Fri 7th at the Meinblau.

Friends & Lovers, curated by Alexei Dmitriev and Andre Werner is a shameless biased selection of personal favorites. “There is a bunch of folks who’s films we find great and whom we then met in person and found them great too. It’s a gang. It’s a family. That’s what “Friends & Lovers” are about.” A. D.

Featuring Usama Alshaibi, Thorsten Fleisch, Masha Godovannaya, Jean-Gabriel Periot, Keith Sanborn and Zhen Chen Liu, just to name a few.

The screening will be followed by an audiovisual concert of Bedroom Bear.

Bedroom Bear — a solo project of Sergei Dmitriev — dreamy and thoughtful
new new age made with only hardware devices from Saint Petersburg, Russia.
Combining psych folk aesthetics with melodious lo-fi, he recreates the
scent of Karelian forests.

Fri May 7th, Meinblau, Pfefferberg

doors open at 8pm, screening starts at 9pm

please be on time

photo: Sergei Dmitriev