The opening of the 29th International Short Film Festival Berlin at the Volksbühne theatre is a spectacular kick-off to five fabulous festival days!

In the presence of international filmmakers and industry prominence, interfilm will present a teasing selection of films from many of their 50 festival programmes as well as highlight the cinematic focuses of the week.

Host Adrian Kennedy will guide through the evening, joined by electro band Madlick.

Afterwards, everyone’s invited to raise their glasses to the festival and dance to DJ 2RadMechaniker at Roter salon.

Here’s to a brilliant festival!

pictured: Heinz Hermanns, head of Interfilm rocking the house at last years opening ceremony

FULL FRONTAL: Short Attack

Short Attack, the monthly selection of fine shorts by our friends at interfilm, will be screened Wednesday, 12th September 2012 at Babylon Berlin.

As always, you can expect a delicate selection including favs from Directors Lounge like Max Hattler´s iconic collision and David Downes poetic Generation.

Oleg Serdyuk, Ukraine 2012, Animation / Kurzspielfilm,2 min

Juan Pablo Zaramella, Argentinen 2011, Animation,6 min

Marion Szymczak, Emilien Davaud, Jérémy Mougel, Frankreich 2010, Animation,6 min

Max Hattler, Deutschland/England 2005, Animation,2:30 min

David Downes, Neuseeland 2004, Experimental,13 min

Lolo Zazar, Frankreich 1998, Stop Motion,8 min

Andrew Ruhemann, Shaun Tan, Australien 2010, Animation,15 min

Tomasz Baginski, Polen 2002, Animation,6:30 min

Alessandro Bavari, Italien 2010, Animation, 8:30 min

Evan Viera, USA 2011, Animation,11:30 min

BABYLON, Wednesday 12th September, 8pm
Rosa-Luxemburg-Platz, Berlin


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preview: confrontations at Interfilm

In this 11th edition of the International Competition Confrontations, expect to see another memorable compilation that unites themes of social and world political importance in three programmes of extraordinary short fiction films and animations. Social injustice, intolerance, violence, war, exploitation and migration are just some of the themes that confront us every day in the media. Despite, or perhaps because of the constant onslaught of these and other complex topics, they run the risk of becoming outworn expressions that conceal the real consequences facing the individual.

The aim of the Confrontations competition is to fill these empty phrases with stories that convey a sense of relatedness, confront us with their authenticity and call for our empathy. Themes explored in this year’s programmes include people on the margins of society, everyday heroes, border crossers, refugees and those whose lives are dominated by external influences.

We’re pleased to announce that this year’s Confrontations Competition is supported by the Foundation “Remembrance, Responsibility and Future”.

Well-known Iranian director, Jafar Panahi, whose second-last film The Accordion will be shown in Confrontations, has been banned from his profession for 20 years and sentenced to 6 years imprisonment. This was confirmed by the Iranian government shortly before going to press. We vehemently condemn the fact that the work of an independent filmmaker can lead to the total loss of his/her freedom.

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