Whisper Rapture: A Bonfire Madigan Suite

by Ken Paul Rosenthal

A cinematic symphony featuring new vocal & cello compositions by Bonfire Madigan Shive, visualized by filmmaker Ken Paul Rosenthal.

It takes many notes to make a song, and many images to make a film. Only when each element gathers around a common vision, can something compelling and beautiful be produced. 
Thanks to many of you, the poetic documentary film, Whisper Rapture: A Bonfire Madigan Suite, is well on its way towards meeting their Kickstarter pledge goal. But with just 10 days left in our campaign, we’re not quite there yet! For a humble $25 pledge, you can own a DVD of this cinematic rhapsody.
Madigan and Ken have presented social justice themed art and activism to many, many thousands of you over the years in all kinds of venues, from small clubs to concert halls, art centers to movie theatres, and college campuses to peer support-recovery communities. 

Please help them to continue making the soulful, transformative work we’ve enjoyed all these years.

B-day video-gift from Italy: Fabio Scacchioli and Vincenzo Core just sent us a sneak peek at their next work … Molto grazie!

Greetings from Canada: Filmmaker Brandon Cronenberg congratulating DLX for the 10th edition. Thanks Brandon!

Christmas morning through the eyes of a few of our favourite film directors.

Happy Holidays from Team DL!

Mix made by Fourgrounds Media Inc. and Suitcase in Point Theatre Company.