It’s the final countdown

O gentle doves, O turtle-doves,
And all the birds that be,
The lentils that in ashes lie
Come and pick up for me!
The good must be put in the dish,
The bad you may eat if you wish.

Jacob and Wilhelm Grimm, Cinderella

Here at the Directors Lounge headquarter are we all slated for crashville, still struggling with the fine-tuning of this year´s program. Please understand that we are unable to answer all your mails while we noodle it out. 🙂

Good news for all of you with iPads, iPhones or anything smart and android.

Directors Lounge on currents is a snazzy way to read all about DL on anything slim and shiny.
You can now star stories to save them to look at later, stories have read / unread indicators, everything is neatly organized, magazine, program, all is included and remains offline.

Go here to subscribe (You need to have currents installed). Works on iPad, iPhone and Android. Of course everything is free.


Finally there is a reason to have one of these flat and black gadgets 🙂

Just to give you some more time. 🙂

Well, you asked for it and we are listening: Due to popular demand we are accepting submissions for The 9th Berlin International Directors Lounge till 25th of December!

Please note: logins to upload films will be sent out, a bunch at a time. Due to the high volume of submissions you may have to wait several days.

Please understand that we do not confirm every single film we receive. If your work is missing, we will get in touch with you.

The Very Best Movies

The very best movies are not those by an astounding director, or those with a fascinating actor.
The real cult films are not only defined by their fantastic team or a great cast, they are legendary due to all the details that make a movie. A strong atmosphere, a mesmerizing score, surprising sidelines, interwoven stories, cool dialogues, a fine line-up from the leading actors to the extras, all combined in a way that makes you want to see this movie over and over again.

[DL8] was such a movie.
But it would have been nothing without all of you, who became part of this wonderful film.

Thanks a lot
Your Team DL