Everything will be fine in the end!

You submitted your movie and now you are desperately waiting for your login to upload?
Relax. Everyone who submitted through ftp will get a login. Due to the huge amount of submissions this may take some time but no one will get lost. Promised 🙂

cinegraph from Shining (1980) by iwdrm

We will participate in this year´s 日本デ the Japan-Day in Duesseldorf, Oct. 15th.

A screening at the Blackbox cinema will be dedicated to Japan in experimental cinema and video art. Films included will cover a wide range of Japans, from fictional to historical to personal….

We are currently curating the final program, if you think you should be included, let us know (and submit). Screening time is limited, we will focus on works that does not exceed 10 min. running time. Deadline: July, 12th 2011

pictured: Julia Murakami, After taking a picture of you, Ichiro went to the Karaoke bar, 2010

oil on canvas, 11.81” x 11.81” | oel auf leinwand 30 x 30 cm