Ladybugs do not Dream
Directors Lounge Screening
Maru Ituarte and Ute Ströer

Thursday, 28 October 2010
Bergstr. 2
D-10115 Berlin-Mitte
U-Rosenthaler Platz

Ladybugs do not Dream
– Marienkäfer träumen nicht –

Two female filmmakers present their work at Z-Bar, the upcoming Directors Lounge screening. Both show a clear female point-of-view onto their subject without calling themselves feminists. Maru Ituarte, born in Monterrey, Mexico, has recorded and collected images of her surrounding with a critical view onto the violent, destructive and male-oriented aspects of a society that separates the male and female spheres at large. A found box of Hi-8 tapes, meant to be recorded over, became the source for a work called „Mexican Goulash“, which has a stunning similarity to a compilations of those self-obsessed clips to be found on Youtube in our days. It becomes the portrait of a certain part of the middle class.

Ute Ströer’s interest in film is based on her love for fairy tales and horror movies. The filmmaker meticulously works on the look of her images, strives for perfection in color and composition, and with her film characters she tries to achieve the largest band-with of expression and possible interpretation. The narrator we might have believed to hear exists only in the viewer’s head, the story we read only exists in fragments of symbols, a “Glasperlenspiel” of meanings.

Thus, as much as the aesthetic of the two artists may differ, they have much in common. Both invite, even seduce the viewer to follow onto a subjective journey of female perspective, when half-way on seemingly secure roads the viewer realizes, it’s their own imagination that has been triggered, their own story they have lived through, and actually, there is no such simple interpretation.

The artists will be present and available for Q&A.
(Curated by Klaus W. Eisenlohr)

video program
curated by Klaus W. Eisenlohr

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Daumenlutscherin     Ute Ströer    12:17
Schlafende Füchsin    Ute Ströer     15:07
La Metafisica Del Yoyo    Maru Ituarte    2:30
Reproduktion    Maru Ituarte     9:13
Hotel Rex    Maru Ituarte    3:06
Mexican Goulash    Maru Ituarte    9:55
Noa Noa Narko Tour    Maru Ituarte    5:01
Fleisch    Maru Ituarte     6:30
Phreak Show    Maru Ituarte    10:23
Matrijoschka    Ute Ströer     7:33