shown as part of kaleidoscope

Beautifully animated and edited, this piece is a sharp little gem that is the platinum standard for the short film genre. This visually striking work that miraculously manages not to overshadow the urgency of its subject matter is not to be missed. An effort that should generate a great deal of interest in environmental circles, as well as a solid place in the cinematic firmament.

-Angela Turk

Bruce Knox DE Danger Global Warming 7min 3s 2010 (world premiere)


shown as part of three stories

A heart-stopping look into the sex-trafficking industry and purveyors of the flesh trade. A seven-week pregnancy introduces a crisis for both procurer and victim as the story unfolds, peeling back layers of a very undocumented and under-examined criminal environment. Brown’s ability to pull the viewer into an emotional vice grip in such time-constrained parameters is a testimony to some very sure-footed filmmaking. A shining effort.

-Angela Turk

Rob Brown GB Echoes 11min 38s 2009

Sat 19th 10:30pm


about Maddin 

It could be said that Guy Maddin’s films are rather like a fitful dreamer – tossing and turning in a restless search for “the truth uninhibited” as seen through melodrama. The man and his work(s) remain a gripping study of contradictions; gentle, yet bold, naked, yet stubbornly private, at once elusive, yet startlingly personal. When asked about what moved him to make Sissy Boy Slap Party, he cryptically and without a trace of sauciness replied “I was lonely.”
Best known for his homage to his birthplace My Winnipeg and for his uncompromising fidelity to the Hollywood studio system visuals of the 1920s & 30s, the master himself has carved out a place with the cinematic faithful as compelling as his beautifully crafted fables.
A “primitive” by his own description, Maddin doles out dollops of humour even as his works display a strain of melancholia. His heartfelt longing co-mingled with a naughty child’s joy in acting out makes him one of the very select few genuinely exciting filmmakers to have come along in recent memory. Watch and feel his night sweats stamped upon your being.

-Angela Turk.

about the program    

Guy Maddin, Canadian Filmmaker and juror at this year’s Berlinale, will be the subject of BEYOND THE ATELIER TOVAR. A screening with Maddin’s own personal selection of his short films. This program will be complemented by readings by Kenton Turk.   

 The musings, frustrations, visions and rants of the doyen of off-limits cinema Guy Maddin, with a film selection compiled by the filmmaker himself, delivered personally to Berlin for the Directors Lounge. Thank you, Guy!

Die Träumereien, Frustrationen, Visionen and Hetztiraden des Doyens des Tabu-Kinos Guy Maddin, mit einer Filmauswahl vom Filmemacher selbst zusammengestellt und zur Directors Lounge nach Berlin gebracht. Danke, Guy!