Mon 14th 10pm

four films featuring two people on their way

Anastasia Danilova RU Godo 2 min 18s 2009 silent
Alain Deymier ES Les Rideaux Rouges, 2011, 34 min world premiere
Zhou Quan CN Whereabouts, 2010, 30 min
Hendrick Dusollier FR Babel, 2010, 15 min 

Alain Deymier ES Les Rideaux Rouges, 2011

An Oedipus without a complex: Jose, a young man and an orphan, and Pablo, a boy of 13, flee the city, under threat and condemned to drift. Jose, who has to solve the mystery of his identity – Who am I? Who is my mother? is going to have to enter the adult world and set off to find his destiny through a long, solitary dialogue with nature and the rhythms of the world. A film that provides a contemporary vision of an ancestral myth.

Alain Deymier, born in France, lives and works in Spain. Reputed photographer, he has thrown many exhibition though out the World. Since a few years, he developed a deep interest for the cinema and firstly started directing and producing short films. Les Rideaux Rouges will be screened in world premiere.

Zhou Quan CN Whereabouts, 2010

Whereabouts is Zhou Quan’s debut Chinese film. The film is adapted from Li Ya’s original stage script “The Missing Condom”, taking place in China’s metropolis Shanghai, and focus on “Xiaozi” (Petite Bourgeoisie). The story depicts the situation of young generation’s urban life and their values of love and marriage. An intimate story of two people, set against the stunning Shanghai cityscapes.

Hendrick Dusollier FR Babel, 2010

From the celestian mountains to the peak of Shanghai’s towers, two young peasants leave their village to get to the metropolis.

Total running time: 82 min