Fri 18th 6pm

still from Hibernation, Hibertalk 

| Walden Kunstausstellungen shows Videos of Josephin Böttger (DE)

in attendance of Josephin Böttger 

Josephin Boettger, video artist, lives and works in Hamburg/Germany. Between 1995 and 2002 she produced various short films such as experimental and drawn animation films, shown on international shortfilmfestivals. Since her diploma at the HfbK (visual communication) in Hamburg 2002, she works on 3-6 channel videoinstallations and single-channel videos, shown at numerous international solo and collective exhibitions.
Screenings with the project “video graffitti/mobile projection in public space” 2007 in Manhattan (NY) and Basel (CH), 2008 and 2009 in Hamburg (DE).

In the program:

Introloop: “Trust and Try” 7min 50s 2005

“Hibernation, Hibertalk” 10min 50s 2006

Hibernation Hibertalk draws the viewer into the inner ear of our most intimate narratives, the sequences of fragmented imagery strung together and emitted while we sleep.Busy mental processes extracted as inconclusive writing on the wall, a palimpsestic hubbub of swirling graffiti and scribbles.
The protagonists are depicted as sleepwalkers meandering through collapsing gameboy architecture, cohabiting modernistic primeval forests with a brown bear which might or might not be a nocturnal alter ego, or are seen as urban campers waking up to oddly unperturbing helter-skelter nightmares of subconscious demolition. Scientists in white coats wander in and out of dreamt laboratories, dissecting brains to unleash cranioscopic graphic energy.
Overall, the varying rhythms and the bubbling, composite soundtrack of noises and voices creates a mesmeric kaleidoscope of sensory activity, a literally endless narrative of the same bits and pieces of subterranean junk we concoct every time we tumble into sleep, collectively or individually.

Matthew Partridge, September 2006 (extract of the text)

“Ninety Degrees” 7min 50s 2007

“Trapez II"  6min 22s 2009

still from Hibernation, Hibertalk

Trapez is the cinematic observation of a growing building site. The reality of construction and deconstruction is distorted by drawn elements and accelerated by a rhythmic luminosity.
Using time-laps photography, the documentary of work, demolition and construction becomes an homage to the urban absurdity.

(accompanied by corresponding short videos)

Fri 18th 8pm

Mark Maxwell Naturaleza Muerta – (Still – Life) 29 min 2011 world premiere

The story of a soldier of the International Brigades fighting in Spain against Fascism.

A common theme in Mark Maxwell’s work is the transformation of materials and their intrinsic physical qualities and characteristics, which are hidden to the human eye. His practice encompasses several mediums including mixed-media installations, videoworks and paintings.

Chiara Ambrosio The Crossing

Chiara Ambrosio is a visual artist working with video and animation.

Her work is an exploration into ideas of memory, loss and illusion through the use of animation, photography and video installation, deeply rooted in the surreal, absurdist world of Czech and Eastern European animation and literature.

Chiara Ambrosio The Crossing    3min 31s 
Chiara Ambrosio Whale 4 min 52s
Mark Maxwell   29 min 2011
Chiara Ambrosio    Charon 12 min 16s Musical score Michael Nyman

total running time: 50 min

in cooperation with Myriam Blundell__Projects

FRI 18th 9pm

MUSE | Massimo Salvato GB  2010  | European Premiere

In attendance of Massimo Salvato (director), Julia Krynke (lead actress, Ludmilla), Adam Harvey (Co-producer and composer), Rich Swingle cinematographer), Alastair Scott (executive producer, TankSchool) and Robin Mitchell (photographer)

Ludmilla is a force of nature driven on a voyage of discovery by the ghost of her grandfather as she seduces and spell-bounds two writers to secrete the essence of their genius, which she taps and distills to create a voice that manifests in the novel, Muse.


Massimo Salvato GB Muse 19min 43s 2010

exact screening time might be subject to change

Fri 18th 9:45pm

Una Hamilton Helle NO Nekrosus 03 min 58s 2010

Clement Page GB Hold Your Breath 17 min 2010

Maria Niro Torso 2 min 39s 2011 (pictured) World Premiere

Fri 18th 10:30pm

A Donald Harding  UK   MLK   5mins 20s 2010
Muriel Montini FR A Cold Place 4 min 2010
Gunter Deller DE Riverrun and Touchdown     7 min 40s 2009
Heidi Neubauer-Winterburn US/FR    Detour 35s 2010
Ron Diorio US Winter Wind  3 min 1s 2009
Joas Sebastian Nebe DE Expectations No.3  1min 29s 2010 (pictured)
Sally Grizzell    Larson     US    Axiom    1 min 30s    2010
Heidi Neubauer-Winterburn US/FR    Israeli Pamplemousse 2 min 27s 2010
Mikhail Lylov  Springtime & Communism 8 min 44s 2010
Maria Niro  US  Glitch Telemetry  ca 3 min  2010
Sylvia Schedelbauer  DE false friends  6 min 30s 2007

Ken Paul Rosenthal US Crooked Beauty, 2010, 30 min