Sat 11 | 7:30pm

pictured: Soft by Simon Ellis

in attendance of Simon Ellis, presented by Kenton Turk

DL has a real treat this year in the person of Simon Ellis, who started making waves long before his short “Soft” won both the International Jury Prize at Sundance as well as the British Independent Film Award (not to mention some 35 more!). He has taken on offbeat terrain as a feature filmmaker and intrigued many with his own visual language and story-telling mode. Definitely one of the top young movers and shakers today in his preferred short film format. We will be showing two blocks spanning his broad range of experimentation and mastery, and he will be making the trip to Berlin to be on hand at [DL8] and illuminate the audience personally. Thirteen short films, selected by Simon himself –  with of course the unsettling “Soft” as part of the program.

pictured: Binaural Swimming (beach) by Simon Ellis

Telling Lies 4 min 20s
What About The Bodies 7 min
What The 7 min
Jam Today 15 min
Soft 15 min

48 min

Thousand  4 min 20s
Bass Invaders  5 min
A Storm And Some Snow 3 min
Dying Backwards 2 min
Subterranean Scene Filter 3 min
Where Is My Mind 4 min
Mining For Diamonds 4 min | World Premiere
Binaural Swimming (beach) 17 min | World Premiere

42 min