Still from Starfish by Nina Hartmann. Presented in world premiere by Directors Lounge at Walden art exhibitions, Berlin as part of Infected Reality.

Infected Reality | DL at Walden

A three-part cooperation with Walden Art Exhibitions.

Finally, we are sneaking back into the real world with some special presentations during Infected Reality, conceived  by WK+, the Walden Kunstaustellungen gallery.
Infected Reality shows 7 projects with media art from Berlin, Hong Kong, Istanbul, Kiel and Vienna at weekly intervals. … read more

Elle Burchill, F.Y.S.

Richard O’Sullivan, Fragments of the Los Angeles River

The Urban Research Loop Program is shown on different screens and different days, each. On request, it is also possible to set certain films up on screen.

part 1:

Anna Staffel DE Documenta 12 13min 23sec 2009

Ashley Pigford US Providence 3min 04sec 2007

Chris Henschke AU Walls of Berlin 1min 00sec 2010

Christina McPhee US Tesserae-Yellow Tahiti Substation Foods 4 Less 3min 48sec 2009

Elham Rokni IL Drive! 1min 32sec 2008

Elle Burchill US F.Y.S. 7min 36sec 2007

Ivar Smedstad NO mekanisk<->organisk 5min 06sec 2009

Katerie Gladdys US Stroller Flaneur 4min 00sec 2009

Konstantinos-Antonios Goutos DE after caspar david friedrich  8min 14sec 2007

Marina Chernikova NL Urban Surfing  03min 10sec 2007

Pablo Useros ES Found People Movements – Descend, 5 Nov Plaza Castilla, The Human Race 11min 00sec 2009

Pablo Useros ES Found People Movements –The Human Race 11min 00sec 2009

Pablo Useros ES Found People Movements –5 Nov Plaza Castilla 11min 00sec 2009

Paul Clipson US CHORUS 7min 00sec 2009

Pierre Yves Clouin Fr Crossing 1min 13sec 2008

Rinat Edelstein IL long distances 13min 38sec 2007

Sari Carel US Olive Glove 8min 10sec 2009

Wilfried Agricola de Cologne DE Radio Flyer 5min 20sec 2009

Wilfried Agricola de Cologne DE Urban.early sunday morning_raw 4min 30sec 2007

part 2:

Adam Kossoff UK Not Our Darkness 25min 05sec 2009

Arne Bunk DE bühne:wolfsburg 15min 00sec 2009

Felix Lenz DE “What is a Minute, Lumère?” 48min 00sec 2009

Lothar Schuster DE Fensterblicke 30min 00sec 2009

Michael Schuwerk US Happiness is the Right Choice 13min 51sec 2009

Richard O’Sullivan  UK Fragments of the Los Angeles River 46min 00sec 2009

Simon Tarr US Giri Chit 14min 21sec 2009

David Gunn / Guillermo Brown UK Open Cities / Porto (excerpt) 06min 00sec 2009

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