Directors Lounge will participate with selected video works in the c.a.r. network event at the GalleryJinsun in Seoul, 17 – 26 June 2016 

Video/installation works by international media artists. A program curated by Julia Murakami for the c.a.r. network event at the GalleryJinsun.

Participating artists:


Wuttin Chansataboot, Thailand „16 X 9 Capsule“ 06:43, 2014

“16×9 Capsule” shows fragments of time and incidents taking place at particular locations around Bangkok. Camera observed different situations in various conditions, ranging from trivial moments in a ordinary day to crucial circumstances in political history of Thailand. Metaphorically, each place used as background in the video is defined as a receptacle of temporal matters, exploring a Buddhist concept saying that everything keeps rising, standing and cessation. They eternally and inevitably change. Only memory remains as an evidence of their existence.


AUJIK, Japan “Plasticity Unfolding“ 05:00, 2014

‘Plasticity Unfolding’ is based upon an interview between AUJIK member Mana and her ADI (Artificial Deep Intelligence) entity KIIA. KIIA is constructed as an autonomous flexible neural network with vast recursive self improvement abilities. KIIA lacks a physical body, but has created self-awareness emerging from its surroundings and anomalous pattern recognition.

Mana asks KIIA if it visualizes itself. KIIA explains that its core is a self evolved limbic system which has a far more complex sentiment system than humans. It is capable of generating emotions and sensations that have never been perceived before. KIIA imagines its limbic system to be resting on a river bed that functions as its nerve system and consciousness simultaneously. KIIA continuously cultivates its system. ‘Plasticity Unfolding’ is an attempt to illustrate this appearance.


AUJIK, Japan „Impermanence Trajectory: stained seed“ 06:02, 2013

AUJIK‘s visual manifestation ‚impermanence trajectory: stained seed‘ is based on the ideas of computational dialectics. It employs and illustrates dialectical values, which express concepts and phenomena in terms of conflict, contradiction, opposition and difference. It consists of two subjects: agent X and agent Y. Each subject is exposed to eight different emotional inputs that determine a value. These values are in turn influenced by four different forces. These forces either combine or divide the emotional values, which leads to unpredictable results, depending on the agent’s previous state, his environment, and the state of the other agent.

The trajectory starts in an initial state where the two agents each plant a seed. The seed grows according to the emotional states of the agent and the impact of the forces. During the evolution of the seed, the tree – which represents the object – also changes its form and gradually blossoms before it collapses due to a self-inflicted virus. The virus generates a portal system that creates yet another realm of emotions and consciousness and allows the agents to restart and readjust the process by optimizing their cognitive and emotional parameters.

The agents’ emotional states are visualized by their heads, which are symmetric and reminiscent of a Rorschach test. The different values and forces can be seen at the lower sides of the picture. The agents themselves can be described as variables and algorithms as they are used in computer code for developing artificial general intelligence. By applying their emotional states to a dialectical form (thesis, anti-thesis & synthesis), they improve their emotional parameters in order to attain an impermanent perfection.

Inspired by the article ‚Computational Dialectics for Arguing Agents‘ by Professor Hajime Sawamura, Niigata University. Music specially composed by Mira Calix featuring cellist Oliver Coates.


APOTROPIA, Italy “Echoes of a Forgotten Embrace”, 2016

“Echoes of a Forgotten Embrace“ takes inspiration from the concept of emotional memory, depicting the encounter of two lovers in a liminal dimension, a place where movements preserve the memory of the past and create a synthesis of the entire action. The work has been created with a mix of body projection, light painting, real time randomization and animation techniques.


APOTROPIA, Italy “Sense of Place”, 2015

The term “sense of place” may describe both an arrangement of features that makes a place unique and the sensation and perception of place as experienced by the living bodies that belong to it. The body is our general medium for having a world and our relationship to space is inevitably connected with culture and shaped by the kind of bodies we have.

“Echoes of a Forgotten Embrace“ and “Sense of Place“ are both chapters that constitute DROP, a project divided into several autonomous works focusing on the dialectical relationship between the concept of Infinity and Control as a fundamental issue of human nature.


André Werner, Germany “Yeosu Mandalas”, 2014

“The Yeosu Mandalas“ are three silent video loops: necessity | community | territory. Based on a closed-circuit installation of a camera interacting with a black and white tv-set. A small piece of overhead sheet with the word necessity, community or territory printed triggers the corresponding mandala.

Created for and shown first at the 5th. Yeosu International Art Festival, a biennial event at various locations of the town Yeosu in South Korea.

About Directors Lounge

Directors Lounge, contemporary art and media, is a Berlin based media platform, presenting a cloud of different, independent curated projects and a wide variety of short, experimental works from many different genres.

Is that a man. He walks through years like a cat burglar creeps on rooftops, leaving nothing to hang him on a nail for, just a wry smile in the dark and a  milestone with clock-like regularity. He tips his hat and we tip ours…

Happy Birthday André from all of Directors Lounge!

Where are we going to? Videoart on the City phenomenon.

Video, discussion, reading, workshop, music and more on different forms and times of social presence and future in the City.

The project is a collaboration with Directors Lounge Berlin

Although the first part of the title that is borrowed by Gauguin and shimmers between pathos and esoteric for today’s eyes, ironically treats the idea to be able to give real answers to this question, but we believe that we can counterpoint it with Willy Brandt: The best way to predict the future is to shape it.

Especially in Dresden within the urban population trenches of incomprehension have been breaking open again about essential future issues. These preclude a bitter required lived and wider civically culture of discourse. Other areas of development, such as imagined future technical or scientific innovations, will not directly be subject of the project, but surely in their intended impacts on the life and work of urban society.

Because of the flexibility and relevance of the medium video works mainly of recent times on the current status and anticipated future developments of urban civil societies will be shown. Tensions will not only be addressed and discussed in the exhibition but in the whole programme. These result from a bondage by the past, from restrictions imposed by the capitalist system or from an individual or cross immobility on the one hand and the unalterable changes, the attempts to form them as a subject, the advent of new and unfamiliar on the other hand.

Distinguishing from purely political statements the project will deal with art, that means openness, indecipherable things, curiosity. The transitions between art and political commitment as well as social intervention by artists are fluent not only in today’s art scene. Of course, it always comes to the great and all. But since the civic dispute revolves not only around the principles of cooperation, but more often to everyday and small mosaic of coexistence, the big issues will also be treated in the artistic contributions that are often based on supposedly minor elements that make up the city and urban society: the kind of movements in the city, nightlife or graffiti, resistance, moral cowardice and intermediate stages, theatre, music, houses, brownfields or gardens. The city as a stage for its inhabitants, for those of the environment, for their guests. The city as a place of work, progress, science. It’s about living, the traffic, the exchange in the city. And about the always new exciting relationships between many in itself differently individual, milieu-, level- or class-related and across experiences, wishes, expectations within the limited geographical and social space of the city.

Although it is important to the curatorial team of the project, as indicated above, to include playfully many different aspects of the city in the discussion within the project. However, a red thread will always be the question of the development of forms of urban coexistence that do not constitute the battle of egos, but concentrate on community-oriented ideas. This includes both political and civic dispute and contention as well as a respect for the principles of mutual communication. But of course, also the knowledge that at these discussions very significantly also the way, the fact that they are lead at all, is the goal. In other words, in particular for the discursive part of the project, in the context with other projects and initiatives the goal is to make a contribution to the conversation in and about the City and its current and future constitution.

Artists included: Peter Aerschmann, CH | Roberto Andreoli, BR | Alan Aranha/ Bharat Mirle, IN | Anna Baranowski, DE | Piotr Blajerski, PL | Nisrine Boukhari, SY | Ulu Braun, DE | Marina Chernikova, NL | Aitor Marín Correcher, ES | Sirin Bahar Demirel, TR | Song Di, CN | Daniel Nicolae Djamo, RO | Johanna Domke, DK | Sonja Feldmeier, CH | Andreas Fogarasi, AT | Lucie Freynhagen, DE | Denise Ackermann, DE | Ingeborg Fülepp/ Heiko Daxl, AT | Ivan Garcia, ES | Romain Gavras, FR | Maria Gonchar, UA | Manaf Halbouni, DE | Lorenz Fidel Huchthausen, Robert Esteban-Schäuble, DE | Erdal Inci, TR | Ahmed Kamel, DE | Ada Kobusiewicz, PL | Milan Kohut, CZ | Zhenchen Liu, CN | Alex Markov, RU | Tomas Moravec, CZ | Joas Sebastian Nebe, DE | Peter Nestler/ Reinald Schnell, DE | Margarita Novikova, RU | Christoph Oertli, CH | Hein-Godehart Petschulat, DE | Sebastian Helms, DE | Gustavo Postiglione, AR | Jonathan Rescigno, FR | Kristoffer Rus, PL/ SE | Jani Ruscica, FI | Habib Sadaat, AF | Hans Schabus, AT | Juliane Schmidt, DE | Jonathan Seyer, US | Gertrud Schulte Westenberg/ Matthias Coers, DE | Elías León Siminiani, ES | Rhayne Vermette, US | Sylvia Winkler/ Stephan Köperl, DE | Yaroslav Yanovsky, UA Jacek Zachodny, PL | Florian Zeyfang, DE

Curators: Denise Ackermann (DE), Jolanta Bielanska (PL), Frank Eckhardt (DE), André Werner (DE) (with the collaboration of Julia Murakami and Klaus W. Eisenlohr)

Sponsors: Landeshauptstadt Dresden, Amt für Kultur und Denkmalschutz, Kulturstiftung des Freistaates Sachsen, Deutsch-Tschechischer Zukunftsfonds, Bundeszentrale für politische Bildung

Where are we going to? Videoart on the City phenomenon. 29 Oct – 19 Dec 2015

Motorenhalle. Projektzentrum für zeitgenössische Kunst
Wachsbleichstraße 4a, 01067 Dresden

Vernissage: 28 October 2015, 8 pm 
Opening hours: Tue –  Fri 4–8 pm, Sat and holiday 2–6 pm,
closed on Sun + Mon

Wien unter Drogen | Vienna Under the Influence of Drugs

Through lectures and film screenings, the thematic evening will focus on drug use during the First World War: artist-in-residence Beate Passow (GER) will screen two works in the exhibition which take a closer look at the use and abuse of drugs in WWI by means of literary examples.

From the sparkling wine tax to bloodlust to an escape with a heroine of reason: Cosima Reif (Zufallsproduktion, Vienna) delivers a lecture that paints a realistic picture the nebulization tactics of the governmental drug policy arising from the War to multimedia projection by Andre Werner (Directors Lounge, Berlin), emptying a quite legal magnum in the process.

Date  Wed., June 17,  2015, 7 pm
Location  freiraum quartier21 INTERNATIONAL

image credit: courtesy Zufallsproduktion

Recently, we were invited to compile a series of film screenings for PCFS | The Post Colonial Flagship Store. Joachim Seinfeld and André Werner curated three screenings, Greeting cards from reality.  Short and experimental filmlets from all parts of the world shed light on the ongoing impact of the colonial background on contemporary life. 

Reason enough to take a closer look the Post Colonial Flagship Store that opened its doors for two months at the Freiraum quartier 21 international at the Museums Quartier Vienna.

The PCFS exhibition project camouflages itself as a branded Popup shop, cleverly playing with the iconography of noble flagship stores as found in the centre of metropolises. The artworks are presented as consumer goods, dealing with a new, clandestine form of colonialism.

The curators Sven Kalden and Georg Klein made the PCFS a post-colonial rollercoaster ride of clever loops and surprising twists.

The whole Post Colonial Flagship Store is a sublimal, hidden persuasion to rethink the mechanisms behind our culture of consumption. The PCFS Vienna closed its doors at the end of November; new Pop-up stores in Berlin and Paris are in the pipeline.

Next time you are on a shopping spree, look out for a PCFS | The Post Colonial Flagship Store near you.

Read and see more

visit PCFS | The Post Colonial Flagship Store
The full program of Greeting Cards from Reality at Directors Lounge.

pictured: Bernhard Draz
Echte österreichische Führerkugeln | Genuine Austrian Führer Balls (2014)

Meet us at the Berliner Liste, the fair for contemporary art, during the Berlin Art Week, September 18 to 21, 2014. We´ll screen a selection of silent single-channel installations from DL X, the 10th Berlin International Directors Lounge.
Artists include Maria Björklund, Erdal Inci, Hara Katsiki, Hye Young Kim, Alan Smithee, Julia Murakami, Shinkan Tamaki and Andre Werner. Photography by Julia Murakami is on display at the booth of our good friend Calla Mar.


Alan Smithee | Julia Murakami Lost Masterpieces #1 (red) 2010
Alan Smithee are you afraid of…, 2012
Erdal Inci TR Pictogram 1,4s  2013
Hye Young Kim KR Unfulfilled Desire II blindness 21:00 2013
Erdal Inci TR Camondo Stairs 0,4s 2013
Hara Katsiki  Starseed 2012
Erdal Inci TR Flood of Light 1,4s 2013
Andre Werner DE Yeosu Mandala  community 2014
Erdal Inci TR Hieropolis Amphitheatre 1,4s  2013
Andre Werner DE Yeosu Mandala  necessity 2014
Erdal Inci TR Taksim Spiral 0,8s  2013
Andre Werner DE Yeosu Mandala  territory 2014
Shinkan Tamaki JP Passages  2013
Maria Björklund FI TKihi-Kuhi2011

Directors Lounge booth G1.34 first floor
Calla Mar booth A 0.43 ground floor

The BERLINER LISTE will be held September 18 to 21, 2014.

Opening: Wednesday, September 17 from 6 pm, Postbahnhof and Fritz Club
Fair location: Postbahnhof, Straße der Pariser Kommune 8, 10243 Berlin
Entry: Day ticket 13 €, Concessions 9 €, both including brochure

pictured: Alan Smithee | Julia Murakami Lost Masterpieces #1 (red) 2010

A new necessity – Community & Territory

The Yeosu International Art Festival is a biennial event that will be held from September 4th to September 21st 2014 at various locations of the town Yeosu in Southkorea.

Art director Sun-jung Kim invited 30 artists from 15 different countries, among them Andre Werner who presents the 3-channel work Yeosu Mandalas and Erdal Inci, featured artist at DL X, for the 5th edition of the Yeosu art biennial.

Three silent video loops. necessity | community | territory.
Based on a closed-circuit installation of a camera interacting with a black and white tv-set. A small piece of overhead sheet with the word necessity, community or territory printed triggers the coressponding mandala.


Marking 2014, as the 5th successful consecutive year to hold Yeosu International Art Festival, Yeosu city hopes the hosting of this festival will show the ability to dissolve rapidly developing urbanism of Yeosu and changes of our world communities at large by empathizing with the more intimate and mature Art themes. Diverse Artists will introduce to the public their new creations and masterpiece, and the crowd will respond with various proposed methodologies to the various artists work and their creations.

What goes around, comes around, and what goes around more than the André Werner (not to mention his brainchildren: films as vivd headbirths and the perfect forum to view other such ventures, the cult-fixation Directors Lounge)? And so his day has come around again, and we join in wishing the tireless idea-factory and all-around cool guy his greatest birthday yet, and know you join in doing the same! Hats off to The Man In The Hat!

The gang at Directors Lounge

gif via pandawhale

Directors Lounge @ Network – C.A.R., Zaha, Seoul

We will participate at the “Network – C.A.R. exhibition” at the Zaha Museum, Seoul.

The Network – C.A.R. exchange project was initiated by the art fair Contemporary Art Ruhr and takes place from September 14 till October 14, 2012, parallel to the Korean International Art Fair (KIAF).

participating artists: Andreas Mueller-Pohle, Julia Murakami, Susanna Schoenberg, Alan Smithee, Andre Werner

Network – C.A.R., the innovative art fair

Opening: September 14, 2012

Exhibition: September 14 – October 14, 2012,Tuesday till Sunday, 10 am – 6 pm

Location: Zaha Museum, 362-21 Buam-dong, Jongno-gu, Seoul, Southkorea

L’Altra Faccia Della Luna: Directors Lounge a L’Isola Del Cinema

part  I, July 22nd, 2012, 7 pm – 9 pm, Cinelab Groupama, Isola Tiberina, Roma

Join us for a special selection of fine films, curated and presented by Julia Murakami and André Werner. Screened in the very heart of Rome as part of Iolanda La Carrubba’s project L’Altra Faccia Della Luna.
The icing on the cake will be the attendance Nadya Cazan, female lead in “The Eyes Of Mankind” and long time member of Team DL.

Part II next Sunday, 29th July, same place, same time.

full program here

photo: © the art resort