Directors Lounge will participate with selected video works in the c.a.r. network event at the GalleryJinsun in Seoul, 17 – 26 June 2016 

Video/installation works by international media artists. A program curated by Julia Murakami for the c.a.r. network event at the GalleryJinsun.

Participating artists:


Wuttin Chansataboot, Thailand „16 X 9 Capsule“ 06:43, 2014

“16×9 Capsule” shows fragments of time and incidents taking place at particular locations around Bangkok. Camera observed different situations in various conditions, ranging from trivial moments in a ordinary day to crucial circumstances in political history of Thailand. Metaphorically, each place used as background in the video is defined as a receptacle of temporal matters, exploring a Buddhist concept saying that everything keeps rising, standing and cessation. They eternally and inevitably change. Only memory remains as an evidence of their existence.


AUJIK, Japan “Plasticity Unfolding“ 05:00, 2014

‘Plasticity Unfolding’ is based upon an interview between AUJIK member Mana and her ADI (Artificial Deep Intelligence) entity KIIA. KIIA is constructed as an autonomous flexible neural network with vast recursive self improvement abilities. KIIA lacks a physical body, but has created self-awareness emerging from its surroundings and anomalous pattern recognition.

Mana asks KIIA if it visualizes itself. KIIA explains that its core is a self evolved limbic system which has a far more complex sentiment system than humans. It is capable of generating emotions and sensations that have never been perceived before. KIIA imagines its limbic system to be resting on a river bed that functions as its nerve system and consciousness simultaneously. KIIA continuously cultivates its system. ‘Plasticity Unfolding’ is an attempt to illustrate this appearance.


AUJIK, Japan „Impermanence Trajectory: stained seed“ 06:02, 2013

AUJIK‘s visual manifestation ‚impermanence trajectory: stained seed‘ is based on the ideas of computational dialectics. It employs and illustrates dialectical values, which express concepts and phenomena in terms of conflict, contradiction, opposition and difference. It consists of two subjects: agent X and agent Y. Each subject is exposed to eight different emotional inputs that determine a value. These values are in turn influenced by four different forces. These forces either combine or divide the emotional values, which leads to unpredictable results, depending on the agent’s previous state, his environment, and the state of the other agent.

The trajectory starts in an initial state where the two agents each plant a seed. The seed grows according to the emotional states of the agent and the impact of the forces. During the evolution of the seed, the tree – which represents the object – also changes its form and gradually blossoms before it collapses due to a self-inflicted virus. The virus generates a portal system that creates yet another realm of emotions and consciousness and allows the agents to restart and readjust the process by optimizing their cognitive and emotional parameters.

The agents’ emotional states are visualized by their heads, which are symmetric and reminiscent of a Rorschach test. The different values and forces can be seen at the lower sides of the picture. The agents themselves can be described as variables and algorithms as they are used in computer code for developing artificial general intelligence. By applying their emotional states to a dialectical form (thesis, anti-thesis & synthesis), they improve their emotional parameters in order to attain an impermanent perfection.

Inspired by the article ‚Computational Dialectics for Arguing Agents‘ by Professor Hajime Sawamura, Niigata University. Music specially composed by Mira Calix featuring cellist Oliver Coates.


APOTROPIA, Italy “Echoes of a Forgotten Embrace”, 2016

“Echoes of a Forgotten Embrace“ takes inspiration from the concept of emotional memory, depicting the encounter of two lovers in a liminal dimension, a place where movements preserve the memory of the past and create a synthesis of the entire action. The work has been created with a mix of body projection, light painting, real time randomization and animation techniques.


APOTROPIA, Italy “Sense of Place”, 2015

The term “sense of place” may describe both an arrangement of features that makes a place unique and the sensation and perception of place as experienced by the living bodies that belong to it. The body is our general medium for having a world and our relationship to space is inevitably connected with culture and shaped by the kind of bodies we have.

“Echoes of a Forgotten Embrace“ and “Sense of Place“ are both chapters that constitute DROP, a project divided into several autonomous works focusing on the dialectical relationship between the concept of Infinity and Control as a fundamental issue of human nature.


André Werner, Germany “Yeosu Mandalas”, 2014

“The Yeosu Mandalas“ are three silent video loops: necessity | community | territory. Based on a closed-circuit installation of a camera interacting with a black and white tv-set. A small piece of overhead sheet with the word necessity, community or territory printed triggers the corresponding mandala.

Created for and shown first at the 5th. Yeosu International Art Festival, a biennial event at various locations of the town Yeosu in South Korea.

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