Directors Lounge | contemporary art ruhr, march, 8 – 10, 2019

Meet us at the photo and media art fair at Zeche Zollverein!

c.a.r. Video Lounge (Hall 12, Stand 53):

Dedicated presentations include “Mysteries of Love” compiled and curated by the Leo Kuelbs Collection, experimental video works from the Medienwerkstatt Berlin, an artist-run project of the BBK Berlin, and selected moving image work from the Directors Lounge archives.

“Mysteries of Love” presented by Leo Kuelbs Collection

Leo Kuelbs Collection is proud to present “Mysteries of Love,” a group show exploring changing ideas of love and identity. All of the visual material was created by female artists working with a variety of soundtrack collaborators from across Europe and the USA.

Leo Kuelbs Collection specializes in presenting collaborative video works and is based in NYC and Berlin. More information at

Maria Naidyonova, Daniel Kostova, Radka Salkmonnova, Sarah Mock, Daniela Imhoff, Zoe Duchesne, MarieVicMarieVic, Kinga Toth

Danil Denisov, Anna Leevia, Alex Hamadey, Daniela Imhoff, Kinga Toth and Theo Crocker

Videos Included:
“Pieces,” by Maria Naidyonova (2019)
“In the Jaws of the Merman,” by Daniela Kostova (2017)
“Champion of Love,” by Daniela Imhoff (2017)
“New Age Transformation” by Radka Salcmannova, (2017)
“Who am I ,” by Sarah Mock (2017)
“L’envolee,” by Zoe Duchesne (2016)
“Chicks+Cock,” by MarieVicMarieVic (2016)
“What is the New Game?” by Kinga Toth (2017)


Andreas Gogol (DE) Xarussell, 2017, 7:02

“an abstraction of moving reality – I filmed with b&w super8 and Mini DV at the Berlin Alexanderplatz x-mas fairground … later I discovered shots of the birds from the 16mm Found Footage studies … a friend gave me exposed & expired color super8 material – during the editing process arose a new form and cinematic image structure with different levels of perception & realities – what I see is not what I hear.” Andreas Gogol


ROTARIO vollzieht eine Rundreise durch Zeit und Raum. | ROTARIO (still) by Björn Speidel

Björn Speidel “ROTARIO” (2016), 9 min, 3D DCP, 2k, 2.0

Der experimentelle Stereo3D-Film besteht aus einer einzigen, monoskopischen Aufnahme einer Karussellfahrt. Zunächst ist das Bild flach, nur die Passanten erzeugen kleine Irritationen. Die Fahrt beginnt und das Karussell entfaltet sich in die Tiefe des Raumes. Dann trennt sich das Bild in acht Felder, mit jeweils eigenem Zeitverlauf. Die kontinuierlichen Fahrten laufen auseinander, gegeneinander. Schließlich finden die Räume wieder in einer Fläche zusammen, doch alles ist nun anders, als zuvor. Ein RaumZeit-Bild – nicht von dieser Welt.

Björn Speidels Experimentalfilme untersuchen das Verhältnis von Bild und Abbildungsfläche. Mit Fragen zu Metapanel, Off-Screen und Stereo3D setzen sich die jüngsten Arbeiten auseinander.

Filme von ihm wurden auf internationalen Filmfestivals präsentiert, wie EXiS2007 Festival in Seoul, Forum Expanded, Berlinale 2013, 20th Jihlava International Documentary Film Festival 2016 oder Experimenta India 2017.

Zu den 61. Internationalen Kurzfilmtage Oberhausen programmierte er das Thema „Das Dritte Bild“, sowie S3D-Programme und -Workshops zu weiteren internationalen Filmfestivals.

Björn Speidel ist Mitglied im Filmkollektiv LaborBerlin e.V.


videogalerie Mike Steiner, art quake! the painted tape

Mike Steiner Videogalerie | the painted tape

In 1990 the Mike Steiner Videogalerie broadcasted “the painted tape”, a threepart compilation of video art, created in collaboration with art quake! and the A&O gallery. Die Videogalerie was both, a real exhibition space in the center of Berlin West and a dedicated television format for broadcasting media art on German public TV.  Mike Steiner (1941 – 2012) was an artist, filmmaker and video pioneer. As a gallerist he was among the first to present the work of fluxus and video artist like Jochen Gerz, Joseph Beuys, Alan Kaprow, Valie Export, Friederike Pezold, Ulrike Rosenbach, Marina Abramović and Laurie Anderson.

the painted tape I
scratch back, André Werner, 1990, ca. 19 min.

the painted tape II
Katharina Bach, Räume & Zeichen, 1989, 14 min
Cosima Reif, Ein anderes Wort für Liebe, 1989, 10 min

the painted tape III
Mariana Alcoforada, Signs & Lines, 1988, 19 min
Eat Love Now, 1989, 9 min

The original broadcast of the painted tape was accompanied by a talk about video art between Mike Steiner and André Werner. At the C.A.R. we’ll screen the videos only.


Angela Christlieb

Angela Christlieb Superunknown, 2018, 14:38

A dreamlike journey through shifting layers of consciousness. A man living in cold, sparsely furnished opulence is visited by images of a woman who may or may not be his lover. She appears both tactile and ghost-like, transparent and reflected, observed or remembered. He appears to photograph her, they appear to make love. Fetish fantasies mix into surreal dream images. The woman takes the form of a hallucinogenic surface for his paranoia and isolation. She moves like a sleepwalker through a world between sound and silence, desire and loss.

Medienwerkstatt Berlin :

“GREEN”, a compilation of experimental video works from the Medienwerkstatt Berlin, an artist-run project of the BBK Berlin

Grün sind alle meine Kleider und alles was ich hab. Grün ist auch die Farbe unserer Greenbox, mit der Hintergründe verändert werden. Die Natur ist grün und grün steht für den Klimaschutz.

Herbert Liffers  Paranoia  02:47
Sandra Becker Greenbox Studio  00:51
Hanna Schaich 400 000 times 04:42
Jakobine Engel Rückzug – Retraction 05:00
Sandra Riche Nach mir die Sintflut – After Me The Deluge 04:34
Christa Biedermann Rückzug – Paranoia 01:17
Heike Franziska Bartsch Umschalten – Freiraum 02:20
Silvia Amancei und Bogdan Armanu Life of a Tree 09:41

Eberhard Kranemann + Mathew Emmett: “Mutant Heads” (still)

“Mutant Heads” by Eberhard Kranemann + Mathew Emmett

“the german-english collaboration of eberhard kranemann + mathew emmett calls to attention a conceptualization of space conveyed at the intersection of affect and schism, triggering deep immersion in future worlds. their projects are videos, electronic sounds and ongoing artwork-events envolving hybrid visions through new media and electronic sound scapes, comprised of digital sampling, 3D scanning, interaction and feedback.”


DL Booth (Hall 12 | Booth 54)

with works by Joachim Seinfeld ( Dokufiktion, Fotoperformance ), Visuman (media art), Julia Murakami (photography) and André Werner (media art / installation)

Fine Art Photography by Julia Murakami Tableau Vivant Avec Deux Chats, 2019
Julia Murakami “Tableau Vivant Avec Deux Chats”, 2019
Joachim Seinfeld – Dalli Dalli, Fernsehshow 1981: Hans Rosenthal; 2016, digitaler Silbergelatineprint, 90×70 cm, aus der Serie Wenn Deutsche lustig sind – Dokufiktion; Fotoperformance

Wenn Deutsche lustig sind – Dokufiction (When Germans Are Having Fun)

In this series Joachim Seinfeld uses archival material showing scenes from German history. He mounts himself in historical photographs in various disguises staging different people representing different positions in the scenery. Thus our perception is sharpenend and our – sometimes – unquestioned approach to historical visual material is reflected on.

Joachim Seinfeld graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts in Florence, Italy with a degree in painting. At the beginning of the 90s he started combining painting and photography by applying photographic emulsions to his pictures. Since then the use of silver gelatine emulsion is characteristic for his work. Since the early 1990 Joachim Seinfeld participated in numerous exhibitions in Germany, Netherlands, Denmark, Italy, Poland, Czech Republic, Slovenia, Turkey, USA and other countries. He took part in the International Biennial of Contemporary Art at the National Gallery in Prague or the exhibition 4 KS 2/63 – 40 Years of Auschwitz Trial at the Martin-Gropius-Museum in Berlin. He has received numerous awards including the Heinrich Heine prize of the city of Augsburg (1994). He has performed and lectured all over Europe including the Zacheta National Gallery Warsaw, the Jagiellonian University in Krakow, Trafo Gallery, Budapest, Tacheles, Berlin and Académie Royale des Beaux Arts, Liège, Belgium . His works are included in the collections of Santa Barbara Museum of Arts, Städtische Galerie Lüdenscheid, the Jewish Museum and the National Gallery in Prague, the Collection Gomes de Pinho (Institute Seralves), Porto and in numerous private collections. His Golem pictures were used for the New English edition of the Golem by G. Meyrink at Tartarus Press.


Come to our booth and you’ll maybe find out “Who The Fuck Is VISUMAN?”



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