Here you´ll find all films, events and everything that will take place during the 11 days of the 7th Berlin International Directors Lounge 2011 (soon, we are still adding the juicy facts). You may look by date (above), or choose tags from the right bar to look only for specific screenings. We emphasize the dialogue with the artists and the audience, thus making it impossible to start screenings on time.

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The 7th Berlin International Directors Lounge, the festival for contemporary media and film.
10th to 20th of February, art house meinblau, Pfefferberg. (map)
Schoenhauser Allee 176 / Christinenstr. 18, 10119 Berlin
U Senefelder Platz | Tram M8 | Bus 240 | U Rosa-Luxemburg Platz |

Daily from 6pm till dawn. Opening reception Thurs. 10th, 8pm

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FRI 18th 8pm | MUSE | Massimo Salvato GB  2010 | European Premiere

In attendance of Massimo Salvato (director), Julia Krynke (lead actress, Ludmilla), Adam Harvey (Co-producer and composer), Rich Swingle cinematographer), Alastair Scott (executive producer, TankSchool) and Robin Mitchell (photographer)

Ludmilla is a force of nature driven on a voyage of discovery by the ghost of her grandfather as she seduces and spell-bounds two writers to secrete the essence of their genius, which she taps and distills to create a voice that manifests in the novel, Muse.

“…Like Mullholland Drive I am not sure I fully understood the journey – but I loved and was intrigued by the journey. I think it is essentially a simple idea about the interaction and rather selfish nature of creativity – wrapped in a beautiful convolution. Really loved it…!”

                         Christopher Morris (BAFTA Award winning documentary filmmaker)

Massimo Salvato is fascinated by structures and the way things work. He enjoys the ‘ambiguity’ of his love for narrative films and his disbelief that a film must necessarily have a narrative. This in-between space/time provides Massimo with fields which he feels are not researched enough in cinema. He studied economics in Italy before exploring his passion for theatre and film, founding in 1998 a cultural association in Italy, organising short film, music and theatre events; and achieving a Master’s Degree in Film at the International Film School Wales in 2005. In 2004 he wrote, produced and directed Carmen, a UK and Italian short film co-production dealing with gender issues and rural conservatism. In 2007 his first feature film script won him a place at Ekran, European Training Programme for Film Professionals, at the Andrzej Wajda Master School of Film Directing, in Warsaw. In 2008 he made a promo teaser for his new project Muse which helped him to build the team with which he completed the film in 2010. Massimo lectures in Film and Visual Culture at the Newport Film School, University of Wales Newport, and he is Course Leader in Film Studies in Coleg Gwent, South Wales.


Massimo Salvato GB Muse 19min 43s 2010

exact screening time might be subject to change

ongoing  |  in exchange

Alan Smithee  |  Julia Murakami  Lost Masterpieces #1  (red) 2010

Michaela Nettell Beehive

Keith Sanborn US Energy of Delusion 2010

Patricia Shrigley UK  Grese, West, Atkins, Hindley, Ruda & England 2009

Tilman Kuentzel DE  Sonic Eye 2010

among others

Compressive Percussive by Scott Stark

Compressive/Percussive by Scott Stark

Urban Research Loop Program:

James George US what i remember 4min 36s 2010

Ken Paul Rosenthal US Arcs of Texture 6min

Scott Stark US Compressive/Percussive 18min. 2010

Yaron Lapid IL / UK Except in struggle, there is no more beauty  1min 18s 2009

The 7th Berlin International Directors Lounge | February, 10th – 20th 

Once again this year, the Berlinale is drawing a great many filmmakers and cineastes to Berlin. In parallel and by now an insiders’ tip, the Directors Lounge, developed by Berlin artists, is hosting for the 7th year in a row its own very special kind of film festival.

On the Pfefferberg, on the premises of the Meinblau Gallery, a broad audience will be presented an international offering of experimental and short films as well as media art. Out of 700 submissions, a heady program has been put together, to be accompanied by live events, DJs and a lounge bar.

Encounters and discussions between artists and audience are an essential feature of the concept, and so once again this year many national and international artists will be on hand in person to present their projects.

The multiple-award-winning British composer Michael Nyman, known to the general public in particular for his music for The Piano as well as for numerous Peter Greenaway ventures, will personally present his own films.

Guy Maddin, Canadian filmmaker and juror at this year’s Berlinale, will be the subject of a special evening, with his own personal selection of his short films. This program will be complemented by readings by Kenton Turk and films bearing the mark of his influence.

Ten days long, starting daily at 6 pm, issue- and country-specific programs and the best films of the Open Call will be presented. Further highlights include Jean-Gabriel Périot, one of the most important exponents of French experimental film; the Collectif Jeune Cinéma; Alexei Dmitriev (St. Petersburg), shooting star of the international curator scene; Berlin gallerist Fridey Mickel; Kika Nicolela (Brazil); Klaus W. Eisenlohrs “Urban Research”; the Zebra Poetry Film Festival and films by artists of the Myriam Blundell Project (London), to name only a few.

Meinblau, Pfefferberg
Christinenstr. 18 | Schönhauser Allee 176
U Senefelder Platz
10119 Berlin Mitte

daily from 6 pm – open end
Opening Party: Thurs, 10th, 8 pm

all screenings: free admission

still from the Real Snow White | Pilvi Takala 

TITS (To Insult The State)

Alexei Dmitriev will show his TITS at Directors Lounge!

We all love TITS. But we donʼt talk about it openly, because in our society it is complicated to express it as such affection is not always welcome. It is also a challenge to find the films that depict TITS properly.
So the aim of this program was to gather the films that make TITS their main subject. The angle the artist looks at TITS can be different: copyright, violence, media, politics, etc., still the topic stays the same. Oh, and TITS stands for To Insult The State.

The Artwork in the Age of its Mechanical Reproducibility by Walter Benjamin as told to Keith Sanborn
Keith Sanborn / US / 1996 / 05ʼ00ʼʼ
This is Jayne Austenʼs first digital video work and since it dates from 1936, it is likely the oldest digital video work in the world. It was for a long time believed lost and rediscovered only this year. This represents a very rare public screening of the work. It was conceived as a post-theoretical response—in the sense used by von Cieszkowski—to Walter Benjaminʼs essay of 1936.

The Barbarians
Jean-Gabriel Périot / FR / 2010 / 05ʼ00ʼʼ
We are scum! We are barbarians!

The Commute
Elías León Siminiani / ES / 2009 / 12ʼ30ʼʼ
The unofficial (classified) version of the genesis and nature of the rush hour, and its effects on the life of the modern world citizen.

Fertile Ground Corporate Slug
Bryan Konefsky / US / 2010 / 04ʼ00ʼʼ
A Pixelvision portrait of media visionary Gene Youngblood set to a Death Metal
interpretation of folk singer Pete Seeger’s Garden Son. Additional commentary by investigative journalist Greg Palast, who speaks about Youngblood’s  influence on his own work and, perhaps, all of us.

The New Killing Fields
Maximilian Westphal / DE / 2004-2009 / 13ʼ00ʼʼ
Would you like to shoot a chicken with an AK-47 or a cow with a bazooka?
“The New Killing Fields” shockingly displays how tourism affects the disarmament in postwar Cambodia.

Keine Angst vorm Endlager!
Till Penzek and Jon Frickey / DE / 2008 / 02ʼ20ʼʼ
Mr Atom is back! The uber-cute mascot of the nuclear power lobby once again takes a stand on atomic energy. This time it’s all about final storage issues – something quite crucial to Germany where, for some reason, radioactive liquids keep seeping out of old barrels… But in the end, even critical Dr Schmidt gets convinced: everything is going to be just fine!

Real Snow White
Pilvi Takala / FN / 2009 / 09ʼ15ʼʼ
The absurd logic of the “real character” and the extreme rules of Disneyland become apparent when a real fan of Snow White is banned from entering the theme park dressed as Snow White.

Blackʼs Back
Derek Woolfenden / FR / 2009 / 12ʼ00ʼʼ
“Black’s Back” is a subjective vision about a figurative struggle between a White imaginary (Hollywood, Disney) and the Black revendications in the fifties, sixties and seventies in USA. This movie is a tribute to the Black Revolution and a sad testimony about misery and injustice from capitalist governments dispite the Black Panther Party’s warnings.

Thank You Third World
KRONCK / DE / 2009 / 03ʼ30ʼʼ
“Thank You Third World” is a multimedia-based campaign dealing with our ignorant way of consuming products produced under degrading circumstances in the 3rd world.

total running time:  66min 35s

Sun 20th 6pm

supporting film: Ofir Feldmann, Poetic Account, 1 min 8s, 2010 world premiere

“Poetic” is one of the six different personal word accounts offered by WordBank, that differ from one another in their socio-linguistic register.

ZEBRA Poetry Film Festival 2010 selected and presented by Thomas Zandegiacomo Del Bel 

Martin Earle  GB A Galaxy over there 7min 40s 2009

Ye Mimi TW They are there but I am not 6min 57s 2009

Natalia Almada F  Threshold Songs  10min 2009

Reynold Reynolds DE Letzter Tag der Republik 8min 2009

Joanna Priestly US Missed Aches 4min 2009

Marie Silkeberg  SE ÖDELÄGGELSE IV stockholm | gaza 2009 6min 55s 2009

Eiríkur Örn Norðdahl IS Höpöhöpö Böks 4min 17s 2008

Andrew Steggall  GB To the Marriage of True Minds 11min 20s 2010

Vessela Dantcheva  D/BG  Anna Blume 9min 2009

Robert Pohle, Martin Hentze DE Der Conny ihr Ponny 5min 2008

Sun 20th 8:30pm

Paul Rascheja DE Eine Leda für Swan

Florian Gwinner DE Dekoration 5 min 22s 2008
Dan Hudson CA News, Weather & Sports    4 min 21s 2010
Nancy Wyllie US Silent Witness 2 min 14s  2010
KRONCK    (aka Maximilian Gerlach & Jessica Benzing)  DE Thank You Third World #3 1 min 2009
Alf Moraleja ES Dia De Revancha 17 min 2009
Paul Rascheja DE Eine Leda für Swan 2min  2010
Minos Nikolakakis GR Marionette 10 min 2007
Marina Seresesky ES El Cortejo 14 min 2010
Julia Smith  US  Grand Teton 4 min 1s 2010
Carlo Ghioni CA Penalty Kick, 2010, 14 min 50s
Ann Lundberg and Sara Svärdsén SE This is our home 6 min 2010
Pablo Larcuen ES My Invisible Friend (mi amigo invisible) 15 min 2010

total running time: 100 min

at midnight

photo by Stephen Burch  

As Preslav Literary School, Adam Thomas makes live tape collages using sounds drawn from an ever-growing archive of self-generated or discovered outsider noise, found sound and spoken word cassettes. A process of transference, overdubbing and live manipulation reworks these source materials into compelling, ambient broadcasts. Preslav Literary School has released records on NO-FI, Razzle Dazzle and Elephant & Castles, sharing stages and bills with Aki Onda, Machinefabriek, Gudrun Gut & AGF, Anton Bruhin, Leif Elggren and Sudden Infant. Preslav Literary School has toured the UK, Switzerland, Holland, Belgium and Poland and played at Flux/s 2010, Shift Festival 2010, STRP 2010 & transmediale.11.

Sat 19th 6pm

still from Marked by Mercury | Alexa Gerrity US

LIMINAL LOOPHOLES: A selection of films shot in or around water

curated and presented by Kim Collmer


Water is the initial thread tying all of the work together. But underneath this apparent theme is, more importantly, the creation or presentation of what could be termed a liminal space, a space being on the “threshold” of or between two existential planes. In Serge Gregory’s Award Winning documentary (Black Maria) we enter the intimate realm of a heron as it experiences the fragility of the changing seasons. In John N. Campbell’s “Li: the Patterns of Nature”, also an Award Winner (Ann Arbour), we see microscopic universes of growth and decay. Some of the worlds created are imaginary such as the visually arresting “Marked by Mercury” and “Niland 2”. Many of the films such as “Voice” and “Notions of Ivo Dekovic” depict the human tension found in straddling two realms whereas other celebrate it like in Janet Galore’s or Andre Werner’s films. This screening was originally inspired by Kim Collmer’s work with the organization sub-art, which is an artist residency focusing on underwater art projects. Many of the works come from sub-art such as “Parkbankaktivitäten” and “Finiteness for a New Space”.

Andrea Helten DE Parkbankaktivtäten2min 8s 2005

Janet Galore US Brazda Na Vodi 1min 55s 2010

Serge Gregory US When Herons Dream 10min 34s 2009

Jelena Pehar HR Notions of Ivo Dekovic 2min 16s 2008

Jelena Pehar HR Notions of Ivo Dekovic

Klaus Busen and Christian Collmer DE Finiteness for a New Space 50s 2004

John N. Campbell US Li: The Patterns of Nature 9min 7s 2007

Ksenija Jurisic HR Voice 1min 41s 2010

Alexa Gerrity US Marked by Mercury 5min 2010

André Werner DE Nude Dance 4min 24s

Marius Leneweit and Rocio Rodriguez  DE/ES  Niland 29min 56s 2011 world premiere

Kim Collmer DE/US Juicy 40s 2011 world premiere             

total running time 45min