Thurs 10th 8pm

Paul Turano US Escape Plan 2 min 2010
Coleman Miller US Uso Justo 22 min 2005 
Eunjung Hwang KR/US Future Creatures 9 min 28s 2009
Flora E. Bernhagen & Ralf Neubauer DE Pedal To The Metal – Master Of Desaster 5 min 45s 2010
Happy Famous Artists  BE/UK World Dictators Unite: Love Is In The Air 3 min 55s 2011
Ofir Feldman  IL Capitalization 1 min 2010
KRONCK (aka Maximilian Gerlach & Jessica Benzing)  DE Thank You Third World #1 1 min 2009
Jon Frickey & Till Penzek DE El Diablo 3 min 2009
Kris Hofman At Screwed Up 5 min 2010
Eric Dyer US Media Archeology 3 min 32s
Ryley O´Byrne CA Maenad  2 min 45s 2010
D.Kimm & Brigitte Henry CA Mademoiselle Clara, Rabbit-Tamer 6min 26s 2010
Guy Maddin CA The Heart Of The World  6 min 2000

 71 min

still from Coleman Miller US Uso Justo 22 min 2005 

Thurs 10th inbetween and after the screenings

Im Chaos der Tage

 T. W. Blum: Guitar, Electronic, Light painting |  Julia Dimitroff: Cello

 Accoustic and electronically manipulated instruments merge with light paintings in real time. Digital drawings and sounds are animated and combined with instrumental improvisation, creating sound and light textures.

Akkustische und elektronisch manipulierte Instrumente verschmelzen mit in Echtzeit generierter Lichtmalerei. Mittels Wii – Controller und Computer werden digitale Zeichnungen und Sounds animiert und mit instrumentalen Improvisationen kombiniert.

Es entstehen melodiöse bis atonal abstrahierte Klang –und Lichttexturen.

Thurs 10th 10pm

Ofir Feldman IL Verbal by Nature 7min 2010 world premiere
Sally Grizzell Larson US Axiom 1 min 30s 2010
Maria Niro US Glitch Telemetry 3 min  2010
Chiara Ambrosio The Crossing 3min 31s  200?
Michael Nyman UK Witness I 6 min 17s 2008
Ron Diorio US Winter Wind 3min 2s 2009 world premiere 
Sylvia Schedelbauer  DE False Friends 4 min 50s 2007
KRONCK (aka Maximilian Gerlach & Jessica Benzing) DE Thank You Third World #2 1 min 2009
Octavian Fedorovici RO Casablanca 1PM 1 min 2008
Hendrick Dusollier FR Babel 15min 2010
Danny Warner US Aphasia Fortuna 3 min 2010
Eric Dyer US The Bellows March 5 min 29s
Max Hattler DE  Spin 4 min 2010
Chema Garcia Ibarra ES The Attack Of The Robots From Nebula-5 6min 20s 2008
Kahori Kamiya JP Bathroom Conductor 3min 3s 2009

running time: 68 min

still from Michael Nyman UK Witness I