Fri 11th 6pm

Khalil Zaarour LB Malaki – Scent Of An Angel 80 min 2010

For over five years, relatives of people reported missing have been keeping vigil in a tent outside the UN Headquarters in Beirut. A legacy of Lebanon’s long and bloody civil war, over 18,000 individuals remain unaccounted for. This is the story of the mothers of those who have vanished, who refuse to forget them and continue to campaign for the truth.

Fri 11th 10pm

Frank Biesendorfer DE cold friend chicken 1 min 40s 2010 silent
James George
US What I Remember 4min 36s 2010
Youngho Lee
KR Kings Of The Road  6 min 40s 2009
Melanie Beisswenger
DE Follow Me 1 min 30s 2010
Niina Suominen
FI I Call Myself Sane 4 min 20s 2010
Akinori Okada & Masataka Ohta
JP Ansoku No Basyo (Oase der Ruhe) 2 min 45s
Eunjung Hwang
KR/US Future Creatures 9 min 28s 2009
Robbie Rotman AU Overfishing 2 min 30s 2010
Sean Stoops US Muralmorphosis 2 min 42s 2009
Jon Frickey & Till Penzek DE Mr. Iiuu & The Nasty Bird 4 min 27s min 2009
Bruce Knox DE Danger Global Warming 7min 3s 2010
Francesca Fini IT Duchamp Spinning Glass 3 min 2010
Jody Mack US Unsubscribe (The Saddest Song In The World) 2min 45s 2010
Matthew Dotson US Song_Cycle_For_Haruki_Murakami 10 min 40s  2007
Kris Hofman AT Screwed Up 5 min 2010
Eric Dyer US Copenhagen Cycles 6 min 37s
Octavian Fedorovici RO Casablanca 1PM 1min 2008
Max Hattler DE Spin 4 min 2010


still fromFrancesca Fini IT Duchamp Spinning Glass