Tues 15th  8pm

Imaginary Spaces – Virtual Vision

The Oyster Effect by Valentina Ferrantes

Anders Weberg SE Elsewhereness: Utrecht 4min 7s 2010

Anders Weberg SE Elsewhereness: Cape Town 2min 7s 2009

André Chi Sing Yuen DE The Work 3min 35s 2010

Andrew de Freitas NZ/CN L’Espace Quotidien 10min 46s 2010

Henry Gwiazda US something/the/you 4min 58s 2009

Julie Meyer FR Eclipse 1min 20s 2009

Marina Chernikova NL Metro V 2min 30s 2009

Morehshin Allahyari IR Over There Is Over Here 5min 43s 2010

Sarah Breen Lovett AU Expanded Architecture 04: Window Wound 1min 20sec 2010

Susanne Wiegner DE Just Midnight 3min 37s 2010

Tina Willgren SE The Polymoids 2min 51s 2010

Valentina Ferrandes IT The Oyster Effect 11min 52s 2010

Vera Frenkel CN Once Near Water: Notes from the Scaffolding Archive 15min 26s 2008

Yoko Hata JP Out of the Sky – Back into the Sky 9min 4s 2010

curated by Klaus W. Eisenlohr

Notes from the Scaffolding Archives by Vera Frenkel

Once Near Water: Notes from the Scaffolding Archive by Vera Frenkel

More infos on Urban Research at www.richfilm.de/DL2011

A preview, links and more stills at richfilm.tumblr.com

Tues 15th  10pm

still from The Tango of The Corridor by Patricia Osses

BRAZIL: RECENT ARTIST VIDEOS curated by Kika Nicolela

Raquel Kogan BR Meeting 1min 3s 2010

Renata Padovan BR Almost Concrete  3min 30s 2010

Felipe Barros US/BR The Day Is Where We Live (O Dia é Onde Vivemos)      4min 5s  2010

Juliana Mundim BR Two (Dois) 4min 9s 2010

Angella Conte BR  Another Time Same Time (Outro Tempo Mesmo Tempo) 4min 19s  2010

Ana Moravi and Dellani Lima BR Velvet Pants (Calça de Veludo) 7min 13s 2010

still from Velvet Pants  by Ana Moravi and Dellani Lima

Patricia Osses CL/BR The Tango of The Corridor (Tango del Pasillo) 6min 14s 2009

Arthur Tuoto BR Body of Crime (Corpo Delito) 6min 6s 2010

Lucas Bambozzi  BR Reakt: The Day São Paulo Stopped 10min14s 2010

Giselle Beiguelman BR Chipped Movie (Cinema Lascado) 2min 30s 2010

Ayrson Heráclito BR Orange Lake 1min 47s 2010

Ayrson Heráclito BR Buruburu 3min 7s 2010

Kika Nicolela BR Desesmetak 3min 2009

Dellani Lima BR Breath (Fôlego) 7min 10s 2010

César Meneghetti  IT/BR (Venice) Requiem 5min 2009

Carlosmagno Rodrigues and Alonso Pafyeze BR 1976 3min 2009

total running time: 73min

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