Sun 20th 6pm

supporting film: Ofir Feldmann, Poetic Account, 1 min 8s, 2010 world premiere

“Poetic” is one of the six different personal word accounts offered by WordBank, that differ from one another in their socio-linguistic register.

ZEBRA Poetry Film Festival 2010 selected and presented by Thomas Zandegiacomo Del Bel 

Martin Earle  GB A Galaxy over there 7min 40s 2009

Ye Mimi TW They are there but I am not 6min 57s 2009

Natalia Almada F  Threshold Songs  10min 2009

Reynold Reynolds DE Letzter Tag der Republik 8min 2009

Joanna Priestly US Missed Aches 4min 2009

Marie Silkeberg  SE ÖDELÄGGELSE IV stockholm | gaza 2009 6min 55s 2009

Eiríkur Örn Norðdahl IS Höpöhöpö Böks 4min 17s 2008

Andrew Steggall  GB To the Marriage of True Minds 11min 20s 2010

Vessela Dantcheva  D/BG  Anna Blume 9min 2009

Robert Pohle, Martin Hentze DE Der Conny ihr Ponny 5min 2008

Sun 20th 8:30pm

Paul Rascheja DE Eine Leda für Swan

Florian Gwinner DE Dekoration 5 min 22s 2008
Dan Hudson CA News, Weather & Sports    4 min 21s 2010
Nancy Wyllie US Silent Witness 2 min 14s  2010
KRONCK    (aka Maximilian Gerlach & Jessica Benzing)  DE Thank You Third World #3 1 min 2009
Alf Moraleja ES Dia De Revancha 17 min 2009
Paul Rascheja DE Eine Leda für Swan 2min  2010
Minos Nikolakakis GR Marionette 10 min 2007
Marina Seresesky ES El Cortejo 14 min 2010
Julia Smith  US  Grand Teton 4 min 1s 2010
Carlo Ghioni CA Penalty Kick, 2010, 14 min 50s
Ann Lundberg and Sara Svärdsén SE This is our home 6 min 2010
Pablo Larcuen ES My Invisible Friend (mi amigo invisible) 15 min 2010

total running time: 100 min

Sun 20th 10:30pm

The Farewell Special of the 7th Berlin International Directors Lounge

Nyman With A Movie Camera is a 64-minute, shot-for-shot remake of Dziga Vertov’s Man With A Movie Camera with a live score played by the Michael Nyman Band. Nyman has been heavily involved in cinema for most of his working life, creating the Oscar-winning score for Jane Campion’s The Piano and numerous other features including Peter Greenaway’s Drowning By Numbers and The Cook, The Thief, His Wife And Her Lover.

Conceived and directed by Nyman, Nyman With A Movie Camera painstakingly reconstructs Vertov’s iconic silent picture of 1929 using footage from Nyman’s own film archives shot over the last two decades. A press release offers some further explanation:

“Deeply rooted in Vertov’s original ideas concerned with ‘the perception of truth’, the documentation of ‘life as it is’ and that of ‘life caught unawares’, Nyman’s film attempts to capture the essence of ‘what is there’, and reflects on what he calls ‘the persistence of glance’ a multi-sensorial experience of time as it occurs, of life as it happens and as recorded by the human memory. The film is a modern-day take on experimental documentary film making through the bias of cinematographic collage and proposes to renew a discourse with the ideological and aesthetic precepts once defended by Vertov in his pursuit of the ultimate ‘cleaning up’ of film language from the ‘corrupting influence’ of drama.”

“Nyman’s previous engagement with Vertov’s film dates back to 2003 when he composed the original musical score for Man With a Movie Camera. The encounter with the Russian master was instrumental in defining Nyman’s own aesthetic phraseology and experimentation with the medium of film and documentary. In Man With a Movie Camera, the shot sequence follows a systematic and paced visual pattern in an attempt to mimic the language of the visible, the raw and the unscripted.

“Vertov’s driving vision was to capture ‘film truth’ — that is, fragments of reality, which when organized together have a deeper truth that cannot be seen with the naked eye. Whilst Vertov’s rhythmic patterning unifies the aesthetic surface of his film, Nyman’s choice of footage for Nyman With a Movie Camera, is a random punctuation of a visual text drawn from his own film and sound repertoires and from his photographic archives. The result is a patchwork of imagery embroidered in Vertov’s threads of the newsreel and of the dogmatic values of the film truth.”


screening made possible in cooperation with Myriam Blundell Projects

at midnight

photo by Stephen Burch  

As Preslav Literary School, Adam Thomas makes live tape collages using sounds drawn from an ever-growing archive of self-generated or discovered outsider noise, found sound and spoken word cassettes. A process of transference, overdubbing and live manipulation reworks these source materials into compelling, ambient broadcasts. Preslav Literary School has released records on NO-FI, Razzle Dazzle and Elephant & Castles, sharing stages and bills with Aki Onda, Machinefabriek, Gudrun Gut & AGF, Anton Bruhin, Leif Elggren and Sudden Infant. Preslav Literary School has toured the UK, Switzerland, Holland, Belgium and Poland and played at Flux/s 2010, Shift Festival 2010, STRP 2010 & transmediale.11.