Sat 20th 9:30 pm

Johannes Backes DE Rückbau des Palastes der Republik  11min 21s  2006 – 2009

Claudia Guilino DE Abgesang, kupferfarben  3 min 52s 2009

Det Snurrar I Min Skalle 3 min 51s 2007 Familjen

Miguel Machado PT  And Then You Smile  7min  2008

Artur Klosinski PL    Paris     12min 03s 2009

Make the Girl Dance FR Baby Baby Baby 4min 21s 2009
Make the Girl Dance

Jonas Meier CH One Up Down Left Right 3min 30s 2009

Heiko Daxl DE   Bellevue  2min 30s    2009

James Snazell GB Scape 7 min

Thorsten Fleisch DE Dromosphäre  10 min 02s 2010

Heidi Neubauer-Winterburn FR/US The Cutter-off of water 4min 11s

Jakob Kirchheim DE Im Schnee 2 min 11s 2006

Antoine Hilaire FR Cross the Fader 3min 26s 2008  Jamaica

Dan Lowe GB Planets 3min 44s 2008

Milos Tomic CZ Dlake (Hairs) 3min 15s 2007
Ridina Ahmedova

Pasha Е RU Роботы  4min 49s 2009

Franz Wanner pitrs 1 min 11s

Fri 19th 6:00 pm

With urban interventions, artists try to play a more active role in society than just showing in a gallery space. The reasons and aims can be manyfold. Some artists see themselves as “political activist” and try to change politics and society; others just try to reach a different, more divers audience; or, they like to realize a seemingly impossible dream. All of them, however – even if the respective intervention is just the presence of the recording camera – share visions and ideas about urban life, on how to connect life, soul, street, architecture and society. And those inspirations may be infectious, beware!

Tom Skipp ES Stormwater / Estanque de tormentas 14min 23sec 2009

Jeanne Liotta US sutro 02min 53sec 2008

Vassiliea Stylianidou DE/GR Im Park 08min 30sec 2009

Clemens Fürtler A BILDMASCHINE 03 04min 30sec 2010

Riccardo Iacono UK Missing 04min 12sec 2007

Paul Clipson US CHORUS 07min 00sec 2009

Roberto Duarte DE/CL Reflektionen 06min 50sec 2009

Mischa Leinkauf + Mathias Wermke DE Zwischenzeit 06min 32sec 2008

Patrick Tarrant AU Stepping Down 09min 30sec 2010

Pablo Useros ES Found People Movements – This is a Political Film 10min 06sec 2009

Anja Abele DE Institut Orange: Die Geh Dreh Schau Bewegung 00min 31sec 2009

Anja Abele DE Institut Orange: Das Ticket Stempeln 00min 56sec 2010

Roch Forowicz PL Interception 05min 20sec 2007-2009

Vassiliea Stylianidou Im Park

For more information on the Urban Research program
Link click here:

Fri 19th 8 pm

Curated and presented by Thomas Zandegiacomo de Bel

Assorted highlights from the biannual ZEBRA Poetry Film Festival which has established itself as an international forum for short films that deal with the content, aesthetics or form of poems.

Between Shower And Shower by Yu Ya-Chen

Je liegt en je filtert, Poet: Paul Bogaert

Ein Übungsdiktat. Mädchen in einer schulischen schwarz-weiß Kulisse.
A dictation exercise. Girls in an educational black&white setting.

Chernobyl, Poet: John Giorno

Tiefgründige Vorschläge, deren Ziel es ist, die Angst vor nuklearen Katastrophen zu zerstreuen.
Deep suggestions aiming to dissipate the fear of a nuclear catastrophe.

Ma kuklas tunnen, Poet: Jüri Ürdi

Bevor Blicke anderen Blicken begegnen, werden sie niedergeschlagen.
Before eyes meet other eyes they are cast down.

One Miles Platting Station, Poet: Simon Armitage

Eine poetische Reise nach Manchester.
A poetic journey to Manchester.

Qué se ama cuando se ama, Poet: Gonzalo Rojas

Über den metaphysischen Sinn von Liebe, reisend durch die Erinnerung zweier Liebenden.
About metaphysical sense of love, travelling through the memory of two

The Acrobat, Poet: Ryan Kamstra

Eine Beziehungserörterung von Gravitation und Politik – die Schönheit und die Notwendigkeit des Aufstiegs.
A consideration of the relationship of gravity and politics – the beauty
and necessity of rising up.

On Death, Poet: George V. Markis

Der Geist eines kleinen Jungen treibt sich in einer Stadt umher.
The ghost of a little boy drifts around the city.

Mainos asuntolainasta, Poet: Eino Santanen

Es geht schon auf acht am Abend zu, aber von der Liebe ist auch noch etwas da.
It is already approaching eight in the evening but there is still some
love left.

Good Morning, America, Poet: Carl Sandburg

Was verehren wir? Gott, Land oder die Schnelligkeit?
What do we worship; God, country or speed?

Between Shower and Shower, Poet: Yu Xia

Einsamkeit ist ein wichtiger Gegenstand innerhalb und außerhalb der Bilder des Films.
Loneliness is an important topic inside and outside the pictures of the

Nachash Nachash, Poet: T. Carmi

Eine chaotische, hoffnungslose Tänzerin versucht die bösen Mächte zu beschwören.
A chaotic, desperate dancer tries to conjure up the forces of evil.

Palimpsest, Poet: André Corboz

Das Land, beschaffen aus uraltem Schichtwerk, wird unentwegt von seinen Bewohnern gelesen.
A land, consisting of millenial-old shifts, is read by its occupants

Kom leg uw hoofd neer, Poet: Miguel Declercq

Zwei Männer schlafen Hand in Hand. Was ist ihre Geschichte?
Two men are sleeping hand in hand. What’s their story?

Cul de sac, Poet: Benedict Newbery

Über das Kleinstadtleben und seine Menschen.
About small town and its people.

Jeder Text ist ein Wortbruch, Poet: Kathrin Schmidt

Fragmente alter Filme, deren Filmschicht bis zur Unkenntlichkeit zerfallen ist und neue Formen bildet.
Fragments of old films whose emulsion has crumbled though creating new

Coach No 143, Poet: Vladislav Drozhashikh

Was wird ein Menschenleben im 20. Jh. bedeuten, und was kann der Mensch vom 20. Jh. erwarten?
What will human life mean in the 20th century and what can we expect from
the 20th century?

Paul Bogaert NL Je liegt en je filtert 2min 40s 2007

Antonio Poce IT Chernobyl 4min 2007

Priit Pärn, Olga Marchenko EE Ma kuklas tunnen 2min 2007

Kate Jessop GB One Miles Platting Station 2min 32s 2007

Cristían Tàpies Goldenberg CL Qué se ama cuando se ama 1min 23s 2006

Chris Kennedy US The Acrobat 6min 2007

Anastassios Langis GR On Death 6min 24s 2007

Akseli Tuomivaara FI Mainos asuntolainasta 3min 27s 2005

Dikran Janus Kadagian US Good Morning, America 6min 43s 2007

Yu Ya-Chen TW Between Shower and Shower 5min 40s 2007

Avi Dabach, Iris Erez IL Nachash Nachash 6min 38s 2008

Eva Sommeregger AT Palimpsest 2min 40s 2008

Wouter Sel BE Zuurstokkleuren 2min 5s 2006

Sandra Ensby GB Cul de sac 2min 11s 2008

Betina Kuntzsch DE Jeder Text ist ein Wortbruch 6min 50s 2008

Viktor Naymushin RU 143-i Vagon 3min 48s 2008

Fri 19th 10:15 pm

Unnatural resources is a small selection of works which are dealing with the human dilemma between whether to detach or immerse itself from the environment that has been defined (by the humans) as ´nature´.

Juha van Ingen FI Nature Morte 4min 30sec 2007
Seppo Renvall FI Nature 23min 00sec 2010
Mi Duncker FI Aluminium 4min 35sec 2003
Erkka Nissinen FI Night School 12min 50sec 2007
Kari Yli-Annala FI A Life of One´s Own 9min 00sec 2008

Unnatural resources includes a brand new 20 min brilliant work by Seppo Renvall called “Nature”, Erkka Nissinen´s hilarious 12 min work “Night School” (2007) about ´exercises for assimilation into a total institution´ (Nissinen) and other works by FixC artists.

Helsinki-based FixC is an independent artists co-operative, which was launched in april 2007 to generate, distribute and promote video art, media art and experimental cinema and to produce curated touring exhibitions, arrange screenings and special venues with artists talks.

Thurs 18th 10 pm

Ron Diorio US season of wants  2008 2 min 20s

Joana Linda PT AND FROM NOW ON THERE SHALL BE NO MORE WOLVES (o caçador)  13 min 14s 2009 

Fernando  Jover ES Champagne Supernova   36 min  2009 

Laura Brocken GB   Tell  2min 35s 2008

Vagner Whitehead BR/US  Home 4min 21s 2008 

Pierre and Jean Villemin FR le haricot bleu 2 min 30s 2009 

Edin Bairic DE Der Traum  6 min 29s 2008

Ron Diorio US Embarkation  2 min 35s  2009 

Julia Guillén Creagh ES Sombras en el viento   Shadows in the Wind  19 min 2009  

Vagner Whitehead BR/US  beautiful  6min 23s 2008 

Neil  Needleman US Meeskeit  7 min 30s 2009

Wed 17th 7 pm

“But in truth, should I meet with gold or spices in great quantity, I shall remain till I collect as much as possible, and for this purpose I am
proceeding solely in quest of them.”
Christopher Columbus

speak to me
Speak to Me by Elle Burchill

Peggy Ahwesh US Bethlehem 8min 2009

Michel Auder US The Thin Line Between Heaven and Hell 6min 30s 2009

Elle Burchill US Speak to Me 5min 30s 2009

Bradley Eros US Transformers Transformed 7min 2009

Jeanne Liotta US Sutro 3min 2009

Jonas Mekas US From Lucca 7min 30s 2009

Keith Sanborn US The Force of Beauty: The Beauty of Force 3min 20s 2008

Ray Sweeten US Mono Frames 11min 2009

Matt Wolf US Boca 3min 40s 2008

Tue 16th 6 pm

Zsolt Keserue HU “Dreams Come True” 24min 00sec 2009

Zsolt Keserue Dreams Come True

In Dunaújváros, a city inhabited primarily by workers, most forums of culture are practically unknown to the majority of the population. The number of puplic spaces that feel authentic to young people are – similarly to any settlement of this size – meagre. Thus, what is left is playing music together, primarily in a genre wich, once stood for freedom but is, by now, barely definable, wich speaks to “everyone”, and seeks directness in its lyrics: rock music.

Only garages have offered a suitable site for rehearsing; it is there that bands gather to make music after working hours. Their attitudes regarding this fact are very varied: merciless self-critique, hope concealed by disillusionment; great and confusing plans can be found in parallel within the same band. There are some for whom garage music is self-actualisation in itself, others hope for large stages and audiences of ten thousand people. Upon taking a closer look at the community, we can also discover an interesting mesh of dynamics: passions, “master-apprentice” relationships, perfectionism, envy – almost everything that would come into play in a “high stake game” milieu. In this particular niche, a strange flavour is added to the mix by the fact that most of the bands play almost only for themselves.

The first interviews were made in 2002 involved 16 bands whose members spoke about their past, their everyday lives, their plans, and their ars poetics. When, in 2008, on the apropos of a garage rock festival, the interviews were continued, only 3 of the 16 bands were still active, and with significant changes as regards band members. The film endeavours to explore the system of relationships within this community, examining the reasons and motivations of those who dedicate their time, energy and considerable sums of money to this particular experiment in self expression which, under the diguise of a hobby, promises the realisation of the rock and roll dream, and which, more aften than not, is doomed to failure.

For more information on the Urban Research program
click here:

Tue 16th 8:30 pm

Festival Videobardo – Buenos Aires selected by Javier Robledo

presented by Jakob Kirchheim

Javier Robledo - Diogenes Fortuito

Trailer Videobardo 1min 10s
Javier Robledo AR Primera Necesidad – Tercer Milenio 4min 29s 2006  
Javier Robledo AR Diogenes Fortuito 4min 18s 2004
Silvana Franzetti and Jakob Kirchheim DE Cables 3min 32min 2005
Mark Sutherland CA Poem In Memory of Jack Donovan Foley 2min 35s
Christian Panebianco IT Città Velate 4min 2004
Dana Wegman IL Windows 10min 42s 1999

Overall 31min 46s

Festival VideoBardo

Mon 15th 8 pm

Stefan Adamski PL Induction 3min 2007

Barbara Rosenthal US Rules 1 min 2009

Masha Godovannaya RU Two Home Movies 8 min 42s 2009

Heidi Neubauer-Winterburn FR/US   i02-09: We Interrogate the Detainees    9 min 52s  2009

Renata Padovan BR  So Shall it Be   3m 13s 2009

Catherine Forster US  Duets   6 min 44s   2009

Kim Collmer US/ DE the Water that Danced  3min 42s 2010

Richard O’Sullivan GB  Broken Windows 5 min 15s  2009

Mores McWreath US The Bud, the Seed, the Egg   15 min 2009

Barbara Rosenthal US Secret Codes 1 min 30s  2010

Katherin McInnis US horizon line 1min 2009

Neil Needleman US Visions of Wasted Time 4:40 2007

Mo 15th 9:30 pm

The first side of our record starts with Royksopp’s track about happiness, then Lyapis Trubetskoy will try to build the society of the future and Lenny Kravitz will fight film credits. Plus videos made of chalk and cardboard, old photographs of New York, dancing vehicles and naked French girls. And finally a deadly karaoke with Metronomy.

Reuben Sutherland GB Happy Up Here 2min 58s 2009

Pasha Е RU Robots 4min 39s 2009

Antoine Hilaire FR Cross the Fader 3min 26s 2008

Jeff Desom LU Morgenrot 3min 35s 2009

Lucinda Schreiber & Yanni Kronenberg AU Autumn Story 3min 30s 2009

Jonas Meier CH One Up Down Left Right 3min 30s 2009

Keith Schofield FR Let Love Rule (Justice Remix) 4min 09s 2009
Lenny Kravitz

Saman Keshavarz US Luv Delux 5min 14s 2009
Cinnamon Chasers

Stephane Manel FR – GB Momma’s Boy 2min 52s 2008

Marcus Söderlund SE No Excuses 4 min 03s 2009 Air France

AlexandLiane GB – DE Shoes 3min 59s 2009

Daniel Franke & Martin W. Maier DE Zum Koenig Geboren 3min 36s 2009

Davy McGuire MO – SA The Girl with Two Tone Hair 4min 27s 2008
The Magdelaine Kays

Ray Tintori US Evident Utensil 2min 52s 2009

Make the Girl Dance FR Baby Baby Baby 4min 21s 2009
Make the Girl Dance

Andy Bruntel US Keechie 3min 34s 2008
No Age

Daniel Eskils SE Boyfriend 3min 27s 2007

Dan Lowe GB Planets 3min 44s 2008

Ewan Jones Morris & Casey Raymond GB Person for the Person 3min 54s 2009
Truckers of Husk

Max Siryi &  Matvey Saburov BY Burevestnik 2min 36s 2009
Lyapis Trubetskoy

Eva Husson FR If I Know You  4 min  2009 The Presets

Ethan Lader US Fur in My Cap 2min 32s 2009
Rob Roy

Romain Gavras FR Stress 6 min 48s 2008 Justice

Megaforce FR A Thing For Me 3 min 28s 2008 Metronomy