Wed 17th 7 pm

“But in truth, should I meet with gold or spices in great quantity, I shall remain till I collect as much as possible, and for this purpose I am
proceeding solely in quest of them.”
Christopher Columbus

speak to me
Speak to Me by Elle Burchill

Peggy Ahwesh US Bethlehem 8min 2009

Michel Auder US The Thin Line Between Heaven and Hell 6min 30s 2009

Elle Burchill US Speak to Me 5min 30s 2009

Bradley Eros US Transformers Transformed 7min 2009

Jeanne Liotta US Sutro 3min 2009

Jonas Mekas US From Lucca 7min 30s 2009

Keith Sanborn US The Force of Beauty: The Beauty of Force 3min 20s 2008

Ray Sweeten US Mono Frames 11min 2009

Matt Wolf US Boca 3min 40s 2008

Wed 17th 8 pm

Who needs a record without the bonus tracks? Wiley will prove that the economical crisis is not a time for sorrow, but for… dance, Cinematic Orchestra will gaze at the US flag, Grizzly Bear will sing in choir and Radiohead will slow down. And that’s not all: abstract analog video, gambling teddy bears, animated sand and dancing furniture. And at the end of the show New Beaters will explain what does «to live good» means.

Kim Gehrig GB Cash in My Pocket 3min 01s 2008

Arseniy Kotov & Evsey Kotov RU I Need Your Love 2min 52s 2009

Jess Holzworth US Gamma Ray 2min 50s 2008

Pomp&Clout US Jeffer 3min 58s 2009
Boys Noize

Ace Norton US Teen Lovers 2min 16s 2009
The Virgins

Hydra US The Reeling 4 min 49s 2009 Passion Pit

Sean Pecknold US Mykonos 3min 47s 2009
Fleet Foxes

Marc Reisbig & Hanne Berkaak GB Id Engager 3min 26s 2008
Of Montreal

Gabriel Watson SE I Rock 2min 2008
Henry Fiat´s Open Sore

Jake Ross CA In Mind 4min 02s 2008
Do Make Say Think

Max Hattler GB – DE – JP Aanaatt 4min 45s 2008

Cesar Diaz Melendez ES No Corras Tanto 4min 40s 2008
El Combolinga

Ray Tintori US Kids 6min 06s 2009

D.A.D.D.Y. IE One Month Off 3min 48s 2008
Bloc Party

Duncan Bone GB – MT Not in a Million Lovers  3min 20s 2008
The Beangrowers

Joe Vanhoutteghem BE Blonde Fire 3min 29s 2009
The Hickey Underworld

Jonas & François FR  D.A.N.C.E. 3min 02s 2007          

Patrick Daughters US Two Weeks 4min 11s 2009
Grizzly Bear

So-Me FR Day´N´Nite 3 min 09s 2009 Kid Cudi

Alex Budovsky US Last Time in Clerkenwell 3min 55s 2007
The Real Tuesday Weld

Claire Carre US Soon We’ll be Found 4min 02s 2008

AlexandLiane GB-DE Shut Up And Let Me Go 2 min 54s 2008        The Ting Tings

Hiro Murai US Heartless 4min 11s 2009
The Fray

Taylor Cohen US The Numbers Song 3min 16s 2009
Acid Girls

Megaforce FR Live Good 3 min 44s 2006 Naive New Beaters

Wed 17th 10 pm

Videos and a live performance by Shanghay Surbir DE

Reverse Swan, 2 min 40s 1997

love & technology, original 18 min 2003, Clip aus dem Video ca. 5 min

Hongkong Depression, original 25 min 1999, drei Clips aus dem Video ca. 10 min

Live Performance, ca.3 min

Wed 17th 10:30 pm

Walden Gallery Berlin presents artport, a new non commercial art space that emphasizes video art by expanding it´s exhibitions with accompanying screenings. Expect a visual roller coaster.

Ein schnell geschnittener  Videorundumschlag junger Künstler, die den Betrachter auf eine Achterbahnfahrt der Seh-und Gefühlsnerven entführt.
Artport, ein nichtkommerzieller Projektraum, Start-und Landebahn für moderne, geistreiche Kunst, vorgestellt von Walden Kunstausstellungen.

Paul Rascheja DE/PL

Fuck!  Series 30s 2009
I´m Possessed  Series 1min 20s 2009
B2C Series 30s 2009
The Crash Series 30s 2009
Angelina 1min 10s 2009
Childhood 2min 20s 2009

Steffen Kasperavicius DE

Topgod 1min 30s 2009
Metronomiac 1min 20s 2008
Cubes 1min 05s 2006
Friction 5min 02s 2009
A 49s 2006

Joas Nebe DE

Fruits 34s 2009
Infinity 14s 2009
Joint 1min 2009
Legs 28s 2009
Kill Joy 2min 27s 2009