The Warm-Up Show

We start into the year with a first night at our new location, the meinblau arthouse at the Pfefferberg. Expect teasing tidbits from the forthcoming 6th Berlin International Directors Lounge. An oeuvre surprise from all flavours, mouth-watering movies that will make you ask for more.

Ausgewählte Leckerbissen, ein kleiner Vorgeschmack auf die Lounge während der Berlinale. Erstmals im meinblau Pfefferberg.

Thursday/Do. 21. Jan meinblau Berlin Mitte, Christinenstraße 18

doors open at 8pm/Einlass ab 20h
program starts around 9pm/ Filme ab ca 21h

still from Toe Jam by Keith Schofield/The BPA

Wed 17th 8 pm

Who needs a record without the bonus tracks? Wiley will prove that the economical crisis is not a time for sorrow, but for… dance, Cinematic Orchestra will gaze at the US flag, Grizzly Bear will sing in choir and Radiohead will slow down. And that’s not all: abstract analog video, gambling teddy bears, animated sand and dancing furniture. And at the end of the show New Beaters will explain what does «to live good» means.

Kim Gehrig GB Cash in My Pocket 3min 01s 2008

Arseniy Kotov & Evsey Kotov RU I Need Your Love 2min 52s 2009

Jess Holzworth US Gamma Ray 2min 50s 2008

Pomp&Clout US Jeffer 3min 58s 2009
Boys Noize

Ace Norton US Teen Lovers 2min 16s 2009
The Virgins

Hydra US The Reeling 4 min 49s 2009 Passion Pit

Sean Pecknold US Mykonos 3min 47s 2009
Fleet Foxes

Marc Reisbig & Hanne Berkaak GB Id Engager 3min 26s 2008
Of Montreal

Gabriel Watson SE I Rock 2min 2008
Henry Fiat´s Open Sore

Jake Ross CA In Mind 4min 02s 2008
Do Make Say Think

Max Hattler GB – DE – JP Aanaatt 4min 45s 2008

Cesar Diaz Melendez ES No Corras Tanto 4min 40s 2008
El Combolinga

Ray Tintori US Kids 6min 06s 2009

D.A.D.D.Y. IE One Month Off 3min 48s 2008
Bloc Party

Duncan Bone GB – MT Not in a Million Lovers  3min 20s 2008
The Beangrowers

Joe Vanhoutteghem BE Blonde Fire 3min 29s 2009
The Hickey Underworld

Jonas & François FR  D.A.N.C.E. 3min 02s 2007          

Patrick Daughters US Two Weeks 4min 11s 2009
Grizzly Bear

So-Me FR Day´N´Nite 3 min 09s 2009 Kid Cudi

Alex Budovsky US Last Time in Clerkenwell 3min 55s 2007
The Real Tuesday Weld

Claire Carre US Soon We’ll be Found 4min 02s 2008

AlexandLiane GB-DE Shut Up And Let Me Go 2 min 54s 2008        The Ting Tings

Hiro Murai US Heartless 4min 11s 2009
The Fray

Taylor Cohen US The Numbers Song 3min 16s 2009
Acid Girls

Megaforce FR Live Good 3 min 44s 2006 Naive New Beaters

Tue 16th 10 pm

The back side of our record: Coldplay plays with the road, Devendra Banhart stars in Bollywood movie, Oi Va Voi cut into pieces, Metallica fights zomies. Mix some dancing hair, depressed animals, watercolors, mosaic and Lily Allen singing a lovely song with a bit of explicit lyrics — and you’ve got a program.

Shynola GB Strawberry Swing 4min 14s 2009

Ilya Коlesnikov RU Automatic 4min 27s 2009
Everything is Made in China & Aerofall

Skinny GB Carmensita 5min 04s 2008  
Devendra Banhart

Katarzyna Kijek & Przemyslaw Adamski PL – GB Everytime 3min 19s 2009
Oi Va Voi

Andre Maat NL The Fantastic Journey of the Underground Man 3min 26s 2008  
De Staat

Alan Poon CA In Our Talons 3 min 53s 2008 The Bowerbirds

Milos Tomic CZ Dlake 3min 15s 2007
Ridina Ahmedova

Hiro Murai US Signs (Armand Van Helden Remix) 3min 24s 2009
Bloc Party

Salazar CA Old World Lies 3min 37s 2009

Julia Pott GB White Corolla 2min 05s 2008
Casiotone for the Painfully Alone

DREE LV Pilseta Naktis 3min 46s 2008
Ozols & Natre

David Mahler AU All The Jokes Are On Me 2min 53s 2009
Firefly Effect

Johan Söderberg SE Det Snurrar I Min Skalle 3 min 51s 2007 Familjen

Dirk Rauscher DE Sansula 3min 39s 2009 Dominik Eulberg

Pasha Е RU Stiletto 3min 43s 2009
The Cutler

Chrisophe Collette CA Ce Soir 3min 20s 2009

danXzen IT Ah! Oh! Aficionados 2min 56s 2009

Simon Laganiere CA Les Peaux de Lievres 3min 16s 2008
Tricot Machine

Gena Buto BY Panters 3min 39s 2007

Dan Lowe GB In Context 3min 46s 2008
Field Music

So-Me DVNO FR 2min 59s  2008  Justice

Thomas Hicks Grown Up and Away 2 min 05s 2008  Paul Steel

Nima Nourizadeh GB  L.E.S. Artistes 3min 30s 2008

Roboshobo US All Nightmare Long 9min 04s 2008

AB/CD/CD FR Fuck You 3min 25s 2009
Lily Allen

Mo 15th 9:30 pm

The first side of our record starts with Royksopp’s track about happiness, then Lyapis Trubetskoy will try to build the society of the future and Lenny Kravitz will fight film credits. Plus videos made of chalk and cardboard, old photographs of New York, dancing vehicles and naked French girls. And finally a deadly karaoke with Metronomy.

Reuben Sutherland GB Happy Up Here 2min 58s 2009

Pasha Е RU Robots 4min 39s 2009

Antoine Hilaire FR Cross the Fader 3min 26s 2008

Jeff Desom LU Morgenrot 3min 35s 2009

Lucinda Schreiber & Yanni Kronenberg AU Autumn Story 3min 30s 2009

Jonas Meier CH One Up Down Left Right 3min 30s 2009

Keith Schofield FR Let Love Rule (Justice Remix) 4min 09s 2009
Lenny Kravitz

Saman Keshavarz US Luv Delux 5min 14s 2009
Cinnamon Chasers

Stephane Manel FR – GB Momma’s Boy 2min 52s 2008

Marcus Söderlund SE No Excuses 4 min 03s 2009 Air France

AlexandLiane GB – DE Shoes 3min 59s 2009

Daniel Franke & Martin W. Maier DE Zum Koenig Geboren 3min 36s 2009

Davy McGuire MO – SA The Girl with Two Tone Hair 4min 27s 2008
The Magdelaine Kays

Ray Tintori US Evident Utensil 2min 52s 2009

Make the Girl Dance FR Baby Baby Baby 4min 21s 2009
Make the Girl Dance

Andy Bruntel US Keechie 3min 34s 2008
No Age

Daniel Eskils SE Boyfriend 3min 27s 2007

Dan Lowe GB Planets 3min 44s 2008

Ewan Jones Morris & Casey Raymond GB Person for the Person 3min 54s 2009
Truckers of Husk

Max Siryi &  Matvey Saburov BY Burevestnik 2min 36s 2009
Lyapis Trubetskoy

Eva Husson FR If I Know You  4 min  2009 The Presets

Ethan Lader US Fur in My Cap 2min 32s 2009
Rob Roy

Romain Gavras FR Stress 6 min 48s 2008 Justice

Megaforce FR A Thing For Me 3 min 28s 2008 Metronomy

We serve you teasing tidbits from the forthcoming 6th Berlin International Directors Lounge. An oeuvre surprise from all flavours, mouth-watering movies that will make
you ask for more. Enjoy the appetizer for a full menu to be be served over eleven days in February.

Thursday/Do. 21. Jan meinblau Berlin Mitte, Christinenstraße 18

doors open at 8pm/Einlass ab 20h
program starts around 9pm/ Filme ab ca 21h

still from Toe Jam by Keith Schofield/The BPA

Sat 13th 10 pm

Where else youʼll get a 90 minutes show compiled of singing turkish market workers, innovative Radioheadʼs music video, home movie of Animal Collective having night fun, Japanese pajama dance, Russian street performers and a flipbook based work?
Nowhere but here. For sure.

Andrei Kagadeev & Nikolai Kopeikin RU Russian Wanderer 4min 0s 2008
Celtic folk song

Jenny Coburn & Thomas Hicks & Will Perrens GB Rock My Boat 4min 10s 2006

Miikka Lommi FI Summertime Cowboy 3min 27s 2007
Husky Rescue

Masha Godovannaya RU Untitled #1 4min 0s 2005
Gianluca Porcu aka LU

Ahmet Tas DE Apple & Ei 5min 35s 2007
Marco Meister

Daniel Eskils SE Sheʼs the One 4min 0s 2008

Keith Schofield US Toe Jam 3min 27s 2008

Pavel Egorov RU Серебро / Silver 4min 0s 2005

Andre Maat & Henk Loorbach NL Squeeze Me 3min 25s 2008
Kraak & Smaak

Markus Wambsganss DE Lightning Bolts and Man Hands 6min 16s 2004
Hymieʼs Basement

Scott Coello GB Breasts on his Back 1min 46s 2008
Son of Robot

Edgar Dubrovskiy LV-GB You Act Like a Baby 2min 50s 2008
Tribes of the City

Catrin Sonnabend DE Micronomic 3min 40s 2005
Lali Puna

Andrew Gibbs SA – GB Florian 4min 34s 2008

K+Me JP My Way 4min 0s 2008

James Frost GB House of Cards 4min 32s 2008

Tilman Hatje & Lukas Thiele DE 4xtra 2min 38s 2008

Radical Friend US Insomnia 4min 17s 2007
Electric President

Lindsey J. Testolin
US An Average Idea 1min 42s 2007
Love in October

Marc Craste GB Will the Summer Make Good for All of Our Sins? 4min 02s 2004

Jon Leone US Fireworks 6min 50s 2007
Animal Collective

JP Bedroom Bossa Band 2min 53s 2006

Overall: 85min 54s

Fri 12th 8 pm

This part of the selection gathers pros and amateurs, big musicians and bands youʼve
never heard of! Such mastodons of independent music as Sigur Ros will be accompanied by Moscowʼs ex-teenager Mujuice and the debut work by Guatemala-based Eduardo Benchoam will challenge already acclaimed animator Clay Lipsky. Intrigued?

Kristofer Ström SE Animals 3min 40s 2008

Keith Schofield US One with the Freaks 3min 31s 2006
The Notwist

Paul Banks GB Shorebound 2min 25s 2008 

Alexei Terekhov RU Lights 3min 30s 2008
Lyapis Trubetskoy

Arni & Kinski IS Hoppipolla 4min 28s 2005
Sigur Ros

Clay Lipsky US Sundown 3min 19s 2006

Takayuki Kozyma JP Satellite 4min 58s 2007
4 bonjour’s parties

AV RU Dubus 4min 09s 2005
Zelany Rashoho

Virgilio Villoresi & Erica il Cane IT The Rain 3min 26s 2007
Lou Rhodes

Lee Lennox GB Girl and the Sea 4min 40s 2005
The Presets

Raymond Prado US Wasted 4min 11s 2008
Matthew Bryan

Price James GB OK 4min 20s 2007

Jesse Ewles US Central and Remote 4min 28s 2007
Grizzly Bear

Roma Litvinov RU Love Park! 5min 20s 2008

Marie Losier US Papal Broken-Dance 6min 2008
Psychic TV

Sophie Gateau FR Boa 3min 01s 2006
Eglantine Gouzy

Jodie Mack US A Joy 3min 03s 2005
Four Tet & Kieran Hebden

Tom Scholefield GB You Got Me Up 2min 0s 2006
Jamie Lidell

Celia Galan & Ana Lorenz ES Fugaz 4min 28s 2008
The Pinker Tones

Imery Watson GB – NZ Sloup 4min50s 2006
Susumu Yokota

Kids of Eighties FR Motherfucker 2min 53s 2007

Eduardo Benchoam GT Just Like a Drummer 3min 47s 2008
The Wave Pictures

Overall: 86min 27s