Tue 16th 10 pm

The back side of our record: Coldplay plays with the road, Devendra Banhart stars in Bollywood movie, Oi Va Voi cut into pieces, Metallica fights zomies. Mix some dancing hair, depressed animals, watercolors, mosaic and Lily Allen singing a lovely song with a bit of explicit lyrics — and you’ve got a program.

Shynola GB Strawberry Swing 4min 14s 2009

Ilya Коlesnikov RU Automatic 4min 27s 2009
Everything is Made in China & Aerofall

Skinny GB Carmensita 5min 04s 2008  
Devendra Banhart

Katarzyna Kijek & Przemyslaw Adamski PL – GB Everytime 3min 19s 2009
Oi Va Voi

Andre Maat NL The Fantastic Journey of the Underground Man 3min 26s 2008  
De Staat

Alan Poon CA In Our Talons 3 min 53s 2008 The Bowerbirds

Milos Tomic CZ Dlake 3min 15s 2007
Ridina Ahmedova

Hiro Murai US Signs (Armand Van Helden Remix) 3min 24s 2009
Bloc Party

Salazar CA Old World Lies 3min 37s 2009

Julia Pott GB White Corolla 2min 05s 2008
Casiotone for the Painfully Alone

DREE LV Pilseta Naktis 3min 46s 2008
Ozols & Natre

David Mahler AU All The Jokes Are On Me 2min 53s 2009
Firefly Effect

Johan Söderberg SE Det Snurrar I Min Skalle 3 min 51s 2007 Familjen

Dirk Rauscher DE Sansula 3min 39s 2009 Dominik Eulberg

Pasha Е RU Stiletto 3min 43s 2009
The Cutler

Chrisophe Collette CA Ce Soir 3min 20s 2009

danXzen IT Ah! Oh! Aficionados 2min 56s 2009

Simon Laganiere CA Les Peaux de Lievres 3min 16s 2008
Tricot Machine

Gena Buto BY Panters 3min 39s 2007

Dan Lowe GB In Context 3min 46s 2008
Field Music

So-Me DVNO FR 2min 59s  2008  Justice

Thomas Hicks Grown Up and Away 2 min 05s 2008  Paul Steel

Nima Nourizadeh GB  L.E.S. Artistes 3min 30s 2008

Roboshobo US All Nightmare Long 9min 04s 2008

AB/CD/CD FR Fuck You 3min 25s 2009
Lily Allen