Sat 13th 10 pm

Where else youʼll get a 90 minutes show compiled of singing turkish market workers, innovative Radioheadʼs music video, home movie of Animal Collective having night fun, Japanese pajama dance, Russian street performers and a flipbook based work?
Nowhere but here. For sure.

Andrei Kagadeev & Nikolai Kopeikin RU Russian Wanderer 4min 0s 2008
Celtic folk song

Jenny Coburn & Thomas Hicks & Will Perrens GB Rock My Boat 4min 10s 2006

Miikka Lommi FI Summertime Cowboy 3min 27s 2007
Husky Rescue

Masha Godovannaya RU Untitled #1 4min 0s 2005
Gianluca Porcu aka LU

Ahmet Tas DE Apple & Ei 5min 35s 2007
Marco Meister

Daniel Eskils SE Sheʼs the One 4min 0s 2008

Keith Schofield US Toe Jam 3min 27s 2008

Pavel Egorov RU Серебро / Silver 4min 0s 2005

Andre Maat & Henk Loorbach NL Squeeze Me 3min 25s 2008
Kraak & Smaak

Markus Wambsganss DE Lightning Bolts and Man Hands 6min 16s 2004
Hymieʼs Basement

Scott Coello GB Breasts on his Back 1min 46s 2008
Son of Robot

Edgar Dubrovskiy LV-GB You Act Like a Baby 2min 50s 2008
Tribes of the City

Catrin Sonnabend DE Micronomic 3min 40s 2005
Lali Puna

Andrew Gibbs SA – GB Florian 4min 34s 2008

K+Me JP My Way 4min 0s 2008

James Frost GB House of Cards 4min 32s 2008

Tilman Hatje & Lukas Thiele DE 4xtra 2min 38s 2008

Radical Friend US Insomnia 4min 17s 2007
Electric President

Lindsey J. Testolin
US An Average Idea 1min 42s 2007
Love in October

Marc Craste GB Will the Summer Make Good for All of Our Sins? 4min 02s 2004

Jon Leone US Fireworks 6min 50s 2007
Animal Collective

JP Bedroom Bossa Band 2min 53s 2006

Overall: 85min 54s