Fri 12th 8 pm

This part of the selection gathers pros and amateurs, big musicians and bands youʼve
never heard of! Such mastodons of independent music as Sigur Ros will be accompanied by Moscowʼs ex-teenager Mujuice and the debut work by Guatemala-based Eduardo Benchoam will challenge already acclaimed animator Clay Lipsky. Intrigued?

Kristofer Ström SE Animals 3min 40s 2008

Keith Schofield US One with the Freaks 3min 31s 2006
The Notwist

Paul Banks GB Shorebound 2min 25s 2008 

Alexei Terekhov RU Lights 3min 30s 2008
Lyapis Trubetskoy

Arni & Kinski IS Hoppipolla 4min 28s 2005
Sigur Ros

Clay Lipsky US Sundown 3min 19s 2006

Takayuki Kozyma JP Satellite 4min 58s 2007
4 bonjour’s parties

AV RU Dubus 4min 09s 2005
Zelany Rashoho

Virgilio Villoresi & Erica il Cane IT The Rain 3min 26s 2007
Lou Rhodes

Lee Lennox GB Girl and the Sea 4min 40s 2005
The Presets

Raymond Prado US Wasted 4min 11s 2008
Matthew Bryan

Price James GB OK 4min 20s 2007

Jesse Ewles US Central and Remote 4min 28s 2007
Grizzly Bear

Roma Litvinov RU Love Park! 5min 20s 2008

Marie Losier US Papal Broken-Dance 6min 2008
Psychic TV

Sophie Gateau FR Boa 3min 01s 2006
Eglantine Gouzy

Jodie Mack US A Joy 3min 03s 2005
Four Tet & Kieran Hebden

Tom Scholefield GB You Got Me Up 2min 0s 2006
Jamie Lidell

Celia Galan & Ana Lorenz ES Fugaz 4min 28s 2008
The Pinker Tones

Imery Watson GB – NZ Sloup 4min50s 2006
Susumu Yokota

Kids of Eighties FR Motherfucker 2min 53s 2007

Eduardo Benchoam GT Just Like a Drummer 3min 47s 2008
The Wave Pictures

Overall: 86min 27s