Mon 15th 7pm

The program was inspired by Patti Smith’s recording “Because the Night”, and reflects the multiple facets of human behavior and local habitats in the night.

Paulo Fernandez CL Somnio 1min 37s 2008

Caleb Engstrom US Outside the Portico or An Exploration Into the Night Time of Wilderness 1min 28s 2008

Pierre St-Jacques US Project for a Grey Dress 12min 30s 2005

Christina McPhee US Salt 9min 2004

Midori Sakuraï JP/FR αθδ (alfa / thêta / delta) 5min 54s 2008

Michael Szpakowski GB Corps 3min 48s 2007

Fabienne Gautier FR NIGHT WALK 5min 2004

Mon 15th 8 pm

Stefan Adamski PL Induction 3min 2007

Barbara Rosenthal US Rules 1 min 2009

Masha Godovannaya RU Two Home Movies 8 min 42s 2009

Heidi Neubauer-Winterburn FR/US   i02-09: We Interrogate the Detainees    9 min 52s  2009

Renata Padovan BR  So Shall it Be   3m 13s 2009

Catherine Forster US  Duets   6 min 44s   2009

Kim Collmer US/ DE the Water that Danced  3min 42s 2010

Richard O’Sullivan GB  Broken Windows 5 min 15s  2009

Mores McWreath US The Bud, the Seed, the Egg   15 min 2009

Barbara Rosenthal US Secret Codes 1 min 30s  2010

Katherin McInnis US horizon line 1min 2009

Neil Needleman US Visions of Wasted Time 4:40 2007

Mo 15th 9:30 pm

The first side of our record starts with Royksopp’s track about happiness, then Lyapis Trubetskoy will try to build the society of the future and Lenny Kravitz will fight film credits. Plus videos made of chalk and cardboard, old photographs of New York, dancing vehicles and naked French girls. And finally a deadly karaoke with Metronomy.

Reuben Sutherland GB Happy Up Here 2min 58s 2009

Pasha Е RU Robots 4min 39s 2009

Antoine Hilaire FR Cross the Fader 3min 26s 2008

Jeff Desom LU Morgenrot 3min 35s 2009

Lucinda Schreiber & Yanni Kronenberg AU Autumn Story 3min 30s 2009

Jonas Meier CH One Up Down Left Right 3min 30s 2009

Keith Schofield FR Let Love Rule (Justice Remix) 4min 09s 2009
Lenny Kravitz

Saman Keshavarz US Luv Delux 5min 14s 2009
Cinnamon Chasers

Stephane Manel FR – GB Momma’s Boy 2min 52s 2008

Marcus Söderlund SE No Excuses 4 min 03s 2009 Air France

AlexandLiane GB – DE Shoes 3min 59s 2009

Daniel Franke & Martin W. Maier DE Zum Koenig Geboren 3min 36s 2009

Davy McGuire MO – SA The Girl with Two Tone Hair 4min 27s 2008
The Magdelaine Kays

Ray Tintori US Evident Utensil 2min 52s 2009

Make the Girl Dance FR Baby Baby Baby 4min 21s 2009
Make the Girl Dance

Andy Bruntel US Keechie 3min 34s 2008
No Age

Daniel Eskils SE Boyfriend 3min 27s 2007

Dan Lowe GB Planets 3min 44s 2008

Ewan Jones Morris & Casey Raymond GB Person for the Person 3min 54s 2009
Truckers of Husk

Max Siryi &  Matvey Saburov BY Burevestnik 2min 36s 2009
Lyapis Trubetskoy

Eva Husson FR If I Know You  4 min  2009 The Presets

Ethan Lader US Fur in My Cap 2min 32s 2009
Rob Roy

Romain Gavras FR Stress 6 min 48s 2008 Justice

Megaforce FR A Thing For Me 3 min 28s 2008 Metronomy

Mo 15th 11:30 pm

Frank Biesendorfer US/DE Homebodies S8 12 min 1998-2004

Kim Collmer US/DE Postcard From The Deep 3 min 49s 2010

Deborah White AU Version tours 4 min 30s 2006

Lucinda Schreiber & Yanni Kronenberg AU Autumn Story 3 min 30s 2009

Shaun Wilson AU Gothic Memoria 31 min 2009

Heiko Daxl & Ingeborg Fülepp DE Changes 13 min 2004-2008