Thurs 18th 6:00 pm

The success of modern cities as social entities is connected with the liability of relative security and trust in the social contract between citizens. As Jan Philippe Reemtsma states: “If I happen to drop into a violent situation, I will neither be made responsible for not being armed, nor for not being able to defend myself.” (memory-quoted). Although this unwritten contract is part of the production of modernity, urban identity, myths and symbols often tell about violent situations. The films in this program trace the uncanny in contemporary settings, they show hidden and small stories, which may remind us about how delicate that construction is, a balance between the opposite dangers of enforced order and violent social decay. Does it wonder that the selection presents films from Israel, the United States and one about Berlin?

Hadas Tapouchi IL Moel Yad 6min 00sec 2009

Keren Zaltz IL Mall 5min 55sec 2008

Elham Rokni IL Drive! 1min 32sec 2008

Kevin Jerome Everson US Ike 02min 25sec 2008

Esther Podemski and Chuck Schultz US 5 Days in July 10min 00sec 2008

Dominic Angerame US Premonition 23min 00sec 1997

Kevin Jerome Everson US Second and Lee 02min 47sec 2008

Sergio De La Torre US Nuevo Dragon City 14min 00sec 2008

Charles Chadwick US Genetic Reclamation Area 05min 48sec 2008

Christina McPhee US Seven After Eleven 07min sec 2008

Rinat Edelstein IL Play Ground 06min 58sec 2009

Christina McPhee Seven After Eleven

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Thurs 18th 8:15 pm

Undo – the films of Jean-Gabriel Périot FR

PRTRT 30s 2008 looped

Entre Chiens Et Loups (between dogs and wolves) 30 min 2008

avant j´étais triste – before I was sad 2 min  2002

Undo 10 min 35mm 2005

we are winning don´t forget 7 min 35mm 2004

the delicat art of the bludgeon 2009  4 min

Dies Irae 10 min  DV 2005

Even If She Had Been A Criminal 9 min DV 2005

nijuman go borei 200.000 phantoms 11 min, DV, 2007

83 min

In attendance of Jean-Gabriel Périot

Thurs 18th 10 pm

Ron Diorio US season of wants  2008 2 min 20s

Joana Linda PT AND FROM NOW ON THERE SHALL BE NO MORE WOLVES (o caçador)  13 min 14s 2009 

Fernando  Jover ES Champagne Supernova   36 min  2009 

Laura Brocken GB   Tell  2min 35s 2008

Vagner Whitehead BR/US  Home 4min 21s 2008 

Pierre and Jean Villemin FR le haricot bleu 2 min 30s 2009 

Edin Bairic DE Der Traum  6 min 29s 2008

Ron Diorio US Embarkation  2 min 35s  2009 

Julia Guillén Creagh ES Sombras en el viento   Shadows in the Wind  19 min 2009  

Vagner Whitehead BR/US  beautiful  6min 23s 2008 

Neil  Needleman US Meeskeit  7 min 30s 2009