U144 – Untergrundmuseum Berlin

A video by Aida Kadrispahic, a tour through the underground museum as a walk-through history, art and Wunderkammer, walk-through search engine in Berlin Mitte. The story moves through 9 thematic rooms from the first industrial revolution to today’s issues of social ecological transformation. (in German)..



realitätsnah | close to reality, a group exhibition at Tor 218 Artlab, Berlin. Michael Vorfeld, GLÜHLAMPEN-CONNECTIONS

realitätsnah | close to reality

Approaches to reality at Tor218 Artlab gallery

8.12. 2022 – 14.1. 2023

It is not without a certain irony that it is becoming increasingly difficult to focus on the real. It is becoming increasingly difficult to direct one’s gaze to the real, the actual. The works united in the exhibition close to reality open in very different ways the view of what is really. … read more

U144 | Das Untergrundmuseum Berlin

What started in the 1990s as a collection of disbanded GDR industrial outlets is now an established mini museum in Berlin’s underground. Literally.

In a cellar vault dating from 1795, the U144 uses original objects to tell the story of the city, industrial culture, and social history, and in doing so aims above all to trigger questions in its visitors. Are we really where we want to be in terms of social and economic policy?

U144 is a project by artist duo Ania Rudolph and Rainer Goerss.



Contemporary Art Ruhr: Photo / Media Art Fair

Meet us at the Contemporary Art Ruhr at Zeche Zollverein, 5 – 7 August, 2022 Directors Lounge, founded and based in Berlin, presents selected positions of contemporary photo and media art. Interdisciplinary works combine sound sculpture, performance and photography (Michael Vorfeld), action and documentation (Ania Rudolph/Rainer Görß) or take place at the intersection of image …

Es ist Krieg | It’s war by Ania Rudolph & Rainer Goerss

a generational project using sound quotes from the Ukraine war & gun advertising & four liberated trees from a discount store

(Ein Generationenprojekt mit Tonzitaten aus dem Ukraine-Krieg & Waffenwerbung & vier befreiten Bäumen aus einem Discounter )

Shade – Lawn – Vacuuming  |  Schatten – Rasen – saugen

by Ania Rudolph & Rainer Goerss

Part of DNA, Die Neuen Alten bei TikTok ( Rainer Goerss | Ania Rudolph)

CO2 Chancellery Office by Ania Rudolph & Rainer Goerss

Part of DNA, Die Neuen Alten bei TikTok ( Rainer Goerss | Ania Rudolph)

the new old ones – at Tiktok are across the format, they are looking for new meaning systems
They are also glad that small shaky videos are ok now, that was different in the last century.