16.02.13 / Saturday / Day 10


Dive into the international pool of the Directors Lounge Open Call, not once, not twice, but THREE times, with back-to-back DL Selection programs that rule this night of short film splashes. DL Selection V throws up three of tonight’s six World Premieres, one each from the US (JB Mabe), Italy (Fabio Scacchioli & Vincenzo Core) and Germany. Petra Lottje is personally on hand for the last of these, with her quick flick “Also gut”. Also in the swim of the visiting filmmakers in this block is Daniela Zahlner (Austria) with “Bolex Mon Amour”. Throw in a European and two German Premieres, plus a host of other short film pearls and you’ve got a cinematic high-water mark, starting at 18:00 (6:00 pm). Selection VI (at 21:00/9:00 pm) is no less buoyant, with one European and two World Premieres (from Canada’s Grace Wang and France’s Pierre et Jean Villemin) in this set, plus a visit from Alina Cyranek (DE/CN) with her short dip “Fractured”. The third grouping, DL Selection VII at 22:15 (10:15 pm), has another World Premiere (from Christinavon Greve, DE) plus one German and three European ones. Bernd Lützeler will also be in attendance to shed light on “The Voice of God”. A set to wade chin-deep in! Then Lilian-Maria does it live at 23:30 (11:30 pm), purring and growling out music to get happily drenched in. Powerful strokes toward the horizon follow from Sternchen house DJs Jouka & Stupid Muzak, who set down beats you can submerge yourself into in the open-end Night Lounge. Leave dry land (and film events) and take the plunge with us tonight!

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pictured: Bernd Lützeler The Voice of God;  Josh Weissbach, 106 River Road

15.02.13 / Friday / Day 9


If you think you know this world, think again… Klaus W. Eisenlohr’s Urban Research programs (tonight, Mark III) always get you thinking again. “Interventions, Transforming Space” goes that mile and more: ignore those film titles like “Pass by” and “sawaruna [don’t touch!],” the door is wide open and the screen is waiting for you, starting at 18:00 (6:00 pm). From 21:00 (9:00 pm), it’s the SHORT FILM PARTY, which is anything but (short, that is)! Running till dawn, it’s hardly short on moving picture gems either, throwing up the choicest cuts from 28th (!) outing of the ever-popular Interfilm Short Film Festival, which teases the genre out of the museum and back to the big screen with in turns thought-provoking, off-the-wall and hilarious shorts that have crowds yelling for more. Into the mix come live sets from the Israeli psychedelic trance act Analog Pussy (22:00/10:00 pm) and the dirty-country-jazz diva Susanna Berivan (23:30/11:30 pm), plus the inimitable “Pale Music Int.” and “Berlin Insane” underground festival founder Steve Morell at the turntables starting around midnight. This is a party that won’t take no for an answer. Miss it at your own peril!

Fri. 15 the program

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pictured: Vägra Dö Slöe by Anna Azcárate

14.02.13 / Thursday / Day 8


First up tonight, Medienwerkstatt Berlin introduces their smorgasbord of possibilities. If you’re looking for better ways to get your creative juices out of the glass and into a presentable, produced form, don’t look further… be there at 18:00 (6:00 pm). Then festival director Levent Arslan and our compatriots from the International Short Film Festival Detmold (ISFF) show why this film fe(a)st draws such crowds, with the cream of their crop on the screen at 19:30 (7:30 pm). Dalia Huerta Cano (Mexico) then asks the cinematic question “¿Olvida Usted Algo?” in European Premiere… objects shift space and meaning in this short film at 21:00 (9:00 pm). Following the voyage, DL Selection IV brings another sackful of World Premieres: Mihai Grecu and Thibault Gleize (Romania), Pablo Chavarría Gutiérrez (Mexico), Oded Arad in attendance (Israel) and Karl F. Stewart (US/Germany) all give [DL9] the honour of screening their new films here first, alongside further European and German Premieres tonight at 21:30 (9:30 pm). Last up, putting a manic, dysfunctional family where they belong (on the screen), “Paradise East” by Nick Taylor (USA, in attendance) takes over as DL Night Movie. Here, you’ll meet an unhinged dad and his even more unhinged sons, crazy ladies and a minister you’ll not likely forget. Valentine’s Day with a twist (and the twisted). Compare notes and feel better about your own family with this pitch black comedy starting at 23:00 (11:00 pm). The best way to spend an evening “at home”!

Thu. 14 the program

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pictured: Nick Taylor (US) “Paradise East"; Wuttin Chansataboot (TH) “Visual Element”



13.02.13 / Wednesday / Day 7


What pleasure can’t you service tonight? First with a four-pack of filmmakers in person with their fine flicks in tow. From Iran, Ali Asgari; from the USA, Roger Deutsch, from the Netherlands, Irina Birger… and native daughter Dagie Brundert rounds up the announced arrivals for the film block DL Selection III, which promises the open your eyes wide and keep them that way. Plenty of premieres here too, three German and two European. The indulgence gets underway at 19:00 (7:00 pm)… and opens up wide at 21:00 (9:00 pm), when the Big Bang goes from theory to fact and the nothing short of fab FESTIWELT PARTY gets swinging. A staggering list of filmfests come together and get loose and funky, with live kicks coming at you from the soul songstress Lili Sommerfeld and heavy chanson dynamo Shirley Holmes, plus spinning disc sets from DJs ALTERnEGrO (House), Foxy Boxer (Indie, Electro), Youngbois (Italo Disco) and DJ Just Aprés (Deep House, Deep Feeling), and more you can’t do without. Scintillatingly, sinfully cinelicious… you’ll want to be there to lap it up, every last drop. Open end, but of course! Make sure you make your way over!

imageIrina Birger “Irina Birger thinks drawing is important”

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12.02.13 / Tuesday / Day 6


The Riga International Short Film Festival 2ANNAS kicks off tonight’s cinematic morsels with Latvia’s choicest contemporary screen works, presented by Amanda Boka and Baiba Matisone at 18:00 (6:00 pm). It’s not far from there to Albuquerque, care of Experiments in Cinema, whose “un-dependents” remind us that there is more to cinema than “popcorn poo-poo” with this healthy portion of appetizing works from Basement Films first seven years. These tasty film-snacks, presented by Bryan Konefsky, and entitled “Happiness is a Warm Projector,” can be had at 20:00 (8:00 pm). At 21:30 (9:30 pm), Semaluby Jimmy Hendrickx from Belgium will be shown in European Premiere, a short film on the children of the swamp-turned-Kuala-Lumpur-suburb Cheras and their self-discovery. Our resident Russian rebel filmmaker/curator Alexei Dmitriev then follows this with his program I, Us, Them: Person, Family, Society, about individuals in groups of all sizes, in attendance of director Vika Kirchenbauer. Be there for these treats (and Dmitriev’s extra-dry wit) at 22:00 (10:00 pm) The night slides sensuously into seduction with Sex Equo (Sex in the Foreground) by Werther Germondari and Maria Laura Spagnoli in German Premiere, with its platter of naughty, voyeueristic, non-linear pleasures, one for each fruit. Leave the kids at home, these vignettes are chock full of X-rated X-factor, a perfect prelude to your own playful proposals… food for thought (and some chuckles) at 23:30 (11:30). Finally, the Nightlounge takes over the wee hours the best way possible. The whole shebang tonight at [DL9]!

Tues. 12 the program

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11.02.13 / Monday / Day 5


Labor Berlin starts off tonight’s offerings with 16mm works using up to three projectors simultaneously. An increasingly rare event worth catching, at 18:00 (6:00 pm). Then Klaus W. Eisenlohr follows with his second “Urban Research” excursion, “Personal Histories = Places,“ presenting a curated program of visually arresting short films (19:00/7:00 pm). Next up, the DL9 Selection II has no less than seven World Premieres, with three of the filmmakers on hand to share more about their visions. Iolanda La Carrubba of Italy serves up “La Sesta Vocale (the sixth vocal)” and Enrico Viets (Germany) his “Petrolfilm,”whileTorontonian-turned-Parisian Matthew Lancit gives us ironic self-loathing and a boy/young man/old man split of himself in two shorts, “16 Reasons Why I Hate Myself” and “Death Of A Gentleman”. Also in attendance is Cathy Lee Crane (US) with “Adrift.” Meet these cinematic story-crafters tonight at 20:30 (8:30 pm). Then at 22:30 (10:30 pm), KROATIEN KREATIV (Ivan Marusic KLIF and Hrvoje Niksic) gives an audio-visual art performance to mark Croatia’s accession to the EU. (Supporting curators: Dr. Alida Bremer and Ingeborg Fülepp.) The night remains young with a live performance byCourage + Craft at 23:30 (11:30 pm), a trio (including contrabass) led by the soaring and diving vocals of opera-singer Nikko Moss in a hybrid of grab-your-heart torchsong and slap-in-the-face irony. Nikko’s offbeat persona charms without fail. All tonight at [DL9]… see you there!

Please note that due to travelling troubles, we had to switch the 2ANNAS with Urban Research. 2ANNAS will be screened on Tues. 12th

Mon. 11 the program

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Ajitesh Sharma’s “SWEN” in World Premiere at the 9th Berlin International Directors Lounge

by Kenton Turk

What does he know of India who only one India knows? Many-skinned India reveals itself like a bloom shedding petals in the wind, but the world outside sees mostly two of these. Bollywood’s sparkling otherworldliness has captured the eyes and ears of an international audience, and educational documentaries about life’s difficulties in the sub-continent’s over-populated slums perhaps their hearts as well. But trying to grasp India by taking in a Bollywood flick would be like preparing for a trip to New York by visiting Disneyland first. And while poverty and squalor may still much be a part of the world’s fastest-growing population, the future is headed elsewhere.

Ajitesh Sharma’s “SWEN” (taken from “South West East North”) presents drama from an India less often seen internationally. This is the third India, the BRIC nation rising into the world’s top ten economies. Neither poverty-induced misery nor lights-camera-action musical, “SWEN” is people, their interaction and their fates.

Sharma’s association with Directors Lounge is not new. In 2010, DL in its sixth annual outing presented his 44-minute “Visible Bra Straps” in World Premiere. The film went on to many another festival, including Cannes, and was ultimately chosen as India’s official entry into the Asian Pacific Film Awards, the “Oscar” of this emerging region. Its star and perhaps Sharma’s muse, the beautiful Reeth Mazumder, also takes the lead in SWEN. At her side is the similarly attractive Johnny Baweja (aka Gurjot Singh).

What is new here? More than anything, that India has arrived to take its place there where other countries have tread, but with a cinematic accent and lifestyle all its own. It does well to remember that the film comes from a nation whose first screen kiss in 1978 (!) caused an uproar and a major debate on censorship. As such, the comfortable approach to lovemaking scenes in “SWEN” must be seen as a great leap forward. These sequences are indeed sensuously shot, and conjure up none of the hot-toned, giddy romantic interaction of Bollywood. Rather as the West might know it, but this is still unmistakenly another world. It might feel strange to the viewer to match these images to this country, unless preconceptions can be left at the door. India is, definitely, changing.

If we are ill at ease with an India of unforced mannerism and relative affluence, then maybe because it has been our standpoint to see the great land from colonialists’ or tourists’ eyes, our poor brother full of colour and tradition, but concerned with day-to-day problems of survival. That battle is not over, but much of it is being won, so that Indian cinema can redirect its focus from song-and-dance numbers and predictable plotlines and turn itself to dealing with life and relationships in the modern world. Here, shiny cars are driven, wine is sipped and private pools are swum in while people, in this case four women, discover unexpected connections, all to a soundtrack that is far from what a tour guide would choose to give his customers the feeling of “experiencing” India as they expect it. But make no mistake, this is where India is headed. Sharma offers up a slice of the emerging India today, maybe the accepted picture of India tommorow.


Presented by Tripat Paul Aggarwal, First Vice President of International Federation of Film Producers Associations (FIAPF)

Sun 10 the program

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10.02.13 / Sunday / Day 4


Heiko Daxl and Ingeborg Fülepp, longtime media art names-to-know, together founded Media in Motion, which is just that: media art with legs to travel internationally. After Daxl’s passing last year, Fülepp continued their joint efforts, and brings to DL9 some of his early video works as well as works produced together. Sorely missed, Heiko Daxl returns via the screen (18:00/6:00 pm). The first of two World Premieres follows: India far from the familiar squalor or Bollywood, the new India, in Ajitesh Sharma’s drama “SWEN” (from “South West East North”), which follows four women and their unexpected connection. [DL9] is especially honoured to welcome the film’s stars Reeth Mazumder and Johnny Baweja (aka Gurjot Singh) in person, flying in from India for this occasion. A rare opportunity to meet these heartthrobs of Indian cinema in the flesh. Presented by Tripat Paul Aggarwal, First Vice President of International Federation of Film Producers Associations (FIAPF) at 19:30 (7:30 pm). Not to miss! From here (21:30/9:30 pm), also in World Premiere, we dive into the seedy world of Miron Zownir’s “Absturz” (“Washout”), with Deutscher Filmpreis winner Birol Ünel as well as Rummelsnuff, Gloria Viagra and other striking Berlin creatures, also in attendance tonight with the director. This short was filmed in Naherholung Sternchen, exactly where you will be seated when viewing the film… the rarest of film-meets-reality experiences. Then at 22:00 (10:00 pm)“Dirty Old Town” (by Jenner Furst, Daniel B. Levin and Julia Willoughby Nason) presented by Dietmar Kirves whisks you to New York’s in flux Bowery district. “Fucking real” says Abel Ferrara; “Oddly touching” says Jim Jarmusch. Around 23:00 (11:00 pm), Kraftwerk founding member Eberhard Kranemann performs an audio-visual set live with Usaginingen/Taco of Japan, and the Night Lounge rounds is all off. A Sunday extraordinaire… be on board!

Sun 10 the program

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09.02.13 / Saturday / Day 3


DLer (and fedora aficionado) Klaus W. Eisenlohr presents the first of his Urban Development curated programs at [DL9] tonight, and his “Habitats, Homelands and Bridges” will have you walking the terrain of four continents. Be there at 18:00 (6.00 pm) to take the global jaunt. Then the exotically-named Thomas Zandegiacomo Del Bel brings us special picks from the Zebra Poetry Film Festival, not the stroll into soft lyrical musings you might mistake it to be. See Phnom Penh’s Kosal Khiev after a 14-year stretch in a US prison in Masahiro Sugano’s film “Why I Write” (part of the program) and you’ll know what we mean. Starts 20:00 (8:00 pm). At 22:00 (10:00 pm), the sweet-voiced John Sampson (Swimming), in from England, premieres his project “Tricolour Sun,” in which bass grabs you and aura-filled techno/dance grooves do the rest. More! A bevy of short films, DL Selection I, starts at 23:00 (11:00 pm), including one German, two European and even a World Premiere (“The Birthday Boy” by Italy’s Erika Tasini, tonight in attendance) in the lot. Ireland’sRobin Lochman will also be there with “Kult Leader.” Still more! DJs Jouka & Stupid Muzak spin in the Night Lounge till dawn. OK. (More than) enough for one day. (!)

Sat 09 the program

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pictured: Saana Inari, Don’t Go Home With Satan
               Juan Pablo Zaramella, Luminaris

Flyer design: Christin Grothe


08.02.13 / Friday / Day 2


Crashing in from New York via time machine and landing in Berlin is “The Groovy Dada Lounge Revisted,” a photo show of rare vision by photog supremo Robert Carrithers, who was there when it was happening and was smart enough to capture it in pix… Basquiat, Haring, Club 57, the whole beautiful, crazy mess. Prague’s DJ Ida T spins us through it, and tonight Carrithers will himself be present (show from 18:00/6:00pm, daily)… then comes “Autoluminescent” (by Richard Lowenstein and Lynn-Maree Milburn, Berlin Premiere),a motion picture trip Way Down Under capturing the enigmatic Stoker-esque guitarist Rowland S. Howard in all his gothic glory (19:30/7:30pm). After that, Dim Locator hits with live tones – remnants of the legendary band Fatal Shore with new blood crank “industrial psych-rock” out at 22:00 (10:00pm), and DJ/producer Steve Morell, yes, the “Pale Music Int.” and “Berlin Insane” underground festival founder, spins more to make it all move even more starting at 22:30 (11:30pm). You know you gotta be there!

Fri 08 the program

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