Tues 12 | 6pm


presented by Amanda Boka and Baiba Matisone (both
festival producers)

Riga International Short Film Festival 2ANNAS is an independent festival of film and audiovisual arts, held annually in Riga, Latvia, and is dedicated to seeking out and presenting innovative modes of visual communication.
This programme of fresh and well known moving image pieces from Latvia has been created specially for DLBerlin in collaboration with Video Art Archive of Latvia. The selection is aimed to showcase the most popular authors and upcoming names in contemporary moving image art scene of Latvia, as well as the variety of conceptual and visual content.

Oskars Pavlovskis  Fantoms 01:00 2012 (EP)

Linda Konone  Mer 07:00 2011

Lauris Kalniņš  Little black shit wants to comunicate

Lauris Kalniņš  Sinhronās kustības 02:18 2011

Ieva Balode  …and to dust we shall return  07:20 2011 (GP)

Mārtiņš Zutis  Adventures in cookieland  00:30 2012 (EP)

Paulis Liepa  No LiQUORiCE in RiGA…  00:10 2009

Katrīna Neiburga  Good luck  08:00 2010

Indriķis Ģelzis  Changover  04:30 2010 (GP)

Maija Rudovska and Shirin Sabahi Expired monument  11:29 2011


WP World premiere
EP European premiere
GP German premiere

Tues 12 | 8pm



presented by Byran Konefsky

Happiness is a Warm Projector is a program of select works from the first 7 years of Experiments in Cinema film festival. EIC is an annual celebration of all things cinematic produced by Basement Films. Basement Films is one of the few remaining first wave microcinemas left in the United States that has been supporting underrepresented forms of media since 1991. Each year EIC brings the international community of cinematic “un-dependents” to Albuquerque, New Mexico reminding us that filmmaking has a cultural responsibility that transcends the pathetically produced, popcorn poo-poo that we have come to know as “going to the movies.”

Julie Perini US Little Clips 00:30 2007 (EP)
Brooke Alfaro PA Aria 03:30 2005 (EP)
Wago Kreider US Vienna In The Desert 04:30 2007 (EP)
Diana Fonseca CU Walking Under the Sun 03:30 2007 (EP)
Bryan Konefsky US Does Anyone Ever Really Quit? 02:00 2011 (EP)
Scott Stark US Speechless 13:00 2008 (EP)
Dean Snider US The Night Could Last Forever 03:00 1985 (EP) 
Salise Hughes US How To Draw Clouds 02:00 2010 (EP)
Akosua Adoma Owuso
GH Drexciya12:00 2010 (GP)
Jorge Lorenzo MX 1/48 1/24 second 2007 (EP)
Bryan Konefsky US Miss Yummy Yummy 04:00 2012 (EP)
Lee Hyung Suk KR Western Movie 09:00 2010 (EP)
Ben Popp US Dance of the Deviant 02:00 2009 (EP)
Kerry Laitala US Chromatic Cocktail 180 Proof (3D) 08:00 2011 (EP)
Erik Moskowitz US Soft Version 03:00 2006 (EP)
Irene Collingles ES Descartado 06:00 2011 (EP)
Charles Lum US Lloyd Blankfein Must Die 03:00 2010 (EP)

TRT 80 min


Tues 12 | 9:30 pm

“Semalu” which means Sensitive Plant in Malay, is a cinematic portrait of the children of Cheras, a suburb in Kuala Lumpur. A place in the middle of a transition period of modernization. Between a noizy landscape of construction works we see the youngest generation grow up. The ancestors of this children did not grew up here, they came live here to build a new future. 30 years ago this territory was still jungle and swamp. Far away from the jungle this new urban area will be the kids’ new playground. Here they discover themselves. And here they discover God.

Jimmy Hendrickx  BE Semalu 19:37 2013 (EP)

Tues 12 | 10 pm



pictured: A Story for the Modlins by Sergio Oksman (above); Like Rats Leaving A Sinking Ship by Vika Kirchenbauer

curated and presented by Alexei Dmitriev (filmmaker, curator)

As Brian from the Monty Python’s films says: “We are all individuals!”. He’s right (plus we can’t question the fake messiah’s words). Sometimes these individuals form small groups (also known as families) or big groups (societies). And this program is a collection of films about such individuals and groups.

Vika Kirchenbauer DE Like Rats Leaving a Sinking Ship  24:33 2012 (In attendance | official DL selection)

Hannes Vartiainen & Pekka Veikkolainen FI Gates of Life 06:00 2012 (GP)

Igor Drljaca CA/BO The Fuse: Or How I Burned Simon Bolivar 09:00 2011 (GP)

Mikhel Reha & Erik Alunurm & Mari-Liis Rebane & Mari Pakkas EE Breakfast on the Grass 04:00 2011  (GP)

Sergio Oksman  ES A Story for the Modlins 26:00 2012

Jan Ijas FI Sweet Mov(i)e 3:30 2011

TRT 80 min

Tues 12 | 11:30 pm


Werther Germondari and Maria Laura Spagnoli IT SEX EQUO (sex in the foreground) 63:00 2011 (GP)

After disobeying God and having visited the site of “forbidden fruits”, Adam and Eve are trying to regain the lost Eden. For each fruit a parable about sex is told.

“A series of short stories with a fetish, eccentric, porn, and funny sexuality, in the same remixed and exasperated tone of Italian picaresque comedies. There can’t be any possible linear storytelling in this lesson of sexual misbehaving, because Germondari & Spagnoli’s four eyes see a lot more than a single pair and have a lot less guilt than many. So, high impact voyeurism is the base here for a whole festive imagery of sex, no matter how strange, vulgar, or chic it may be, seem or look. This new cinematographic Kamasutra features Adam and Eve in a paradise of infinitely tempting red apples, a pornographer focused on his Little Red Riding Hood, an androgynous shooter, some playful bi sexuality, multiple-use inflatable bodies, and other indecent fun elements of the flesh. And all that in the context of Italian architecture, which even if it seems touristic, it draws an appealing key on each door to explore other locations of pleasure. You just have to know how to look and enjoy”. (Buenos Aires Festival Internacional de Cine Independiente 2011)

TRT 63 min

Afterwards Nightlounge