Thurs 07 | 8pm

imagepictured: Lyrebird Soup by Naren Wilks

Jörg Brinkmann DE Entschleunigter Moses 02:05 2011 (WP/IA)

Alan Aranha and Bharat Mirle IN Junction 01:41 2012 (EP)

Richard Pierre CA Opposites Attack 04:45 2011 (EP)

Ira Schneider US Schneider to Marry 03:17  2012

Richard Pierre CA  Squeaky Shoe 01:50 2012 (WP)

Simon Ellis GB  Swimming – ALL THINGS MADE NEW  03:20 2012 (WP/IA) 

Alexei Dmitriev RU Hermeneutics 03:15 2012 (IA)

Jean-Gabriel Périot FR The Devil 07:42 2012

Naren Wilks GB Lyrebird Soup 05:58 2012

Dagie Brundert DE Magic Soup 02:45 2012 (EP/IA)

Alessio Rutigliano IT Leaving Home 02:40 2012

Emilio Rizzo IT Tales for a Sleepless Solitude The Beige Horse Story 04:09 2010 (GP)

TRT 46 min

WP World premiere
EP European premiere
GP German premiere
IA in attendance

Thurs 07 | 10pm

imageA Charming And Quaint Tale Of Brutal Revenge by Neil I. Needleman

Preppy Riot US Pyongyang Style 01:27 2012 (WP)

Ezra Wube ET/US Hisab 07:55    2012

Stephane Papet BE Untitled 19:34 2012 (WP)

Eleonora Manca IT I Sing the Body Electric Psyché 01:26 2012

Stefan Larsson JP  9 states of ambivalence 01:30 2012

Maximilian Schmötzer and Fabian Heitzhausen DE The Conversation 03:24 2012 (GP)

Neil Ira Needleman US A Charming And Quaint Tale Of Brutal Revenge 07:50 2012 (WP)

TRT 45 min

WP World premiere
EP European premiere
GP German premiere
IA in attendance

Sat 09 | 11pm

imageJuan Pablo Zaramella, Luminaris

Kuesti Fraun DE Ben 01:00 2012

Franziska Lauber CH The Big Laugh 01:51 2012 (EP/IA)

Saana Inari DE Don’t Go Home With Satan 03:55 2009 (IA)

Matthias Zucker DE Der Goldene Zweig 24:29 2012 (EP)

Robin Lochmann IE/DE Kult Leader 03:31 2011(IA)

Raul Cerezo ES 8 13:00 2011

Erika Tasini IT The Birthday Boy 02:30 2012 (WP/IA)

Ed Carter GB The Funeral Director 05:12 2012 (GP)

Cláudio Jordão  PT Conto Do Vento (Tale Of The Wind) 12:00 2010

Juan Pablo Zaramella AR Luminaris 6:00 2011

imageEd Carter (The Funeral Director) on set


Birthday Boy by Erika Tasini

TRT 73 min

WP World premiere
EP European premiere
GP German premiere
IA in attendance

Mon 11 | 8:30 pm

imageMatthew Lancit, Death Of A Gentleman


pictured: Oded Arad, Bartholomew

Fried Rosenstock DE L’Artista Santo 03:17 2012 (WP)

Flavio Sciolè IT Requiem 70  03:40 2011 (GP)

Iolanda La Carrubba IT La Sesta Vocale (the sixth vocal) 16:40 2012 (WP/IA)

Gaetano Bognanni / Sam Punzina (painting)  IT Just Like Honey 00:39 2012

Oded Arad IL Bartholomew 09:08 2012 (WP)

Enrico Viets DE Petrolfilm 07:08 2012 (WP/IA)

Matthew Lancit CA/FR 16 Reasons Why I Hate Myself 03:32 (GP/IA)

Joe Hambleton CA Days of Future Past 07:44 2012

Cathy Lee Crane US Adrift 12:18 2009 (GP/IA)

Koorosh Asgari IR Shahrzad 07:47 2012 (WP)

Richard J Moir GB Then We Are Together 10:36 2012

Wuon-Gean Ho GB Costanza 00:52 2011 (WP)

Matthew Lancit CA/FR Death of a Gentleman 14:00 2009 (GP/IA)

TRT 95 min

Wed 13 | 7 pm


Irina Birger, Irina Birger Thinks Drawing Is Important

Céline Trouillet FR SONG N°15 05:21 2012

Ali Asgari IR Barbie 12:30 2012 (IA)

Roger Deutsch US Prelude 07:15 2011 (GP/IA)

Ron Diorio US Born on a blacklist 02:15 2012 (EP)

Shaun Roberts US Dear Texas Highways 11:13 2009 (EP)

Matthew Lancit CA/FR 16 Reasons Why I Hate Myself 03:32 (GP)

Dagie Brundert DE ¡Viva la combinacion! 03:45 2012 (GP/IA)

Anti and Ando Naulainen EE Parrot Peeter Aurelius 01:32  2011

Céline Trouillet  FR SONG N°20 04:12 2012 

Irina Birger NL Irina Birger Thinks Drawing Is Important 15:13 2010 (IA)

TRT 68 min


Anti and Ando Naulainen, Parrot Peeter Aurelius

Thurs 14 | 9:30 pm


Wuttin Chansataboot, Visual Element

Mihai Grecu and Thibault Gleize RO Glucose 07:18 2012 (WP)*

Max Hattler DE Shift 03:00 2012

Pablo Chavarría Gutiérrez MX Telúrico 05:22 2013 (WP)

Karl F. Stewart DE/US Animaux Découpages 04:33 2012 (WP)

Santiago Parres (EZO) ES BbUgG 03:30 2012

Alessandro Amaducci  IT Black Data 04:05 2012

Jung Hee SEO  KR Sing Under 10:00 2012

Laura Hyunjhee Kim US HERE THERE HERE THERE 07:29 2012 (EP)

Oded Arad IL “Hot Case” 0:07:09 2012 (WP)

Wuttin Chansataboot TH Visual Element 29:57 2012 (EP)

Maximilian Schmötzer and Fabian Heitzhausen  DE The Conversation 03:24 2012

Sandra Araújo PT Tape Loading Error 02:55 2012 (GP)

TRT 86 min

*) Mihai Grecu/Thibault Gleize, group exhibition at Hengesbach Gallery, Berlin running till March, 2 2013

Sat 16 | 7pm

imageMemory by Victor Suñer


Miguel Maldonado Caca Don’t Preach

Daniela Zahlner AT Bolex Mon Amour 03:00 2011 (IA)

Keren Zaltz IL Cradle 01:49 2011 (EP)

Rafa Rojas-Diez ES Te Odio 06:00 2011

Petra Lottje DE Also gut. 01:10 2012 (WP/IA)

Srdjan Keca RS The First Step 07:00 2013 

Ana Rodríguez León ES Memorais 07:00 2012 

Fabio Scacchioli and Vincenzo Core IT Spectrography of a battle 0:03:42 2012 (WP)

JB Mabe US Addy Choo 02:03 2012 (WP)

Miguel Maldonado ES Caca Don’t Preach 17:56 2012 (GP)

Santiago Parres (EZO) ES Transit Zone 07:45 2012

Victor Suñer ES Memory 07:55 2011

Reed O’Beirne US Last of Our Kind 13:19 2012

Alessio Rutigliano IT Six triptychs 06:55 2012 (GP)

TRT 86 min

Sun 17 | 7:30 pm

Marco Miranda PT Prescrição (Prescription) 14:00 2012 (EP)

John Hawk US Menopause in Guppies 08:10 2012 (WP)

Hervé Demers CA Les Adieux De La Grise (A Shade of Grey) 14:00 2013 (GP)

A peaceful life on a family farm. A cold, clear winter day. Nine-year-old Noémy is about to leave the carefree world of childhood behind.


Bentley Brown TD/US Faisal Goes West 29:00 2012 (EP)

Recently arrived from Sudan, Faisal takes up work at a chicken farm in Texas.

Faisal puts his family—newly arrived in America—in a tough spot when he loses the family car. In a crunch for money, Tahir, a lawyer in Sudan, takes up work at a local auto shop. Faisal, facing the reality that he is not prepared for his dream of American university, promises to get work.
Sudanese-American, Kenya-raised Adil promises to find Faisal a job. After a journey by bus and train, the two arrive at a chicken farm. Life in the new home is not always bad—especially when Faisal meets the beautiful Samia, who is deeper along in her own dream of university education.Time is dwindling, and the family needs money fast. Only through trials and hardship can Faisal learn the tough lessons necessary to gain ground in his new home.


Abhilash Vijayan IN The Dual 12:22 2012

The Captain of the Military troop comes to the barbershop in the village for a shave after annihilating the rebels in a civil war. The Barber, a sympathizer of the rebels, is thrown into a dilemma whether to kill the Captain or do his job as barber.


TRT 71 min

Sat 16 | 10:15pm


Josh Weissbach, 106 River Road

Jodie Mack US Blanket Statement #1: Home Is Where The Heart Is 3:00 2012 (EP)

Eric Dyer US Coversong 01:45 2012 (EP)

Brandon Doherty US It Goes 3:00 2012 (EP)

Maria Magnusson SE My Clothes Were Dragging Me Back 04:53 2012

Anett Reiche DE Ebenmass 02:33 2010

Christina von Greve DE Nananaau 05:20 2012 (WP)

Andreas Gogol DE RED:UX  06:15 2012

Scott Stark US Bloom 11:00 2012

Josh Weissbach US 106 River Road 5:53 (GP)

Valentina Besegher Scotti IT Try Hard Johnny! 04:11 2007

Mauri Lehtonen FI Physical Examination 03:46 2012

Bernd Lützeler DE The Voice of God 09:35 2011 (IA)

TRT 64 min

Farewell Mix I

Farnoosh Samadi Frooshani IR  It’s Your Turn 2011 | World Premiere

Claudia Guilino DE  Stony Sleep 2011 | World Premiere

John Woods  CA Victor #5  2011 | World Premiere

Santiago Parres (EZO)  ES Sinecdoquanon   2011 |  World Premiere

Simon Ellis What About GB The Bodies  2002

Joe McClean and Sarju Patel  US How To Make David Lynch Film 2011