Sat 09 | 6pm


pictured: Rhayne Vermette, Tudor Village: a one shot deal

curated and presented by Klaus W. Eisenlohr

Kevin T. Allen US Bridge 10:58min 2012

Lyndsay Bloom US Williamsburg Bridge Walk 00:21min 2012

Chris Bravo US In Habitat 06:14min 2012

Stephanie Gray US It’s Not Roses for Five Roses 03:50min 2011-2012

Henry Gwiazda US deciding when 6:23min 2010-2012

Deborah Phillips DE iiiii 2:31min

Paul Turano US 104 Merrimac St 1:00min 2010

Rhayne Vermette CA Tudor Village: a one shot deal 05:15min 2012

Janus Victoria PH Aurora, My Aurora 15:21min 2012

Telemach Wiesinger DE Europa 20:00min 2012

Ezra Wube ET/US mela 1:41min 2011

Carlo Zanni IT My Temporary Visiting Position From The Sunset Terrace Bar 4:11min 2007

Full UR2013 program with images and text:


pictured: Ezra Wube, Mela

Sat 09 | 8pm


pictured: Kosal Khiev in Masahiro Sugano’s Why I Write

presented by Thomas Zandegiacomo Del Bel

Dance, performance, music and the power of rhythm enter into a combination with film and poetry and reveal the joys and miseries of life. A bubbling elixir that bewitches even the protagonists themselves.

about ZEBRA Poetry Film Festival

Film and poetry are like the white and black stripes of a zebra: they fit together beautifully. Every two years the ZEBRA Poetry Film Festival shows the current state of a dynamic, young short film genre which lies somewhere between poetry, film and new media. The festival offers both makers of poetry films and poets themselves from around the world a forum for fixing positions as well as exchanging ideas and experience – an ever growing group of fans of a genre which has won over even the most suspicious and sceptical in the audience. A comprehensive supporting programme with retrospectives, colloquia and talks complements the competition, which is unique worldwide.

Hubert Sielecki AT Dialog über Österreich // Dialogue about Austria  03:15 2012 (Performance) Wiener Lautgedicht, Gerhard Rühm

The characteristic expressions of the Viennese are played out in a fictional dialogue.  No one should have the illusion of being able to understand. 

Daniel Conrad CA A Cup Of Wine  06:24  2010 (Performance) Rumeng Ling, Li Bai

China’s Tang and Song dynasties, with their eroticism and Taoist love of nature.

Mark Wilkinson US Human Condition 05:37 2011 (Musikvideo) Human Condition, Rich Ferguson

Uplifting music video which details the joys and sorrows of this world. There has to be more to life than just survival.

Zeinab El Badrawi EG The Applicant  02:28  2012 (Performance) The Applicant, Sylvia Plath

As the bride prepares for her wedding, she goes through a breakdown when she realizes how fake society has defined her.

Maria Brandenburger, Andreas Melcher DE Odem 08:00 2010 (Performance) odem, Christian Camehl

A young girl awakes in a white room. A deep, sharp voice cuts through silence. On the opposite wall, she sees a mirror. Suddenly, her other hand raises.

Antonio Poce, Valerio Murat IT [meine heimat] // [my heimat]  04:30 2012 (Performance) [meine heimat], Ulrike Almut Sandig

A man, maybe a composer or a painter, collects scattered fragments of his soul.

Jan Riesenbeck DE Sechster Sinn, Drittes Auge, Zweites Gesicht // Sixth Sense, Third Eye, Second Face 15:00 2012 (Performance) Sechster Sinn, Drittes Auge, Zweites Gesicht, Jan Riesenbeck

An unconventional mixture of fairytale, comedy, science fiction, essay, and drama, but above all, a bulging grab bag full of bizarre ideas and surprises. 

Jasmine Kainy ISR Robotim! // Robots! 05:50 2011 (Spielfilm) Nothing To Be Done, Ido Yoav

Two different images of womanhood: the silent, pregnant housewife and the direct and powerful reporter.

Alberto Girotto I Piccola cucina cannibale // Little cannibal kitchen 05:11 2012  (Musikvideo) Piccola cucina cannibale, Lello Voce

The story, apparently paradoxical,  is about a love which is so big to devour itself and its protagonists.

Paul Bogaert BE Reconstruction 04:45 2012 (Spielfilm) Reconstruction, Paul Bogaert

Four guards inspect an exhibition room. After the lights flicker off and on, they look younger and can’t believe what they hear.

Elise Passavant FR/ES Will Work For Drugs 01:50 2011(Musikvideo) Will Work For Drugs, Lydia Lunch 

A sexy psychedelic teaser.

Jeff Saunders US Render, Render (Spielfilm) Render, Render, Thomas Lux 02:17 2010

Jeff Saunders adds a dash of realism to the macabre poem about writing poetry.

Masahiro Sugano KH Why I Write  07:33 2011 (Performance) Why I write, Kosal Khiev

Kosal, a poet and tattoo artist, resides in Phnom Penh after spending 14 years of his life in a U.S. prison. 

TRT: 86 min

Sat 09 | 10pm


“Tricolour Sun produces a kaleidoscopic mix of entrancing dance music that carries melodic and joyful progressions over guttural and ripping bass. Witness the formation of a new brand of colourful, light-filled techno”

LIVE : John Sampson (Swimming) presents his new project TRICOLOUR SUN

Sat 09 | 11pm

imageJuan Pablo Zaramella, Luminaris

Kuesti Fraun DE Ben 01:00 2012

Franziska Lauber CH The Big Laugh 01:51 2012 (EP/IA)

Saana Inari DE Don’t Go Home With Satan 03:55 2009 (IA)

Matthias Zucker DE Der Goldene Zweig 24:29 2012 (EP)

Robin Lochmann IE/DE Kult Leader 03:31 2011(IA)

Raul Cerezo ES 8 13:00 2011

Erika Tasini IT The Birthday Boy 02:30 2012 (WP/IA)

Ed Carter GB The Funeral Director 05:12 2012 (GP)

Cláudio Jordão  PT Conto Do Vento (Tale Of The Wind) 12:00 2010

Juan Pablo Zaramella AR Luminaris 6:00 2011

imageEd Carter (The Funeral Director) on set


Birthday Boy by Erika Tasini

TRT 73 min

WP World premiere
EP European premiere
GP German premiere
IA in attendance