Wed 12 | 9:30pm | space B



We are going to party together with Cross Art Berlin, a new Berlin, Zuerich based gallery with a focus on unconventional art from the fields of subculture, bizarre eroticism and underground.

The night starts with a special cross art presentation:

Thomas Bröse DE Seelig 36:33 2013 IA

The director and all actors will be present.

Special guests Kay P. Rinha and Anna Aliena (actor from film “Seelig” and performer and singer)

Later we dive into a night of decadence with Dieter Rita Scholl accompanied by Italian import pianist Martin Colli.

At the turntables: DJ Petra Flurr

From then on the lunatics will take over


Petra Flurr


SEELIG is a black-white movie with a surrealistic content. It starts with a classical story and break over to a surrealistic journey, similar to a drogue trip. The central figure is “the joker”, who obsessed the other actors´s soul and is kidnapping them to an absud, crazy and wild world of dreams. The roles aren’ t gender determinated, women are also playing classical male roles. The film is made in a very simple and unperfect style, it constists of beautiful arranged single scenaries and specially composed music. 

pictured: cross art Berlin, Petra Flurr, still from Seelig by Thomas Bröse.

DL X program

WP World premiere
EP European premiere
GP German premiere
IA in attendance

Wed 12 | 10pm | stage


We apologize: Nicole Yazolino’s performance is unfortunately cancelled due to unexpected illness… take care of that voice and get well soon, girl! Team DL.


The richly expressive operatic voice of Nicole Yazolino has always itched for music beyond its admittedly soaring confines, and found it in original songs blending flourishes of opera into guitar ballads and jazzy novelties. Already a fixture with a growing cult following, the American diva nouvelle brings to [DLX] something new: an eclectic performance piece that is a mix of ambient elecronica, vocal improvisation, classical French and German art song, traditional songs and arias… a performance experience without parallel. Yazolino’s offbeat wit and onstage charm are reason enough to come out in droves, but the nuances of that voice always manage to take the evening. Yazolino herself dubs the piece “fucking cool.” Need we say more?

picture: Steffen Freiling.

DL X program

Wed 12 | 10:30pm | stage


DIETER RITA SCHOLL with Martina Colli, piano

The man Glenn Close once described as “the most incredible person in the world” in fact changes gender the way others change their summer underwear. Dieter Rita Scholl, besides appearing (literally) beside “La Close” in Meeting Venus, has also graced the screen in Agnes und seine Brüder and the recent, award-winning Cold Star, among other films, and taken the stage as Dalida and a bevy of other beguiling beauties and brutes. This is Berlin’s native scene-stealer. A very special guest performing live, accompanied by Italian import pianist Martina Colli, straying from the classical repertoire of her recent album* into the world of the offbeat, tonight at Directors Lounge.

*Compositions of Gino Marinuzzi Jr., Tactus label

Supporting film: Kai Stänicke De Cold Star 07:03 2011

 DL X program.

photo: Dieter Rita Scholl by Thomas Bröse

TRT 73 min

WP World premiere
EP European premiere
GP German premiere
IA in attendance

Thurs 13 | 10pm | stage


Still und Dunkel(silent and dark)

An audiovisual performance by Christoph Brünggel and Benny Jaberg

Our interest lies in the aura of disused factories, abandoned civil defense facilities and similar supposed utopian ,non-places‘. The temporality of such locations and their potential to evoke the feeling of loneliness in the spectator inspires us. We examine abandoned places towards its capacity to store and capture time in itself with artistic means.

Prior to a performance of «Still und Dunkel», film sequences of such abandoned spaces and buildings are shot on-site. With these pictures the VJ collective «Pixelpunx» will work during the audiovisual live performance. The images are mixed instantly with sequences of this growing film archive. The visuals are influenced by the juxtaposition of analogies and contrast of different places and their specific silence and darkness.

DL X program.

pictured: Still und Dunkel live.

Sat 15 | 10:30pm| stage


LIVE PERFORMANCE: Ina Sladic and Eberhard Kranemann

There are very few boundaries when it comes to Eberhard Kranemann. A word-sound-dance-video performance would stretch credulity elsewhere, but this founding member of Kraftwerk has spanned so much without thinning his inventive input that this mélange of words only piques curiosity. The tirelessly creative artist will join forces with Ina Sladic for the so-described “100 Years of Paranoia,” focusing on the life of William Burroughs on the 100th anniversary of the Beat guru’s birth. The various artistic devices will be connected through an improvised “puzzle principle” that maintains harmony while providing the means to shift from art form to art form. Burroughs’ texts and recorded readings initiate a transition from theoretical to physical interpretation. Those who witnessed Kranemann’s [DL9] performance (alongside his short film “Fingerballett”) will know his power to mesmerize. Not to be missed!

supporting film:
Eberhard Kranemann DE Im Panikraum 07:18 2013 World Premiere

the complete program: DL X program

pictured: Ina Sladic and Eberhard Kranemann

Fri 08 | 6pm

imageFlyer design: Christin Grothe

imagephoto: Robert Carrithers


Photographs by Robert Carrithers: Basquiat, Haring, the New York scene in the 1980s and the infamous Club 57.


Naherholung Sternchen, behind the Kino International, U-Schillingstraße | Berolinastr. 7, 10178 Berlin-Mitte

Opening attended by the artist:

February 8th, 18:00–20:00

Robert Carrithers will be available to take questions from the media from 5 p.m. onwards


The exhibition will be from February 8th to the 17th daily from 18:00.

For your listening pleasure; Special guest: Fellow photographer and Prague DJ Ida Taušlová will play a mix of new music that has been strongly influenced by the ‘80s, linking the period of ‘80s to the present time of 2013.

After the opening: The Berlin premiere of the Richard Lowenstein film Autoluminescent: Rowland S. Howard. (Robert did the European interviews for the film)

The film is followed by the live performance of the band Dim Locator that consist of musicians that knew and played with Rowland S. Howard.

The night will continue with the music of talented Berlin DJ Steve Morell who appears in the film “Autoluminescent: Rowland S. Howard”.



“One staircase led to heaven the other to hell” says Robert Carrithers of a building in New York’s St. Mark’s Place Street, number 57. The building whose basement housed, in the late 1970s and early 1980s, Club 57 – a creative laboratory for all non-conformists and free-thinkers from the East Village – actually belonged to the central offices of the Polish Catholic Church.

At that time New York was a city on the verge of bankruptcy and today’s luxurious East Village resembled a war zone. Refined citizens had long ago left the area as part of a progressive suburbanisation. The area with burnt up brick buildings – a last ditch attempt by desperate property owners to earn some money was more than often insurance fraud – was left in the hands of drug dealers, immigrants and also artists working in all disciplines. The police didn’t even bother to patrol there, which was good for anyone annoyed by having the authorities riding their back, artists and criminals alike. “It was often a matter of life and death. You had to have eyes in the back of your head and constantly watch what was happening in the street. It was so intense that sometimes you would find a corpse lying on the sidewalk,” recalls Carrithers, who moved to New York from Chicago. He wanted to study photography, film and acting there. The apartment that he could afford to rent was less than a 10-minute walk from Club 57.

The punk and disco scenes concentrated around the CBGB and Studio 54 clubs were losing their sense of novelty and originality, when out of nowhere a performer like Klaus Nomi appeared. This was a man, who sang opera in the costume of a Dutch Pierrot.

Club 57 was in fact founded by two friends, who loved vaudeville – Susan Hannaford and Tom Scully – and was run by director and performer, Ann Magnuson, who hosted its first performance.

“This place was fascinating in that, while artists had earlier met in bars or at concerts, they chatted and they drank, but in Club 57 they created something together. Here concerts mixed with exhibitions and performances,” stresses Carrithers, when speaking of the community that first made him feel at home.

Ann Magnuson thought up theme parties for every other night of the week. She found the decor and the furniture in the streets. Keith Haring had his first installation there and created his signature work, as did Kenny Scharf and Jean Michel Basquiat.

Club 57 exorcised America’s evil spirit. It went wild from “camp” aesthetic. With a Dadaistic fascination and vigour, it seized on the suburban supermarket culture; stores that had become museums of the contemporary lifestyle and its plastic kitsch. During one evening a country-western evening might take place on piles of hay, the next a burlesque event and an Elvis memorial, then a performance showing John Sex performing with his python snake Delilah or a concert by singer, Wendy Wild, and her group, The Mad Violets, which took the public on a joint trip, when hallucinogenic mushrooms were thrown into the crowd. The group, Pulsallama, was also born here. This was a group of twelve or thirteen girls, who sang in the style of Greek chorales, and when doing so banged on beer bottles, pans, cowbells and shot off kids‘ toy machine-guns. Pulsallama made it so far that in 1982 they were the opening act at several concerts by The Clash.

Even almost thirty years after its closing in 1983, Club 57 is still a legend that defined a period of pop culture and still inspires it. Many of the artists tied to the institution were unable to face up to their own wildness, drugs or the incontrollable rise of AIDs. They died. Others died only to become immortal (Haring, Basquiat). Others survived to become famous later (Ann Magnuson, Marc Shaiman, Scott Whitman).

Robert Carrithers was one of them. He spontaneously documented everything that happened in the club. The performances, the birth of success, the first exhibitions and the backstage area. In his moment shots and portraits, which will be shown for the first time in Berlin, barmen meet with writers, film-makers and future celebrities. Thus a unique testimony was created; one that is as unbridled image-wise as the Club 57 program.

Curator: Pavel Turek

Robert Carrithers is an American photographer and film-maker, who lives in Prague. Besides the Club 57 scene he documented the post-November cultural scene in the Czech Republic. He is preparing a documentary on the Prague-Berlin-Australian, post-punk band, Fatal Shore. Its members include Phil Shoenfelt, Bruno Adams (died in 2009) and Chris Hughes. Besides their common devotion to music, each member of the band also married a Czech woman.

He also took part in the making of the documentary Autoluminescent about the Australian musician Rowland S. Howard (dir. Richard Lowenstein), for which he shot all European interviews and concert footage. Rowland S. Howard (died 2009), an icon of alternative rock, was a member of bands like The Birthday Party, Crime and the City Solution or These Immortal Souls.

Robert Carrithers has begun a new photo project to show fairytales and special infamous tales in a new light. He will have a solo exhibit of these photos in April 2013 at the Prague galleryViniční Altán.

From there, Robert plans to take the photos to Berlin in June 2013 to include in a group show called “Your Daily Darkness” with German photographers Miron Zownir and Tina Winkhaus, Costa Rican painter Luis Cerdas Jaubert working with Cypress visual artist Raissa Angeli. All of the artists explore the theme of darkness each in their own unique way. This exhibition will be held at the Neurotitan Gallery situated in Mitte in the middle of Berlin.

Robert then plans to take the group exhibition ”Your Daily Darkness” full circle back to where he was originally inspired that one day long ago by Club 57.” The exhibit will happen at Salomon Arts Gallery in New York City in November 2013.

Fri 08 | 7:30 pm

supporting films:

Rick Niebe IT Frankie 05:11 2012

Minos Nikolakakis GR The Attic 18:18 2011 (GP)

AUTOLUMINESCENT by Richard Lowenstein and Lynn-Maree Milburn | Berlin Premiere

“Rowland was Australia’s most unique, gifted and uncompromising guitarist.” – Nick Cave

From myth to legend Rowland Howard appeared on the early Melbourne punk scene like a phantom out of Kafkaesque Prague or Bram Stoker’s Dracula. A beautifully gaunt and gothic aristocrat, the unique distinctive fury of his guitar style shot him directly into the imagination of a generation. He was impeccable, the austerity of his artistry embodied in his finely wrought form, his obscure tastes and his intelligently wry wit. He radiated a searing personal integrity that never seemed to tarnish. Despite the trials and tribulations of his career, in an age of makeover and reinvention, Rowland Howard never ‘sold out’.

With recent and moving interviews, archival interviews and other fascinating and original footage, AUTOLUMINESCENT traces the life of Rowland S Howard. Capturing moments with the man himself and intimate missives from those who knew him behind closed doors; words and images etch light into what has always been the mysterious dark.

TRT 134 min

Sun 10 | 7:30 pm


WORLD PREMIERE | Ajitesh Sharma  IN SWEN  2012 | World Premiere 

presented by Tripat Paul Aggarwal, First Vice President of International Federation of Film Producers Associations (FIAPF)

in attendance of Reeth Mazumder (lead actress) and Johnny Baweja (alias Gurjot Singh, lead actor)


SWEN is an abbreviation for four directions, South West East North. Four women from four parts of India. Little do they know that their lives would be connected together in a way one could never expect, the connecting link being a man, Abhay.

SWEN is a production by Capital Films Private Ltd India & Let’s Ring The Bell Productions

TRT 80 min

Sun 10 | 09:30 pm


pictured: Birol Ünel 

in attendance of Miron Zownir (director), cast and crew

A once-celebrated actor (Birol Ünel) is well past his glory days. Addicted to alcohol and as intoxicated as Bacchus, he disappoints his last remaining fans with a badly-performed reading in a Berlin nightclub…

Only his agent (Milton Welsh) is in denial about his megastar’s washout. An altercation breaks out with the bar manager (Timo Jacobs) and his bouncer, Eddie (Rummelsnuff).

with Birol Ünel, Milton Welsh, Rummelsnuff, Timo Jacobs, Natalia Avelon, Philipp Virus, Peter Wawerzinek, Michael Gleich, Gloria Viagra, Aljkzidnyr Narmer, Fabio Boxikus, Wolfgang Keck, Oliver K. Voigt, Julia Murakami , André Werner , Chris Hughes, Tom Edon, Carola Göllner, Jessica Grohlik, Afro Hesse, King Khan

Miron Zownir DE Absturz 19:00 2012 b/w, German w/ English subtitles

Mon 11 | 10:30 pm


KROATIEN KREATIV – Ivan Marusic KLIF and Hrvoje Niksic


The cultural program in Germany on the occasion of Croatia’s accession to the EU. Curator of the “Kroatien Kreativ” festival 2013: Dr. Alida Bremer

“Kroatien Kreativ 2013” is the program with which contemporary Croatian culture will present the German public with its creative potential, in socio-critical, experimental and innovative terms as well as drawing from its cultural heritage, making visible the distinctive nature and importance of Croatia and its positioning in the common European House.

The patrons of the festival on the German end are the Minister of State for Culture and Media Bernd Neumann, and on the Croatian end the Minister of Culture Prof. Dr. Andrea Zlatar Violić as well as the Ambassador to Berlin Dr. Miro Kovač.

“Medienkunst aus Kroatien” (Media Art from Croatia) curator: Ingeborg Fülepp

german version:


Das Kulturprogramm in Deutschland anlässlich des EU-Beitritts Kroatiens. Kuratorin des Festivals Kroatien Kreativ 2013 Dr. Alida Bremer

Kroatien Kreativ 2013 heißt das Programm, mit dem sich die gegenwärtige kroatische Kultur mit ihrem kreativen Potenzial dem deutschen Publikum präsentieren wird, sowohl sozialkritisch, experimentell und innovativ als auch aus dem Kulturerbe schöpfend, was die Besonderheit und die Bedeutung Kroatiens und seine Verortung im gemeinsamen europäischen Haus erkennbar macht.

Die Schirmherren des Festivals auf deutscher Seite sind der Staatsminister für Kultur und Medien Bernd Neumann und auf kroatischer Seite die Kulturministerin Prof. Dr. Andrea Zlatar-Violić, sowie der Botschafter in Berlin Dr. Miro Kovač. 

“Medienkunst aus Kroatien” Kuratorin Ingeborg Fülepp