Thurs 13 | 10pm | stage


Still und Dunkel(silent and dark)

An audiovisual performance by Christoph Brünggel and Benny Jaberg

Our interest lies in the aura of disused factories, abandoned civil defense facilities and similar supposed utopian ,non-places‘. The temporality of such locations and their potential to evoke the feeling of loneliness in the spectator inspires us. We examine abandoned places towards its capacity to store and capture time in itself with artistic means.

Prior to a performance of «Still und Dunkel», film sequences of such abandoned spaces and buildings are shot on-site. With these pictures the VJ collective «Pixelpunx» will work during the audiovisual live performance. The images are mixed instantly with sequences of this growing film archive. The visuals are influenced by the juxtaposition of analogies and contrast of different places and their specific silence and darkness.

DL X program.

pictured: Still und Dunkel live.