Thurs 13 | 6pm | space A


Chiara Caterina IT Avant La Nuit 02:48 2013 GP

Jean-Gabriel Périot FR The Day Has Conquered The Night 28:00 2013
They dream that they can’t move, that nobody hears them scream, that the walls move in and there’s no more air to breathe. They dream of a woman’s body with all its curves and secrets. They dream in words, songs or rap music.

The framing is as simple as possible, aiming for maximum focus; the voice-over is matter-of-fact and unemotional, completely independent. They, whose names, origins, crimes we never learn, look directly into the camera. They interact with us, the audience who are just as anonymous, talking about their most intimate fears and desires. But: they are inside and we are outside. They hope for a better future and we wonder what happened in their past. This creates a game of illusions in which director Jean-Gabriel Périot gradually intervenes more and more to release it from its rigour and make the dreams dance.

Cornelia Klauß

Award-winning French director Jean-Gabriel Périot, a specialist in highly original short documentaries, puts questions to eight unwilling inmates of an Orléans prison. They appear on camera in precisely placed frontal shots and confide their wildest dreams and most oppressive nightmares, allowing us to delve deep into minds altered by a life behind bars. The well-planned shots have their own rhythm and the music faithfully corresponds to the mood of the individual dreams, whose seeming absurdity aptly reflects the grueling mundanity of prison life.


DL X program

pictured: Jean-Gabriel Périot  The Day Has Conquered The Night  2013

TRT 31 min

WP World premiere
EP European premiere
GP German premiere
IA in attendance

Thurs 13 | 6pm | space B


Digital storytelling introduces an installation of RFID books that trigger interaction through the flipping of pages.

Digital Storytelling ist ein relativ neuer Begriff sowohl in der Medienwelt als auch in der Welt der Künstler.
Dabei ist Digital Storytelling mehr als nur die digitale Variante gedruckter Bücher.Gemeinsam haben Informatiker und Künstler versucht, neue Elemente in der Gestaltung von digitalen Büchern zu finden.

Die beiden interaktiven Bücher “Urban Framing” von Sandra Becker und “Simulacra” von Bego Santiago verbinden die analoge mit der digitalen Leseweise. Während die Buchseiten umgeblättert werden erscheinen die digitalen Inhalte als Projektion an der Wand. Diese werden über RFID-Tags gesteuert. Dadurch wird das Buch als  Objekt in das digitale Zeitalter gerettet. Entstanden im Workshop “Digital Storytelling” von Dr. Regina Franken wurden die Bücher im Rahmen des Projekts BeWITEC in einer Kooperation zwischen der Medienwerkstatt Berlin/Netzwerkvirus und der Hochschule für Technik und Wirtschaft realisiert.

pictured: Urban Framing, digital storytelling by Sandra Becker01. photo: Stephan Bergemann.

TRT 45 min

DL X program

Thurs 13 | 7pm | space A


pictured: Carl Sebastian Lindberg Home and Country 2013.

Jacob Podber US Vishneva, Belarus Soviet Union Poland 02:43 2013

Carl Sebastian Lindberg FI Home and Country 18:41 2013 GP

Henrike Naumann DE Triangular Stories 16:45 2012 GP/IA


 pictured: Jacob Podber Vishneva, Belarus Soviet Union Poland 2013.

“Vishneva, Belarus Soviet Union Poland” is grounded in the oral history testimony of a Holocaust survivor and has been deconstructed by the interviewee’s son. Unlike most oral histories that focus on the words of the interviewee, “Vishneva” uses silent images from the interview superimposed with typed memories that describe the unspoken pain borne by father and son through more than half a century.

DL X program

TRT 36 min

WP World premiere
EP European premiere
GP German premiere
IA in attendance

Thurs 13 | 8pm | space A



Nonconformity is a multilayered epos based on the works by Leо Tolstoy. The action is shifted to our reality. The spotlight of the story is a withdrawn existence of mountain village inhabitants. Fyodor Lykov is a butcher, a man with the past. But he has neither present nor future. Having lost his father at a young age, and for the survival of his family, Fyodor had to go to work at the slaughterhouse. In the same village there is a mental hospital. Its head administration is a black market and organ dealers. Among the patients there is a granddaughter of a war veteran, who is deprived of his house in exchange for his granddaughter’s freedom. His belongings are ruined. The old man is starving… To take the donkey to the slaughterhouse is the last chance to survive. By chance the crippled girl meets the butcher. But she knows that she is going to die. The butcher feels his coming death as well. They are scared. It is hard for them. They both have stories to tell and they will share their secrets with each other.

Igor Parfenov UA Nonconformity 2013 WP
Genre: social drama
Cast: Vladimir Maliar, Ellen Sliusarchi, Igor Parfenov, Alexsandr Denisenko and others. 

TRT 2h 4min

DL X program.

About Igor Parfenov

 Igor Parfenov is Head and Founder of STEPS IFF, annual festival on Human Rights, Animal Rights and Environmental protection; director and producer of feature, documentary and short films.
 Igor was born on March 8th, 1962. Since school he has been fond of philosophy and reading, has always had concern for animal welfare. Igor received his M.S. from Kharkiv Physical Training Institute, Ukraine, and he is a master of sports in Judo. Apart from being a professional sportsman, Igor is also keen on extreme tourism. He has travelled around Altai, run mountain rivers in a raft.

 Since 1997 Igor has been actively promoting human and animal rights along with environmental protection as President of “Steps” Centre named after Leo Tolstoy.. He has organized over 200 different events to support initiation of acts on human and animal rights in Ukraine. In 2000 Igor was nominated “Environmentalist of the year” and awarded “Man of the year – Man of the millennium”. In 2004 he started directing films aimed at promoting animal welfare, environmental protection and human rights defense, as well as films of spiritual and philosophical orientation.Since 2011 Igor Parfenov is a member of Filmmakers’ Union of Ukraine.
Igor has directed 7 feature films and a number of documentaries and short films, and is presently working on his next fiction film.

pictured: Igor Parfenov “Nonconformity”

Thurs 13 | 10pm | stage


Still und Dunkel(silent and dark)

An audiovisual performance by Christoph Brünggel and Benny Jaberg

Our interest lies in the aura of disused factories, abandoned civil defense facilities and similar supposed utopian ,non-places‘. The temporality of such locations and their potential to evoke the feeling of loneliness in the spectator inspires us. We examine abandoned places towards its capacity to store and capture time in itself with artistic means.

Prior to a performance of «Still und Dunkel», film sequences of such abandoned spaces and buildings are shot on-site. With these pictures the VJ collective «Pixelpunx» will work during the audiovisual live performance. The images are mixed instantly with sequences of this growing film archive. The visuals are influenced by the juxtaposition of analogies and contrast of different places and their specific silence and darkness.

DL X program.

pictured: Still und Dunkel live.